VF online- does it make or break VF?

Discussion in 'Xbox Live' started by BK__, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    it's interesting to me that VF has finally opened up to the online world despite the reluctant feedback from sega's earlier announcements. - VF online seemed to be something that isolated gamers and small communities have been yearning for since the beginning of the mass-market VF campagine (and possibly earlier).

    however, those that did have or had the opportunity to experience a strong VF community probably learnt or began to feel a greatness within a venue of enthusiastic competators from all over the world.

    im sure that most people will agree that playing VF gives so much more than just a TV screen and a greasy joystick, but encourages the development of freindships, excitement, atmosphere, tension and long-lived memories. since an alternate / somewhat comprimised approach has been taken towards connecting a head-to-head VF competition on a wider scale, it's interesting to wonder what will be the future of western VFing, and if local communities will slowly decrease and become non-existent.

    one of the older anti-online excuses from sega was to keep the strength within their arcade community in japan, and although western VFers didnt have a replica or their setup, we certainly made alot of effort trying¬

    although it may seem like it, im not actually inflicting an oppinion, im simply asking a question of "do you think the concept of online makes VF stronger or weaker?"


  2. Jide

    Jide The Super Shinobi Silver Supporter

    Break it. It's good to play people you wouldn't normally have a chance of playing. But in terms of the actual game it's very frustrating at times.

    Although that comes with my dislike of VF5 too. (Which I may discuss later)
  3. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

    discuss it now! ;P
  4. Blahzie

    Blahzie Well-Known Member

    Makes it. I love VF, and without Live I wouldn't be playing at all because I don't have time to go to gatherings and whatnot. Plus, at 33 years old my days of all-night VF sessions are pretty much behind me.
  5. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Yeah it's pretty all much I have. No cabs within 400 miles and the only person I know who plays the game is my br0 and thats cause I force him!
  6. TheWorstPlayer

    TheWorstPlayer Well-Known Member

    Amen to that 31, and if it wasn't for online Blahzie wouldn't have had the opportunity to beat me to a pulp and demote me 3 times.
  7. shadowmaster

    shadowmaster Well-Known Member

    It takes a way from it some but not very much. Being able to play the game online against a real foe is a great leap but the lag and the issues people are having getting potential match ups hamper things some.

    If we could get a VF5 online with reduced or no lag and a superior matchmaking system that isn't as dependent on rep as much as the 360 version is then it will add to the game until that happens it will just take away from it. The fact that pinpoint accurate game play isn't always possible online with the 360 right now, this is probably one reason Sony didn't make an online version immediately or delayed the launch of the game to add it for reasons like excessive lag off and on.
  8. KowtowRobinson

    KowtowRobinson Well-Known Member

    VF5 is still a great game, online play doesn't break it. Online play isn't perfect, but it's still an option for a lot of people. For the people motivated to get the perfect VF experience and travel around, that's still an option as well. So online play doesn't break anything, VF is still VF.
  9. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    yeah, but i reckon that things like online tournaments will be an excuse of not having real tournaments, and perhaps the attitude of the game will falter somewhat or dilute..im not referring to the quality of online play, im referring to the concept of it.

    liking or disliking VF5 is another oppinion tho :p

    dont forget every VF playes different!
  10. gl0ry

    gl0ry Well-Known Member

    People have been asking this type of question in other games as well.

    The truth is that people who are serious enough about the game will attend offline tournaments if they have the time and the resources. If anything, online experience will help build the player base and may increase the amount of people that show up to VF tournaments.
  11. DubC

    DubC Well-Known Member

    MAKES IT. Offline local play is great, but there is still a VAST amount of players and playstyles that I can play online everyday that come from Japan and some from here too, that I wouldn't want to give away for anything. Online there are some people just so far ahead of me in their thinking and application, that I need to play them to know where I need to be improving myself.
  12. Daggertoface

    Daggertoface Member

    I don't have friends who game irl, so I wouldn't have bought VF5 if it didn't have online play. Totally makes it, especially since its fluent unlike some other fighters online.
  13. Duckguin

    Duckguin Active Member

    It sure makes it for me. Without online play I wouldn't have anyone to fight but the computer, and I know that'll only keep my interest for about two weeks. Plus, now I'm interested in those in-person events, whereas before there was no chance at all of me ever wanting to get into that sort of thing. And for what it's worth, I bought VF 5 *because* of the online, so there's the business side to think of, too, that I'm sure Sega is keeping their eyes on.

    I know I'm not alone, so I can only imagine that the online mode has done good things - overall - for the game.
  14. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    Does it make the community bigger? yes, online, at least.
    Does it improve the offline scene? at the moment, nope.
  15. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    well, the span of players is wider, and the styles are more varied. i think that it's safe to say that you can *spar* with a alot of people and gain experience with speed and pressure.

    however the approach of adjusting to a range of styles sometimes goes backwards in VF.. it's arguable to say that training and learning the game mechanics will improve your preformance much better than playing with a limited understanding against a varied range of opponents.
  16. DubC

    DubC Well-Known Member

    The only thing is, playing against a varied range of GREAT opponents, forces you to have to get to their level of understanding to do well. I'm now up to 9th dan (although I was more comfortable as an 8th dan), and I know so much more because I always think about VF, situations, what I do wrong, what could be done better, I practice new techniques to see what is effective, I learn what can be punished, and with which moves, etc.

    Frankly, I think about VF almost 24hrs a day. Honestly, I even think about/see stuff when I sleep. I have to force myself to stop sometimes at work, or if I'm reading something, I'll read the same line like 20 times over. It's just how I work when I play fighters I like and want to get good at.
  17. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    yes, that's very good, but what i meant was taking your example, and it expanding it greatly by learning what was behind specific areas you fall short of.

    for example, you find out that akira is punishable with a blocked yoho.. and you learn that you can get a garanteed attack.

    however, learning the system mechanically would have already covered moves *in the same class as yoho*. meaning you'd have a stratergy for all moves with the same disadvantage as yoho.

    solidifying your game using understanding of the game mechanics targets multiple situations at one time -- then what happens is that *strong players* become more readable and less character / or player specific.

    sometimes, you can confuse a *great player stratergy* with a silly habit that you fall for. however, you'd only know this if you can read the game from the inside, and know what better options you have to reverse the situation -- without having to even know who the player is *at all*.

  18. LemmyIsTheGame

    LemmyIsTheGame Well-Known Member

    Of course it makes the game. VF is built upon the spirit of competition. Without competition the game dies. Without an online mode there is no competition. Even for elitist snobs who play in tournaments this is a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, comparatively.

    No-one could legitimately argue that basically having an arcade machine reserved for you, with an unlimited supply of human competition ready to challenge you, IN YOUR OWN LIVING ROOM is not a good thing.
  19. KoD

    KoD Well-Known Member

    Sure I can. It's not a good thing, because it's a different game online, and it makes people less likely to play the (better) game offline.
  20. Chief_Flash

    Chief_Flash Well-Known Member

    T1L ALL AR3 0N3
    it makes it for me /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

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