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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by XBJX, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. XBJX

    XBJX Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if people from this state rarely post here if any because of the storm. I live in New Orleans and can't really recall a strong community of this game from any particular part of this state before the storm. I've been to tournaments for other fighters, but not this one. I lack competition and I'm hungry for it. So, if anyone from this state is still playing this game, post here.
  2. Brisal73

    Brisal73 Well-Known Member

    there is a Louisiana VF team around...not sure where though... try to use the search function
  3. jherb5000

    jherb5000 Well-Known Member

    I'm in Lafayette,Louisiana I have no comp. either, the best we can do is to convert our buddies from Tekken, and show them the light.
  4. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    VF5 Will be out here soon.. I need VF COMP also I use to play with William and his crew in Baton Rouge. I live here in Lafayette and would love to get a REAL Scene going. I work at sears int he mall so if anyone is interested post up or Call me on the Cell at 337 257-7168 .. VF can shine in La. I will see to it. I am also tops int he tekken comp here in LA but VF is my second love if I have the comp.

    Thanks and heres to a VF community in La
    James aka INFORCER
  5. XBJX

    XBJX Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm definitely interested. Lafayette is a little far, but hope I can make it for whatever date you have scheduled if I'm off.
  6. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    So who will be ready for some VF5 Launch weekend.. Im even down for some VF4 EVO in the mean time.
  7. Blackula

    Blackula Well-Known Member

    James, go practice some more grasshopper!
  8. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    Sup Jamie, I will practice hard and hopfully have VF5 Comp to excel my once tremendous skill in VF4 evo. Until we meet again we shall both train to be stronger than master roshi
  9. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

  10. Cla

    Cla Well-Known Member

    I used to live in Bossier and found absolutely no one who knew the series. (fighting games weren't big period) I was able to get all my friends interested in it before I left at least. But they're not going to give you any competition or anything. I will though. :p

    I plan on visiting my friends in Lousiana sometime. I'll let you know when I'll be around.
  11. sanjuroAKIRA

    sanjuroAKIRA Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    HA! I was gonna post up when I got ahold of vf5 but ya'll got there before me. We have a few people right off LSU's campus who get together and play. Monday afternoons at 5pm is the official meet time. PM me for info.

    offbrandninja is my brother & goes to tulane...he has a ps3 & will be getting vf5...i'm sure he'd love the comp. pm him too.
  12. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    So William and the gang or still playing BR. Man I need comp too when it comes out. I will also try to have tourneys and gatherings. and I will also check out yalls gatherings.

    Post up if you on some VF5

    I N F O R C E R -_-
  13. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    ONE WEEK AWAY and I WILL HAVE VF5...... Remember folks post up if yall want to get down on some VF early...

    I N F O R C E R -_- O U T
  14. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

  15. sanjuroAKIRA

    sanjuroAKIRA Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    ...we're still waiting on the game and sticks...

    Hopefully Monday we'll be ready to jam.

    Given our often conflicting schedules, the fellas & me are gonna have a hard time coming up with a time to drive over to you, BUT if you ever wanna make it out this way post up...food is always on us.
  16. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    I need to order an arcade stick since T5 sticks dont work
  17. melotyme

    melotyme Member

    whats up louisiana. I didn't think i was going to be able to find any VF fans in the laffy. I had decided not to buy VF because none of my friends play it and my one cousin who does play it is way in georgia. Since i have some comp now I might try and get into it, but I am a newb to the series if that matters /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif.INFORCER07 I live right there in the laffy too and I go to UL. I was wondering if we could get together sometime and meet up.
  18. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    Yes man I am definitely down to play.. Its a really fun rewarding game. My first advice would be get VF4 evo if you dont have it and go through all the series in the game. I am new to Vf too but its such a smart game and these very forums have a lot of info for ppl like me and you who want to get into it.

    P.S I live in park place apartments so I live close. I will get some in tomorrow around 3pm so just give me a call if you want to pay.. 337 257-7168.

    Peace Inforcer
  19. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    Good playing with you today melotyme .. I was pretty please with our session sorry we could not play longer but had to pick up the wife. Hey tho next time we can get right into it. I will call you when we are playing or you can give me a holla I usually play around my work schedule one to tow times a week if possible..

    Again good games and get that lion thread [url="http://virtuafighter.com/foru...m/forums/ubbthreads.php/ubb/postlist/Board/42[/url]
  20. Blackula

    Blackula Well-Known Member

    VF5 is DA BOMB!!!!!!

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