VF is at April Annihilation!

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by Harpooneer, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Last month we had a pretty good time at WinterBrawl 3D. Even with only 6 players we had a competitive and fun tournament, and the event itself was a real blast. Now we have the opportunity to do it again, this time at a community-run side tourney event at April Annihilation! I'll be running this one, so I'm counting on you guys to show up and bring VF some attention!

    April Annihilation takes place April 12-14 in Cherry Hill, NJ. Full details of the event, along with registration, can be found in the link below. Right now the side tournaments have just been chosen, and as more details are made known to me I'll create a full tournament event thread. For now here are the important parts of it being a side tournament:

    • I am running the tournament. This means if you want to register you will do it through me. I'll be putting up a bracket this week. You will still have to buy entry into April Annihilation.
    • It will be one day. When I know which day we have I will include it in the event thread.
    • We are running it on XBOX this time. This is the console most of us have, and will work better for our community.
    • It is open to spectators. That means you DO NOT NEED to pay for a game registration fee to enter. You just need a venue (spectator) fee. Feel free to enter other games, though. They are running a lot of good stuff.
    • It is up to the community to bring equipment. That is tough on me, as I cannot drive. Because of this I am offering a bounty on setups. If you can bring a setup (xbox360, screen, cables. Power strip is a plus), I will refund you your spectator fee. CONTACT ME through PM here or DM on twitter (@VFHarpoon) if you want to take advantage of this. We won't need a million setups, so I will cut this off after we get enough.
    I really hope to see everyone there!
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    Tag/PM me when registration opens do we can front page and share etc. :)

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