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    Virtua Fighter 4 will be headed to which console DC, PS2, or XBOX?
    i guess it will arrive on PS2 along with Tekken 4 from Namco!
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    blüääähhhhhhh, a VF-Game on a weak Sonyhardware,......go and play the official announced soulCalibur2 on PS2..
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    Weak Sony Hardware??!!
    i read that PS2 is more powerful that GC.
    Beside, Sega announced that they will support PS2 and GBA!!
    They did not mention Xbox nor GC.
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    off topic ps2 rant :)

    just so everyone knows, there is no way in all hell that the ps2 is more powerful than the gamecube. sony lied to a regiculous amount about its power

    even the dc which came out a year before has way more memory and there are tons of beautiful, good gameplay games for it (too many to list.) ps2 has 1 yet to be released good game (mgs2) and one yet to be released blargh square rpg (which doesnt even look any better than shenmue.)

    in general (imo) the ps2 sucks compared to every other system because its just such a bitch to program for and it has very low memory. i dont understand why any other developer at this point in time, knowing about the other systems, would chose to support it, unless they were forced to through some deal or are just a budget developer that wasnt to exploit the installed base

    i cant think of one good reason to own a ps2 besides mgs2, and by the time that comes out, xbox may be out already with its own mgs. atleast when saturn was released it was showing off something new (3d polygonal graphics)

    (does anyone happen to know if mgs2 streams textures in every frame, to overcome the low memory? so far no developer has been able to do it right?)
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    This is may just be me being dumb, but why would Sega release one of thier games on a rival company's system?
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    Re: off topic ps2 rant :)

    yes my mates gota ps2 and it sucks. biggest waste of money ever only game worth playing is tekken tag and time spliters and time spliters is really just a basic virsion of perfect dark with less features.

    'Strong body but a weak mind' Sam Seed from Drunken Masters
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    The only thing that is 'good ' on PS2 is the poligon-pushing power(but even that wont be better then GC)programming cracks like factor5 said(and it's obvious if you look at the specifications): that the Ps2 will be much more worse in terms of textures( it has even to prof that it's better then the DC in terms of texture mapping), no S3TC compression, low VRAM, and all this talk about streming wont work much(said an informatics friend of mine), Metal gear screens were movie like real time scenes, if you use limited camera free real time sceens (like shooters/House of the dead 2/, or need for speed 1 on 3DO/camera only backward and forward/ you can use more power for other things.I would also like to remind you that Metalgear 2 works with an infirior number of colors ,like MG1, this is a smart tecnique to gain power(everithing looks gray).
    About oficial engagment, this doesn't mean that sega will bring the games on those machine maybe Acclaim and others will handle the conversions, sega has plenty other things to do, like keeping the DC alive. sega probably wont bring Sonic or shenmue on those machines , much more such titels as crazy taxi, and the games will come 1 or 2 years after the DC versions.
    sega didn't anounce GC, or XBOX engagment because it's to soon. Many say that a GC engagment will be wiser because nintendo hasn't got a lot support(less competition), and this kind of games are missing on a Nintendo console(fight-games,adult-games).

    P.S only to tell you I never saw a hardware(PS2) that came 1,5 after the competition(DC) and looked worse at the start,
    PS2 is not a pure gameconsole and that is it's weakness it's more an effort to conquer new marketshares(DVD),.....no doubt what's more for gamers an incorporated DVD or a modem

    P.S2 PS2 even uses the same Ram-type like the N64(DRam) while the GC will use the much more faster and newer Sram (static)...........GC is a pure gameconsole and gives the programmers much more freedom and posabilitys to be creative...........I only hope sega will make the right choice
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    Everyone has it not dawned on you we have yet to actually see any playable Gamecube or Xbox games. So please quit playing the hype game. Also I would like to say regardless of how bad the PS2 games are. They will have a large installed base and that means devolpers which means games and some of those games will be good.

    Under the surface of the most jaded cynic lies a dissappointed idealist- George Carlin

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