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    i'm guessing there's approximately two maybe three people who would be interested in listening to this..but what the hell.

    just got an arcade vf1 pcb. the kit is a beast. a big beast. the main video and cpu and game rom set is a three level pcb assembly, connected to a separate i/o board. these are all inside a massive steel box with a fan, about twice the size of the entire vf2 and vf3 set. then on top of that the sound board assembly is completely separate, having a two level sound rom board pcb, a small mixing pcb, and a big 120v ac amplifier.

    on top of all this the wiring is an entirely confusing mess, and unlike VF2 and VF3, none of the pinouts are marked. i'm suprised i didn't fry the thing. anyway i did get it to work by jury-rigging the thing with the wiring that came with it and some wiring from the vf2/3 harness. it's amazing the leap from 1992 to 1994-95. looking at the m2 or m3 you might guess that the m1 board is kerosene powered. "primitive looking" is the best way to put it.

    anyway there's not much to report as far as the game goes. i'm sure you remember vf1 saturn - remember that, but with much better graphics and sound and no bugs. small differences and little details here and there that only a complete vf1 nut would notice or take interest in.

    one thing, though..over time on many public forums i've seen people answer the question of "which [fighting game] music is best"? with "VF1". people who like the vf1 music probably heard it off the saturn version, and they may not know that the saturn version is a _complete_ remix. the differences are almost as drastic as the vf2 saturn remix.

    uh what else. the test screen options aren't as much fun as vf2 or vf3. vf1 does not have a combo and damage screen like vf2/3. in general the options are much more inflexible than vf2/3. and there's also a bizarre setting: cabinet: super megalo or astro city2 - and the astro city2 setting has a higher difficulty by default. i can't understand this; maybe they wanted the higher-priced super megalo to have people stay on longer? and yes, as always, there's a bunch of unused sound samples. some strange stuff..some very high quality grunts and taunts were left unused in favor of the normal, blah-quality taunts you normally hear. and check this one gem out: http://world.std.com/~opus/virtua.wav i have NO idea where they would have planned on using that one.

    so. who's got the itchies for a VF1,VF2,VF3ob,VF3tb arcade free-play 25" monitor 120watt sound real arcade stick tournament?
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    Rich, thanks for the great read!

    If you ever decide to hold a tournament, let me know 'cause I should be very interested, depending on the time of the event. I have lots of people to say hello to in Boston. /images/icons/wink.gif

  3. GodEater

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    me, of course!

    name the date, baby...name the date.

  4. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    VF1 sound byte

    I liiiiiiike it!


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