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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Mar 1, 2000.

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    Hi folks.

    So I was in Taiwan for a couple weeks in January, and I managed to play vf a few times in a Taibei arcade (--thanks Mike and others).

    For future refernce, one of the best places in Taipei for good competition is a place called Shizi Lin (or Shih-tzu Lin, pronounced like shr-dz lin/ss-dz lin) "The Lion's Grove" in Ximen Ding (or Hsi-men Ting, pronounced shi-mun ding--a super crazy shopping area).

    The setup was versus city style in a smokey, crowed and cramped arcade where the old-lady manager at first refused to give me any change because she thought I was under 18.

    on one side were all the bad boys trading off rounds, and on the other side were the rest of us, lucky to win more than one match. It was all pretty standard stuff except that MY GOD could these guys move--so much dashing in and out and around. I saw one new thing I had never witnessed nor heard about: Lion vs. Akira, Lion d/f+PG, d/f+P,P except Akira would reverse the second d/f+P. Perhaps this is old hat to others, but I was caught quite surprised the first time. eventually I caught on, and went into CD f+PG after the first df+P. that drew some laughs.

    I can safely say that the best in NA (whom I've met) could easily hold their own in Taipei. I kinda wished Rich, Adam, Mike et al had been there with me. that would have been fun.

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    Sounds like you had a really good time in Taipei. I had no luck on my own locating any arcade; I should have asked Sumeragi before departing. I had the most fun walking around in the night market. Excellent foods for very CHEAP price; that's something Japan has lost in the past two decades.

    Adding to Lion's d/f+PG stuff, 2nd hit of d/f+P,P is blockable too. All you have to do is to press G after getting hit by the 1st d/f+P.

    Well...the catch is that there is only 1-frame of window to press G, making this fact almost inpractical (at least for me, that is). Back-throw after d/f+PG is also guaranteed...with 1-frame of available window to press PG.

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    Aren't arcades (with a few exceptions) generally banned in Taipei? The last time I was in Taipei, that was the case and I could not find an arcade (one of the few--I think there were only two open when I was there) with VF at all.

    <b>ice-9 | Sennin</b>
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    That's what everyone said when I asked about arcades before I went. However, in Ximen Ding I found two arcades with a VF machine. one in the place I mentioned above (Shizi Lin--currently undergoing construction) and another on the top floor of the Wannian (the thousand year) Building (Wannian Dalou??--I forget), but that one cost 20 NT per play--about $0.65--while the one at Shizi Lin was only 10 NT. I found the Wannian arcade first, where there happened to be a player who refered me to Shizi Lin.

    Shota, is there a trick for getting Lion's back throw after df+PG? do you just have to hit PG at the appropiate frame or do you need to dash in first? is there a specific moment in the df+PG animation that you can key it to?

    yup, there's plently to eat in taiwan. evening recreation usually consists of going to a night market, buying bits of food from the various street vendors, and wandering around a lot. not exactly my cup of tea, but fun for a night or two. lots of tofu, sticky rice stuff, and exotic seafood. the preoccupation with food is quite something.
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    Yes I played a little there (Lion Grove) in early March this year too. I went in the late afternoon but there was not too much challenge.

    Who wants to beat me up in VF3tb? I am in NJ!!! Come on!
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    going back to the question above, despite the impractical 1-frame window, is there anything you can say about Lion's back throw after df+P+G? It would probably make my Lion even more boring, but I tend to get his df+P+G off as a throw more than many other throws.
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    is there anything you can say about Lion's back throw after df+P+G?


    What exactly is that you want to know?
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    Lion's df P G, backthrow

    Is it simply dashing towards your opponent fast enough and entering the input to get the throw? It's nothing a little different like evading or anything to ge to your opponent is it? My question is pretty much the same as Peter's above. Is it a simple quick dash to close the gap? Or something else? a visual hint?

    Given the CPU's super reflexes in recovery situations (hell, it evaded the second P in df P G-->df P, P) I'll probably figure it practicing on the CPU for awhile... Though it was a long time ago, thanks for the info Shota/images/icons/smile.gif.

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