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Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by vicious_skillz, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. vicious_skillz

    vicious_skillz New Member

    hey everyone

    just wanted to know if ppl from t.o. would be up for a vf 4 tourney this sunday March 8 in mississauga. it's bein held in the skybox at erin mills town centre. to those who have ever played tekken u might know bout this arcade. many capcom, tekken tournaments have been held here. there's gonna be a tekken 4 and tekken tag tourney also but be really great if we could get some vf 4 players here so we can hold a vf tournament for the first time at this arcade. i can give a more formal detail if ppl start showin intrest.

    vicious skillz
  2. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    what time?

  3. vicious_skillz

    vicious_skillz New Member

    WHERE: "The Games, SkyBox"Erin Mills Town Centre, Mississsauga,Ontario

    WHEN: Sunday March 10th
    SIGNUP at 11;00 BE HERE AT 11:00!!!!
    Tourney starts at 11:50 at the latest.
    Earliest u can get ot arcade is 10:45 ill be there
    at that time.


    TTT: 2/3 rounds (might change, #of participants)
    2/3 matches(might change, #of participants)
    Double elimination
    Standard Time (whatever that is)

    T4: 3/5 rounds
    2/3 matches (might change, #of participants)
    Double elimination
    Standard Time

    VF4: 2/3 rounds
    2/3 matches (might change, #of participants)
    Double elimination
    Standard Time

    FEE: Entarnce fee is: 10$- Tekken4
    7$(might change)- Tekken Tag
    10$(might change) -VF4

    ok, im running these tournaments, and i really only play tekken, i'm in the process of learning vf4 tho.
    so im pretty much a noob at vf4. if you guys are interested in joining plz leave a reply, so i know whether to cancel this tournament or not, thanks

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