Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Mr. Bungle, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    For those that poke around on Japanese VF sites...fand's VF2000 site (http://hpcgi2.nifty.com/fand/vf2000/index.cgi) seems to have died. Which really really sucks. Does anyone know if it's just moved, down for a while, or if there are any other similar link pages?
  2. metalbutter

    metalbutter Active Member


    check this URL
    <a target="_blank" href=http://hpcgi2.nifty.com/fand/VF2000>http://hpcgi2.nifty.com/fand/VF2000/</a>

    do not write index.cgi
  3. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member


    i actually did try it w/o the index.cgi, didn't work either. odd. must be the hallucinations again.
  4. metalbutter

    metalbutter Active Member


    it's odd.
    that site working on my computer.
  5. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking that the entire first week of January is a massive Japanese holiday, so don't expect to see any updates at VF2000 till a week later...?
  6. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    No no...the site is working for me now. When I tried it yesterday it didn't work at all, and I tried several versions of the url, and none worked (404, redirected to the ISP's homepage). So I gave up and posted my question. Either I just screwed up royally somehow and/or was hallucinating, or the page did go down but only for a short while.
  7. nycat

    nycat Well-Known Member

    I don't know how you do it! I tried to explore combos for Sarah, Pai, Aoi and Vanessa on various Japanese sites employing babelfish and Mr. Bungles, I keep coming up with stuff like," The woman is hindered by her yeast", "concubine shoes" and "sliced raw fish ." These really threw (no pun) me off. First I thought they may be talking about Sarah's (b+P+G) being hindered by counter attack but after an embarrassingly long time I gave up the analysis. Thanks Mr. Bungles for taking the time to extract gems of VF4 and sharing them here.

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