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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Feb 20, 2000.

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    dunno why i'm bothering..but...

    got my vf2 pcb the other day. on a good monitor and big speakers you'll wonder why you ever thought vf2 saturn was worth more than dog spittle. akira banging away with DE's on shun's stage with the volume at full blast on huge speakers - godly.

    some of you probably know that vf2 saturn had a sound test, and that there are unused sounds in that area. the arcade version has quite a load more unused sounds that never made it into the game.

    a few...

    virtua racing noises - F1 cars passing and accelerating; crowd noises "woooowwwww" "aaawwww" "yaaaayyyy" (similar to VF1's); animal noises (other than tiger), such as birds flapping their wings, wolves, some really nasty sounding growls; water splashes (not the same effects heard on jeff's stage); sword clangs; explosions (similar to the gun noise).

    i'm sure many also know that many grunts and taunts were not used; however the vf2 pcb has many that the saturn version doesn't. each character has one or more very distinct pain grunts, some of which sound pretty nasty. some just sound funny. lots of "glurghK!" "aahhg!" and "oww!" noises. pai has a horrible pain shriek sounding as if she just got shot in the gut; jacky has a funny sounding "ouch" (i recorded it; it's here: world.std.com/~opus/ouch.wav it's a crappy recording so be nice).

    not much more to say. also the DC version of tb has nearly sound that the tb pcb does...just a few small things left out
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    jealousy jealousy

    I can't wait to get mine up and running...

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    Re: jealousy jealousy

    have you gotten it in yet? any ideas on what you'll do for monitor and controls?
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    Re: jealousy jealousy

    yep yep - the board is here. As far as cabby and controls...dunno yet. There's an empty VF2 cabinet and monitor at funland and that would be ideal but the dorko who owns funland ants like $1000 for it...whatever! I'm going to try and haggle him down to 400 or so. I think I would then replace the controls panel with a custom one - de-cant the sticks, widen the panel so us 'beeg Amereecans" can play comfortably side by side. ;)

    My jamma harness is just the one part that plugs into the board - I don't have the other side (the side that would be ripped out of a jamma cabinet).
    I'll email you with some questions.


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