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    well i found something better to do with my time *coughHAAghck*. actually i'm posting this by request from someone.
    i think this is pretty complete but if you know of any missing, let me know.


    Virtua Fighter 2.0 codes, easter eggs and bug list

    -Edited, compiled and written by Rich Williams

    View The Credits:
    To view the credits during attract mode hold any start button down. Will not work if machine is
    set to free play.

    Choose Your Outfit:
    Hold up on the joystick when you select your character to change their outfit.

    Four Victory Stances:
    Each character has four victory stances and/or taunts. With the exception of the "EXCELLENT!!"
    victory taunt, you can select any of the other three you prefer by pressing and holding either
    G, P, or K.

    Replay Cancel:
    Press the start button to cancel the end of match replays.

    Slow motion replay:
    Press P+K+G before the replay. Will work only once per match. You cannot cancel slo-mo replays.
    Depending on the version, you get extra slo-mo replays every 4 consecutive wins.

    Choose Expert Mode:
    During the character select screen, tap u,u,d,d,l,l,r,r. You'll hear a "Yahoo!". Select your
    character and begin.

    VF1 Music:
    You can select remixed versions of Jacky and Sarah's VF1 BGM music by pressing and holding your
    start button at the beginning of a match.

    Ending Credit Replays:
    Pressing the 1P Guard button decreases the length of the afterimages, while pressing the 2P Guard
    button increases them. You can also tap the joystick up or down for the same results, respectively.

    See Kage's Face:
    If Kage achieves 20 consecutive victories, Kage's face mask will come off if he gets knocked down.
    After this is accomplished, it will stay that way until the machine is turned off.

    Lau's Hair:
    During Lau vs Lau matches in vs mode, the winners hair will get longer and longer and losers
    hair will get shorter and shorter.

    Infinate Range Powerbomb:
    Jeffry can powerbomb (df+P+K+G) a sitting (d,d) Shun anywhere in the ring, no matter the range.
    Can be performed even if Shun has his back to Jeffry; Jeffry will materialize facing Shun.
    This may crash the game.

    One Person Throw:
    If your opponent is standing at the edge of the ring and you throw him, sometimes he will fall out
    of the ring before the throw completes. If this happens you will finish the throw motion alone.

    Sky throw:
    Just before time out, have the character with the lower energy do a big jump. Right after the
    announcer says "Time Over", the other character can throw the opponent in the air.

    Floating Victory Stance:
    Just before the replay, twirl your joystick round and round. Your victory stance should be in the
    air afterwards.

    The Bird:
    Bring out the bird in Jacky's stage by holding down on both joysticks and pressing 1P and 2P's P+K+G
    and start buttons. The bird will fly off the rock in the background and hover over the head of the
    losing player. This will work in vs mode and against the CPU.
    Against the CPU, if you bring out the bird and then lose the match by RO (and if you're still
    standing up, and have more energy than the CPU), you can hold up on the stick and the bird will pick
    you up by your face and fly off with you during the "Continue?" countdown. If your path intersects
    with the ring you will be dropped back into it.
    If you have less energy than the CPU Jacky, the bird will not come out, but you will still be
    levitated into the air with the same animation.
    Against the CPU, if you bring out the bird and then lose the match by KO, hold up. When the
    "Continue?" countdown reaches 0, the player character stands, speaks his losing quote, and
    tumbles down like an idiot. This is all seen from high above the ring.
    Against the CPU, if you bring out the bird and then lose the match by TO and hold up, the bird will
    not come out, but you will still be levitated into the air with the same animation
    Will not work in ranking mode.

    Copy Taunt Trick:
    The loser must be standing with his/her leading foot on the very edge of the ring. When the
    announcer declares "Time over", the loser will stumble out of the ring as he/she starts his/her time
    over animation. Outside the ring, as the loser recovers his/her balance, the loser will copy the
    winner's animation, instead of the loser's normal time over animation.
    If the winner is Shun, when he drinks from his wine flask, an identical wine flask will materialise
    in the loser's hand!

    Knock The Lamps Over:
    In Kage's stage, when Wolf stands at one corner of the ring, he can use his Giant Swing (HCF+P) to
    throw his enemy into the torch in the background. The lighting in the stage will then dim.

    Phonetical Joke:
    For those that can read Japanese. The posts in Kage's stage read peas and sausage (?) if read in a
    certain way.

    Reversal Jamming:
    If Akira attempts to reverse high kick or a low kick, and then either are immediately cancelled
    just as his reversal animation is beginning, Akira will...well, Akira will have problems. Usually,
    Akira will twitch for a moment, then continue with the reversal animation, sans opponent. After
    this Akira will be frozen into place, and not be able to do anything at all.
    If the player who cancelled the kick enters a joystick motion in during the time Akira is twitching,
    Akira will go in the direction the stick was pointed. This means up and down, too. You can get Akira
    meters and meters into the air. And Akira can be thrown, while he is in the air, from the opponent on
    the ground.
    You can also do this against CPU Dural.
    In VF2PC, Akira will continue the reversal animation but won't be frozen after that; regular reversal
    recovery time applies.

    Freeze The Replay:
    At the end of the match, after the round is called ("KO!"; "Ring Out!"; etc), repeatedly cancel high
    kicks (K,G,K,G,K,G etc). Continue until and after the replay begins. The replay may or may not be
    frozen: characters frozen in mid-animation but with the camera still moving about. Interesting
    camera angles and positions possible.

    Break The VF2 Machine:
    VS CPU, vs Dural. The deciding match and thus the entire round must be ended with a draw (you must be
    the winner of the overall round). On earlier versions of VF2 machines, this often results in
    catastrophic failure. Sometimes it will crash/freeze outright, other times it will eradicate all
    polygons, leaving only the sprites to be displayed. Sometimes you'll have flowing afterimages
    during the game until it's reset. Sometimes the camera will be frozen into place or float around.
    Have fun.

    "A chem bla deshembla blurr fuh bli fouzh"
  2. nascarbryant

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    coooooooooooolllll we still have a VF2 machine here in Switzerland!!!!!!

  3. Llanfair

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    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

    Knock The Lamps Over:
    In Kage's stage, when Wolf stands at one corner of the ring, he can use his Giant Swing (HCF+P) to
    throw his enemy into the torch in the background. The lighting in the stage will then dim.


    This can also be done with an errant TFT combo. ;)


    <font color=white> Llanfair the prized <font color=green>cabbage</font color=green></font color=white>
  4. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    crazy man..........you have to put this tricks on war city..................on the other hand it's quite difficult to find a VF2 arcade machine..

    brumm,brumm,brumm,...............V.F2 rocks and it will always be like that........it's still the most sucessful arcade-machine in japan(history) and the best sega-selling title(japan).......never again a game will be so ahead of its time.......
  5. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    In the US, it's not too hard to find a VF2 machine.... It is however, very hard to find a VF3 machine...

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