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Discussion in 'General' started by chucky, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    LOL, i guess VF is not that popular over at tekkenzaibatsu.com, this is just a random post about Tekken vs. VF LOL..
    How people can go back to a fighter with a button for punch , a button for kick, occasionally a "special" button and single didget numbers of moves per char after playing a great game like tekken is beyond me...
  2. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    alot of us here DON'T CARE~

    <font color=red>~~~ 'back off feather brain, or u can stick around and find out the hard way!/versus/images/icons/mad.gif~~~'
  3. Drunken_Master

    Drunken_Master Well-Known Member

    well if they played the bloody game and had a understanding for it i would respect they views no matter how crap and stupid they are but as they havent even touched the game they can go and shut the F up for all i care.

    'Strong body but a weak mind' Sam Seed from Drunken Masters
  4. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Really doesn't matter to me what they post at TZ. I mean, you see the same thing going on with AMD vs Intel, 3dfx vs NVDA (till recently), Q3 vs UT, blah blah blah. Bottom line is, I know which game I prefer, and as long as no forum troll from TZ or Tekken Central decides to spam the VFDC forum with stupid ass posts on how *cough* T4 *cough* is purportedly better than VF4, I don't give a rat's ass what they think.
  5. jackybrothas

    jackybrothas Well-Known Member

    i am posting on behalf of tekken 4....... oh who am i kidding?? the game is all funny looking graphics and motion and not to forget..... very masher friendly..... i can't believe there are already two T4 machines at my arcade and just one test version of VF 4!!
  6. jackybrothas

    jackybrothas Well-Known Member

    and one more thing...just for the record...... Tekken 4 SUCKS!!! thank you and have a nice day
  7. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas Well-Known Member

    Big deal. When I was a kid, it was "Atari versus Intellivision." Back in the 60's, it was the Beatles vs the Rolling Stones, or Cream vs Zeppelin, or Dylan vs everybody else.

    It's too bad that the kids at TZ are so wound up in this whole brand loyalty thing, as they're only missing out on a lot of great videogames. Anyone who buys into that game is just a sucker.

    And, BTW, haven't seen Tekken 4 yet, but I'm sure it's very good and that I'll enjoy it a lot, especially when it hits the PS2. Nowhere near as fun as Virtua Fighter, but, really, what is?

    "One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How the elephant got in my pajamas, I don't know."
    -- Groucho Marx
  8. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    WOW!! this thread is still going on../versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  9. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Stop dredging up old ass post's it is not funny and you just look like a dumbshit.

    Under the surface of the most jaded cynic lies a dissappointed idealist- George Carlin

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