VF.net and VF history discs....RIPPED !

Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Sudden_Death, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    I provided the vf disks to a friend of mine (faceless) and he made copies of these 2 cds, so if you know where to get these copies (log on to IRC and ask around), save the "image" files to your pc and make a copy for yourself using a program called Disc juggler. we're in the process of taking most of the movies, pictures and the two vf4 music files that are there and post em up soon. so far i have one mp3 of the vf4 jacky soundtrack and one movie of a pre vf3 camera work. check this space for more.

    hey feixaq, could you host these movie? there are more coming and i dont have a place to put them.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=http://home.att.net/~allende/vf4movelist/vf4_jacky.mp3>vf4 jacky sound track</A>
    <A target="_blank" HREF=http://home.att.net/~a.c.flores/stuff/VF3_CAM1.mpg>VF3 camera work</A>


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  2. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    where did you find disk juggler to d/l?

    "Victory can be anticipated, but not assured" Sun-Tzu
  3. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Thank you Piccolo. Is there any chance of hearing Sarah's soundtrack? As it sounded good from what I could hear when I played the test version.

  4. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    btw, the movie should be up now (if you d/l it one earlier, its not the full one), its 7.49mb.

    adio, well there's only 2 soundtracks from vf4 on those disks, you could only hear them as background music to the menu screens. the only ones available are the jacky one (above) and the vf4 intro song that will be posted later.

    josh, disk juggler aint hard to find, just search for it on google.com, after you find it here's a page that tells you how to burn it with it : http://www.dcemulation.com/help/diskjuggler.htm


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  5. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    In the vf3 camera work clip, i don't think the footage is from model 3, as upon closer inspection, you can see that the shadowing is too complex - the characters are casting shadows upon themselves. I think newer consoles can do it, but i don't think the model 3 was capbale of this. Maybe CIN can back me on this. I think they rendered it on different system, then ported it over to model 3 sans character self-shadowing. If i remember correctly, when Sega debuted model 3 to public many years ago with early vf3 footage, the characters did not cast shadows upon themselves.

    Heh...enuff with tech stuff. I really enjoyed the camera work and the slow motion created awesome effect overall.

  6. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member


    I've downloaded the two files already and will upload them very shortly. You can go ahead and swap them out with the other stuff you have whenever you're ready. Thanks for the media clips!

    -- FX

  7. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    The poly count on the characters looks really low though...lower than arcade.
  8. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Done. Now available at <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.clandxm.com/vf4/media.html>VF4fx [media]</A>.

  9. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    second mp3 and images...

    once again a big thanks goes out to my bud "Faceless" for ripping all this stuff. good hacking man /versus/images/icons/smile.gif


    here's the vf4 intro song:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=http://home.att.net/~allende/vf4movelist/VF4_intro.mp3>VF4 intro</A>

    here are the images (CG and concept art):
    <A target="_blank" HREF=http://home.att.net/~a.c.flores/stuff/vf4images.zip>VF4 images</A>

    i'll put the vf4 promotional pics (just some worthless pics, no big deal) and some vf kids pics later.

    next is the movies.....
    and remember that all the movies are going to be at feixaq's site <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.clandxm.com/vf4/media.html>http://www.clandxm.com/vf4/media.html</A> but these images wont last too long, so grab em while you can.


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  10. CIN

    CIN Well-Known Member

    "In the vf3 camera work clip, i don't think the footage is from model 3, as upon closer inspection, you can see that the shadowing is too complex - the characters are casting shadows upon themselves. I think newer consoles can do it, but i don't think the model 3 was capbale of this. Maybe CIN can back me on this. I think they rendered it on different system, then ported it over to model 3 sans character self-shadowing. If i remember correctly, when Sega debuted model 3 to public many years ago with early vf3 footage, the characters did not cast shadows upon themselves"


    PS. I think M3 could do some simple form of selfshadowing but it would hit performance badly. DC can do Selfshadowing with Modifier Volumes practically for free(ex. Jet Set Radio).

    All newer systems can do self shadowing. The most capable is XBOX with the help of its pixel shaders(see Project KX). XBOX can do the best self shadows by far and I hope that if VF4 is converted to XBOX AM2 ads self shadowing as this would make it look far better than now even though VF4 is currently the best looking fighter(even better than DOA3 IMO).

  11. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Re: second mp3 and images...

    Okay, downloaded the VF4 intro soundtrack and the VF4 images. (I love being able to VPN into my server and download from there!) I'll put it up when I get back from NYC on Monday. Meanwhile, if you have more VF4 media, please go ahead and swap out the existing files...

    -- Chris

  12. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    new movie up!! VF3 costumes

    ok people, here's a very nice movie of pre VF3, notice how stages, music and of course costumes were different. more to come.. enjoy.

    do your thing feixaq... /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

  13. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Re: new movie up!! VF3 costumes

    Downloaded. Will be available on Monday. =)

  14. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    last images. (vf4 promo pics and vfkids pics)

    i dont know if these pics are woth saving but hey, they were in the disk so fuck it /versus/images/icons/smile.gif.
    these are vf4 promotional pics, the big pictures are just zoomed in versions of the small ones, but somehow they are separated , so you'll just have to stick them together /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    get them here: <A target="_blank" HREF=http://home.att.net/~allende/vf4movelist/vf4promo.rar>VF4 promo pics</A>

    and these are VF kids images:

    get them here: <A target="_blank" HREF=http://home.att.net/~allende/vf4movelist/vfkidscg.rar>VF kids pics</A>

    <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.winrar.com>http://www.winrar.com</A> to get the RAR zipping program.

  15. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    a shit load of movies!!!!

    movies galore!!

    there are some movies here that some of you have seen before, but i think its good to have them archived (good for the VFA). but some are completely never seen before stuff. enjoy.

    this movie shows pre-VF1 stuff, a very early build of VF, check out their names. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    this movie shows some research that helped into making VF. interesting stuff. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    this movie shows the VF1 opening demo, archive! /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    this movie shows the vf2 opening demo, archive! /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    this movie shows the fmv movies intros of saturn VF2, archive! /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    this movie shows some texture mapping test for vf2, its the same clip found on dreamcast vf3tb (in the movies). archive! /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    this movie shows motion caption actors doing some vf3 stuff. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    this movie shows the first vanessa clip that was on the net, I think this has "better" quality video than the one that was released, i think. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    this movie shows the VF4 demo movie that was released a while ago, "direct feed" as usual hehe. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    that's it for now, theres more coming!

    grab em feixaq... ^_^

  16. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Complete index of the shitload.

    This is a list of the movies ripped from the VF history disc.
    (The stars indicate which movies I think are neatest. I tend to
    like anything I haven't seen before, like alternate costumes and scenes
    from beta versions of the games.)
    Total files: 23
    Total Filesize: 393 MB
    So far I have the following:
    VF0_GAM1.mpg ****
    VF0_HIS1.mpg ****

    VF1_ADV1.mpg *
    VF1_GAM1.mpg *

    VF2_ADV1.mpg **
    VF2_GAME1.mpg *
    VF2_OP1.mpg **
    VF2_TEX1.mpg ****

    VF3_ADV1.mpg *
    VF3_AOU2.mpg ****
    VF3_BUILDUP1.mpg ***
    VF3_CAM1.mpg *****
    VF3_COS1.mpg *****
    VF3_GAM1.mpg **
    VF3_MOT1.mpg *****
    VF3TB_ADV1.mpg ***
    VF3TB_GAM1.mpg **

    VF4_ADV_A1.mpg ****
    VF4_ADV_B1.mpg ***
    VF4_AOU1.mpg ***
    VF4_GAM2.mpg *****
    VF4_LEI1.mpg ****
    VF4_VAN1.mpg **

    And here's a description of each.

    Early Virtua Fighter 1 testing, with no texture on the floors or background. It shows old beta names for several characters - i.e. Jeffers, Jackey, etc. All the characters test the same moves.. punches, hopkicks, crescents, uppercuts, etc. You can see the character polygon count displayed. Highlight: Jeffry does high kick, upper, crescent kick as a float combo =)

    First, a virtua racing motion test showing a winner getting his trophy.
    Then we see model1 in action with some poly tests, includes an ugly akira model punching walls and getting buried by rocks. We also have possibly an early model for Jacky who does
    some moves never seen in the VF series.. a back kick to the opponent's face (think Ling's back turned 4, Tekken players) and a slide kick (think Sodom's d+roundhouse, Street Fighter Alpha).

    The Virtua Fighter 1 Attract Mode demo.

    Some typical (and dull) VF1 fighting between Jerky and Akira.

    The VF2 attract mode demo, showing various characters matching up and
    exchanging attacks with each other.

    A typical VF2 round, Shun Di vs. Akira. Akira shows off his SPoD and knee skills vs. both Shun and Dural. Dural gets her own by pasting akira on the next round. This is Virtua Fighter 2.1 for arcade.

    The VF2 Demo seen on the Saturn which shows VF1 models morphing into VF2 models.
    They each proceed to kick a wireframe figure's ass with basic attacks.

    Early Texture mapping test of VF2, shows "nameless fighter" doing some nifty
    stance work some of which I recognize as Lion's and some of which is new.
    You also get to see pai with VF1 modelling do a Shun Di drunken master routine
    that ends with her drinking from an invisible bottle.

    The VF3 attract mode demo, similar to the VF2 style - it shows different pairs of
    characters squaring off and trying to one-up each other with flashy moves.

    The earliest public demo of VF3, shown at E3. We see Aoi doing some very nice
    movement in an original version of her stage. The music is good, similar to Aoi's
    stage music. The music then switches to her stage music and we see her doing various
    attacks from the game, including a back-turned high punch reversal on Jerky.
    What follows is a series of movement demos followed by list of specs for model 3. First,
    Lau and Pai match up (shows early Kage stage). Next we get Pai and Jerky (the sarah subway beta) and then Jerky vs. Jeff on Jacky's stage. Then Jeffry beats up Jerky and does
    some unique flexing movements (island stage). Finally, we see dural start as a puddle of reflective liquid and gradually coalesce into her familiar self. Dural floats around in slow motion in a unique hallway background not seen in the game. You can see the stage reflecting all over her body, which unfortunately doesn't happen in the game. There's also a segment of dural doing various Jerky moves on his stage, again with the nice reflection effects.

    A VF3 CG movie showing some minor plot stuff and a lot of nifty settings designed to
    give you a feel for the characters. Lion uses his mantis-like speed and cuteness to
    rescue a puppy from getting mowed down by a Ferrari. Lau patiently instructs pai,
    who is shown years later smashing a framed photo of him. Wolf pumps iron in a tiny
    wooden cabin. Shun di gets drunk. Jerky rescues Sarah from thugs in an alley by kickflipping the crap out of them. You get the idea. It's nice stuff... but it's a shame
    the backgrounds really outshine the character models here. Some of the faces look a
    little goofy, although shun and sarah look great.

    A unique VF3 movie showing the characters doing their moves from unusual camera angles.
    You see some standard moves done from strange perspectives or in slow motion... for example Kage DPing Jacky, and Jeffry doing his low side throw to Kage.
    There are also quite a few motion swaps here, meaning characters doing someone else's moves.
    You can see Wolf doing a high kick reversal-reversal against Jerky, Akira doing the drunken hip attacks from Shun Di, and Kage doing something I can't easily recognize, it looks a little like Taka's FC throw, but I don't think it is. If someone can identify it, please email me.

    Old VF3 costumes that didn't make the cut! You see Aoi in her schoolgirl outfit fighting Pai in an early version of the subway. You also get to hear some crappy music that was the basis for the final version of Sarah's stage music. Next up is Shun Di in his colorful hiking outfit and backpack. The stage music is completely different from the VF3 great wall tunes, it's kind of a martial sounding tune (similar to Taka's stage). Notice Shun's voice samples. Also watch "ballerina pai", wearing a pink outfit that was best left on the cutting room floor.

    Some uninspired rounds of VF3. Nothing too noticeable here except for Taka-Arashi's eagle outfit.

    Learn how the motion capture process translates into realistic video game moves. You can watch motion actors do Shun Di's unique high rising attack and cartwheel. Especially fun is seeing one small Japanese guy do a running tackle throw (Wolf's f,f+P+G) vs. another live person. I wish I could have seen how a Giant Swing or XPD were captured. This clip is very neat and (unfortunately) only 41 seconds, so it's definitely worth a download.

    The VF3 Team Battle attract mode demo... more fighters getting paired off against each other. This one actually shows intelligent gameplay and nifty combos. The highlight, for me, is Kage doing a fairly tough TFT combo vs. Aoi.

    Some minor highlights from VF3 TB (the home version) that the average gamer may not have seen. There's a first person POV fight with Taka facing Aoi, followed by a couple of rounds of Akira whupping up on Dural as she gets more and more transparent and lightweight. Nothing inspired, but it's neat stuff to watch if you don't have a Dreamcast.

    A very nice attract mode demo. The camera starts with a nice zoom-in of the temple stage, where we get to watch Lei Fei run through some flashy katas while the camera whirls around the ring. Cut to Pai and Lau in the same stage doing the "I match every attack with an identical one" routine, which is nicely choreographed but still doesn't look like fighting. Then we have Akira calmly deflecting and blocking attacks in his solid, conservative way while Shun harasses him with a flurry of "drunken master" strikes. Lion does some whirly mantis stuff, Sarah does a barrage of kicks that Jacky has a tough time blocking, and he responds by faking a sidekick then kickflipping her (with the contemptuous flick afterwards). Vanessa takes down Kage, Kage rolls and chops all over the place to avoid attacks, Aoi flips some poor bastard, and Wolf and Jeff butt chests and exchange shoves before doing some comically slow moves. We end on Lei fei doing some more whirly attacks while the camera cuts in close on his flying fists and feet. of fury.

    Another nice attract mode demo. Each character gets a few seconds to show off some signature moves, then the screen cuts to their bios and vital statistics. There's also a brief flash showing a halfscreen thumbnail of their stage. Once everyone's had their spot on the camera, there's some more lighting effects flashiness and then the title screen appears.

    Yet another attract mode? AM2 REALLY wants to suck in people who happen to be strolling by the cabinet. We open with an "evolution of VF" thing showing Akira beating up opponents across four generations of Virtua Fighter. What follows is a variety of things... some more Lau-Pai choreography, some standard attacks and basic combos, some nice posing and posturing for the camera (Jeffry knocks the camera over, Sarah makes like a model, etc.), and lots of flybys and camera work for various stages.

    Out of all the movies with the "GAM" (gameplay) filenames, this is the best. It's some geniunely nice looking VF4 gameplay, with a full TFTKoD by Kage, a nice UpKn,P,b+P, d+PPPd+K combo from Lau, and more. Lau does a seemingly psychic charge attack to avoid and then counter an ill advised DP from Kage. In a later section Pai does a couple of stumbling trips to Sarah, one of which shows off a new throw and the other shows off a decent combo using one of pai's new moves. Sarah responds with her own new throw, where she whirls behind the opponent's back and chokeslams. The round ends with a spanky new reversal animation from pai when both players are down to a hair of life with time running out. The pai player must have had a warm glow for hours. The movie ends with a complete Lei Fei vs. Vanessa match which isn't awe inspiring but does show a variety of the newcomer's attacks and throws.

    A more traditional sort of attract mode demo... one character beats up the other, then the victim character gets his revenge. Paired off are Akira and Jeffry, Kage and Aoi, Jerky and Sarah, and Lei and Shun. We also see some posing and chest beating and what might be a brief glimpse of Dural. The demo ends with yet another Lau/Pai choreographed sequence.. the best one I think.

    Vanessa gets her own special introduction as a VF newcomer. The camera slowly pans up her her body, showing her supernatural buffification. Watch her perform various canned combos and "ouch" throws vs. several different characters.

    /versus/images/icons/mad.gif<font color=red>~~~ Don't make me rape you with a sharp stick ~~~/versus/images/icons/mad.gif<font color=red>
  17. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Re: Complete index of the shitload.

    "VF4_ADV_B1.mpg." What you have described in that video is actually in VerB. While the machine is idle, it will go into attract mode and display a brief expo and bio of the fighters. It's all very flashy and pleasing to the eye.

  18. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Re: Complete index of the shitload.

    Yowza, you write all that? Nice!
  19. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    Re: Complete index of the shitload.

    thanks creed for posting all that /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    the new movies, after my last post, included in creed's post are:

    just in case someone's confused :p

  20. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Re: Complete index of the shitload.

    Downloading. Will take awhile to get everything though. =)

    Edit: hmm.. this is taking a while... =/


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