VF2 BGMs on PS2 VF4!!!

Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by feixaq, May 2, 2002.

  1. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    For the longest time, I was resigned to the fact that AM2 didn't include the old BGMs on the PS2 version of VF4, even though in Japanese arcades, the ver.C machines have 4 old BGMs... Akira's, Lion's and Lau's from VF2, and Sarah's from VF1.

    Just found out from a Japanese magazine that they *do* exist on the PS2 version, though the method of achieving this is very flaky. But, I managed to capture two vids:

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.feixaq.com/bavf/media/bavf0501-vf2bgm_ak.zip>VF2 Akira BGM (9MB)</a>
    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.feixaq.com/bavf/media/bavf0501-vf2bgm_li.zip>VF2 Lion BGM (10MB)</a>

    I still can't get the Lau and Sarah BGMs to work, and even the Akira and Lion BGMs come out only once every 10 times or so... will post more information when I get confirmation on how exactly these work.
  2. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    FINALLY!!!!! please post when you confirm on the methods... or even post the methods you are trying so we can all help to try it out /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Netrom

    Netrom Well-Known Member

    I got a tip from a friend about this and he said that, you must be over Dan 2 level with youre character.
    Then select youre character, and imidatly press P+K and hold dem until the fight starts.
    I tried it once with Jacky and it works.

    Sorry for my poor english. =)
  4. Plague

    Plague Well-Known Member

    This is very cool.
    VF2 Akira bgm is probably my favorite. Thanks for posting the videos.
  5. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    P+K lets you become VF1 character. Not the VF2 BGM ......
  6. kungfusmurf

    kungfusmurf Well-Known Member

    how do you get the VF2 BMG?
  7. Netrom

    Netrom Well-Known Member

    okey....my bad.
  8. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Err, fei, did you forget something, or are you just being coy?
  9. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Ah, was reformatting my PC today, so I didn't get the chance to check the forums earlier...

    Um, so far, what seems to work for me is this:
    1. VF2 BGM only plays in VS mode, not in Kumite or Arcade or Training (?)
    2. Both players need to be using VF1 models (which in turn means both players must be Sho Dan or higher)
    3. I can only get this to work on Akira and Lion stages thus far (so use stage select to try this out), it may work on Lau's and Sarah's stage though (?)
    4. Both players must hold Select + Start + P + K when selecting their VF.net characters (according to JP mag)

    Even then, I can only get the VF2 BGM to work once in awhile... maybe I'm missing some other condition?
  10. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member


    Got Lau BGM to work!~!


    On with Akira n Sarah bgm next!~!

  11. camenraider

    camenraider Member

    I can't make it works....can any body explain well how to do it?
  12. Plague

    Plague Well-Known Member

    Has anyone gotten VF2 bgm on US verson VF4?
  13. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    By the way, thanks to the new FTP server, these files are back online and available for (fast) download:

    <a target="_blank" href=>VF2 Akira BGM (9MB)</a>
    <a target="_blank" href=>VF2 Lion BGM (10MB)</a>

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