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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Chanchai, Sep 13, 2001.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I figure we could just place VF3 combos in one thread here. Creating a thread for various situations for combos could get annoying and we could simply just mention the situations within a post in a single thread along with the combos.

    For those who have no interest in VF3 related combos or have seen almost everything that will probably be mentioned on this forum, we could at least just use a single (or very few) places to post the combos instead of cluttering up the Virtua Fighter Forum with multiple threads on this topic. In addition, once people get to know the Subject, it should be easy to search if this thread disappears into the wastelands of the past.

    The following are my ideas of guidelines to make combo posting more clear:

    * State the version of VF3 you are referencing or playing:
    - DC = Dreamcast version of VF3tb. Yes, there is a difference.
    - TB = Arcade version of VF3tb.
    - OB = VF3 version C, I believe this is what most of Europe, North Am, etc... have seen.
    - A/B/D = In case you're referencing a version that only a few people here have touched.

    * The assumed situation will be on flat ground without using walls. If the combo is performed on a slope, please indicate whether it is up or down slope (assuming where your character is facing at the starting position before the combo starts).

    *If a wall is involved, state it. It is HEAVILY advised that you state the position relating to the wall before the combo starts. As far as I know, the angle and distance from the wall are very important to wall combos. The "Akira Death Combo" that Ice-9 posted long ago is an example of this.

    *Unless indicated, the type of hit assumed is a normal hit. You should indicate whether hits are mC (minor counter) or MC (major counter). If you do not understand mC or MC, check out GLC's General VF3tb Faq which can be found at Gamefaqs or here. I advise that you try to see if more than half the combos you post are listed here, even if you are just playing the DC version. Feel free to use the same system as the faq for posting combos if that is your preference. As long as you make non-standard cases clear, your combo posts should be fine.

    *We'll just assume that all the old-timers and anyone who has played the game for awhile have SEEN EVERYTHING before. Thus, for the sake of us who care or enjoy posting combos, don't go telling us you've seen this or seen that. Out of respect for you guys, we already assume you've seen everything. This thread is for people who want to share and contribute combos in VF3, seen or unseen. Probably for the enjoyment of posting combos or having found a combo on one's own. For those posting combos, I think it's nice you guys are playing the game enough to find your own contributions, however, don't think you guys invented the combo or it hasn't been seen before. Such assumptions could very well be considered ignorant and well, I'll warn you that it runs the risk of turning this well-intentioned thread into a ridiculous flame war about nothing. Also refrain from naming the combos. At the very least, do not stick your name on the combo, that would be asking for it from those who would care and find your act to be arrogant (and it could be considered as such).

  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    VF3 Lion Combos

    More notes: noting OTB (on the bounce) hits is recommended. However, if you find it making your combo post way too annoying to read, you can easily omit mentioning OTB or just state it at places that might be unobvious.

    Post the combo however you want to, but at least make sure people can properly interpret and replicate it based on what you wrote.

    If you are that confident in your analysis, go ahead and post notes with your combos if you feel a need to. However, I advise you make sure you have good insight into what you write, posting something that is completely wrong can be very bad/versus/images/icons/wink.gif If you are citing a combo and you know it, at least reference it. If you don't want to note, don't note/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    To get this thread rolling....

    Lion VF3tb Combos

    vs. Akira TB & DC: f+P+K(MC) --> f,f+K,K
    I remember performing this combo on Akira, but I believe this combo works on everyone. The first kick is OTB. If you are even going to attempt this combo... GOOD LUCK on nailing a f+P+K with a Major Counter! I found this by chance on my own, but IT IS in the VF3tb Gamest Combo Faq. Works in TB and DC.

    vs. Aoi DC: Open Stance, f+K --> f,f+K --> f,f+K --> f,f+K,K --> d+K
    This combo is based on the VF3tb Competitive Edge Tape. I cannot remember if this is the same combo or a toned down variant. VFDC used to have a listing of the CE Tape Combos. My bad if my memory tricked me to think you can get three f,f+K in, but I'm sure you can. I'll post an update if this is a mistake.

    vs. Everyone DC: f+P (stagger), P --> d+K, K
    I "believe" this works on Taka as well, but a kick might miss (my brain is messed today and no DC is annoying right now). This is a STANDARD COMBO that Lion players should at least know. The elbow must stagger though, otherwise you are "likely" to get screwed against a decent opponent for using the second P.

    vs. Everyone DC: u+K --> f+P --> d, u+P (pounce)
    I am quite certain that the heavy pounce is guaranteed. I am somewhat certain about Taka on this one (in my mind, I don't see why not, though the pounce is definitely uncertain). I probably got brainwashed into doing this combo from watching Pete R. do this combo a lot at NYG2. u+K --> d, u+P (pounce) may actually do more damage.

    vs. Everyone DC: u+P+K --> d+K,K
    Another standard combo. Part of making Lion very annoying (and generally more effective) is learning where his OTB and ground hits work. It's not at all everything to Lion, but for the small damage he does, he certainly should use it!

    Anyways, I felt too lazy to show anything "different" today and for the most part, I just listed a couple standards and a few previously listed goofy combos. When I get near my DC, I"ll definitely put up some combos that are more accurate. Heck, I did not even list THE LION STANDARD combo (vacuum punch combo). Unless someone else posts it, I'll list it next time. Just too lazy to worry about any more inaccurate combo posts.

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: VF3 Lion Combos

    Kage DC, slope (any i think, just not flat)
    f+p+g, dragon punch, b,b+k+g, d+k
  4. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    You could have just said "Let's keep all the VF3 combos in one thread, n00bs!"
    ... that post was ... verbose.

    Anyway, a fave easy DC combo for sarah players:

    vs. aoi downslope, no counter: elbow-knee, dragon cannon OTB, sweep OTB.

    (f+P,K, d/b+K, d/f+K+G)

    Akira against a wall with slope: m-Shrm, m-Shrm, m-Shrm, ground punch. Heh.
    Another akira favorite that is practical in battle: ST, SJK, deep bodycheck, TT low kick. The commands for you newbies are:
    b,d+P+G, f,f,f+K (the extra forward because you want to dash a little before kicking), b,f,F+P+K (the usual command is b,f,f+P+K, but if you hold forward on the stick you will run forward for a split second, then unleash the bodycheck), then d+K. Obviously the bodycheck has to hit as deep as possible, so that your victim (aoi) falls behind you. You also want to start with aoi upslope. After the stumbling trip she will be downslope. This is just a little more damaging than the usual damaging akira throws. It's something like 120 pts of damage.

    Finally, I had just a reaming slew of vs. taka combos... Dural TFT's taka normally, meaning he flies ten feet into the air instead of 4.

    Lemme check dejanews for a list..
    ahh yes, some more antitaka madness:

    Akira: RBC, SDE, sidekick, SJK (hits OTB), ground punch. Easy but stylish.
    RBC, SDE, knee, low kick, knee. Last two hits OTB.
    RBC, SDE, DE, low kick, bodycheck. Last two hits OTB.
    Doesn't need a 'good' major counter by the SDE

    Wolf: catch, change, push, b,f+K+G (MC's, requires a retarded opponent),
    rising sweep (d+K while getting up) OTB, low kick OTB, short shoulder
    OTB, light pounce. Credit to tragic for original concept.

    Aoi inashi vs. taka's P: f+K,K, f+K,K. May be guaranteed?
    But probably isn't.

    And finally Dural:

    TFT, dash, K,K, SDE, kickflip OTB.
    TFT, TAP, TT PP, P,f+P,u/b+K (double punch, both of which hit, punch,
    elbow, kickflip, all one canned combo).
    TFT, (hit wall), take-off kick, landing kick, PP elbow-kickflip
    TFT, run, K,K, TT d+P.
    TFT, dash, PKG, b,f+P (shoulder ram), dash, kickflip OTB. Hard to

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  5. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Another Lion vs. Taka SE Combo

    Lion vs. Taka DC: df+P+G --> f+K --> d+K, f+P --> f,f+K, K
    As far as I can tell, the damage is good and you have a nice slew of options to handle the downed opponent. If you want that guaranteed bit of damage against a slow opponent (who doesn't struggle to get up), you might want to go for a pounce option (as far as I know, none are guaranteed here). But since you are Lion, it would be nice to work on your okizeme game, even if Taka is face down head away. Taka should easily be able to get up very fast in this situation, however.

    I would love to start an uramawari thread, but I guess I'll wait until I type out "Chanchai's list of ura techniques." Would be fun to have an updated list of ura, though ura seems to be very different from version to version (aside from standard ura techniques).

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    On the VF Archive there is that collection of Korean videos.. one features some amazing Shun Di vs Taka combos in VF3 OB (i think). Can anyone confirm if one of them was the following:

    d/f+P+G (suprise exchange) > d,d/f,f+P,b+P > b,f+P > d+P > d/b+P,K

    Will this work on the DC version? Thanks.
  7. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Nice combos indeed! That would be Virtua Fighter 3 TB (arcade). You can tell by looking at the character linups for each player. This is what I believe I'm seeing. Also, thanks go to Hyun for capturing this clips in the first place (along with the other Korean clips)!

    Shun vs. Taka TB
    1) df+P+G --> df, f+P, b+P --> P, d+P --> DB+P, K
    2) df+P+G --> df, f+P, b+P --> DF+P, P+K, K
    3) df+P+G --> df, f+P, b+P (death) --> PP (b, f+PP looks like it could work, but I don't know).

    For combo #2, it is important to quickly have DF held down soon after the chouwan-backfist (df, f+P, b+P). Otherwise, tapping df+P later will result in a ground hit and not Shun's small uppercut (or whatever it is).
    As a bonus note (that many here already know), Shun's chouwan can be done the common "fireball" motion method, but it can also be done simply by df, f+P. I personally prefer df, f+P for some reason as I tend to miss it much less that way.

  8. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    while we're at it, a shun anti taka combo that isn't too canned was, IIRC:

    rollover throw, chouwan-upper, backfist, P, drunken sweep, low punch OTB, drunken sweeps x 3 OTB.

    so d/f+P+G, d/f,f+P,b+P, d+K+G??, d+P, D+K+G,K+G,K+G?

    can't recall if drunken sweep command was changed from d+P+K but I assume so.

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  9. ghostdog

    ghostdog Well-Known Member

    Just a coupla Lau combos, in case anyone is interested:

    (from Sumeragi's Lau faq)
    b, b+P ->d+PPPd+K
    b, b+P ->d+P ->modified D/F+P, d/f+P+K (everyone except light)
    b, b+P ->d+P ->b, b+P ->d+PPPd+K (lightweight, from the back)
    b, b+P ->d+P ->b, b+P ->d+P (wall) ->b, b+P ->d+K (lightweight, from the back, wall)
    D/F+P, d/f+P+K ->b, b+P ->d+PPPd+K (MC, TB)

    (from Gamest Competitive Edge clip)
    b, d+P+G ->b, f+P ->D/F+P, d/f+P+K (OTB) (heavyweight, upslope)

    (from Hiro, basic combos)
    D/F+P ->PPPK or PPPd+K
    D/F+P ->b, b+P ->d+PPPd+K (downslope)
    D/F+P ->P ->d+KK (upslope)
    d/f+P+K ->modified-D/F+PPPPd+K (open stance)

    And then there's the trusty:
    b, b+P ->d+P ->PPPd+K (dunno if this applies to heavyweights)
    b, b+P ->d+P ->b, b+P ->d+P
    uf+P ->b, b+P ->d+PPPd+K OTB (good for okizeme)

    There are a ton more, a lot depend on weight, slope, and if the game is OB, TB, or DC. I apologize if I overlooked anything.

    One other thing, I have a real problem doing the modified upknife (D/F+P). Any pointers or advice on how to do it consistently would be greatly appreciated.

    -<font color=white>Ghost</font color=white><font color=red>DOG</font color=red>
  10. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    re: modified upknife: You can do it a couple of ways, but the way that I find easiest is this: press the stick straight down. Then, while still pulling it down, wiggle it twice rapidly towards your opponent. HOLD the stick after the second wiggle. Translated into notation, this is a D, d/f,D,D/F motion. As soon as you finish holding D/F for a split second, press punch. It should come out. As you get better at simply crouch dashing and then upknifing, you can speed it up until the initial down motion almost happens too quickly to register, and it's more like you're immediately going into the first d/f. This is going to sound goofy, but an adept m-upknifer has a sound they make. The two quick wiggles of the stick are almost silent, then you hear P, P, G being tapped. Focus more on getting this pattern down once you can get a smooth m-upkn.

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  11. ghostdog

    ghostdog Well-Known Member

    Thanx, Creed. Until now I had been doing d/f+P+K, holding down d/f, d, d/f+P. Or d/f+P+K, nuetral, d/f, d/f for abt a second, then press P. Needless to say, it didn't work.

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  12. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Lion vs. Aoi Vacuum Punch combos combos

    Just messing around before a group project meeting....

    These are Lion combos, performed on Aoi. Damages, if indicated, are based on the training mode meter: Also, all of these are normal hit, as in not counter hit combos (though some could be). Flat stage, DC.

    Vacuum-Knee-2x Boot
    (Can be done both open and closed, but closed timing is tougher than open)
    bb+K, P+K --> f+K --> ff+K = 66
    bb+K, P+K --> f+K --> ff+K --> d+K = 75
    bb+K, P+K --> f+K --> ff+K --> df+P = 78

    (I've only been able to nail Aoi with this while facing her side, facing her front arm)
    bb+K, P+K --> DF+P (peck attack) --> ff+K

    (works in closed stance, timing might be tricky--I recommend holding DF for the sidekick instead of just tapping it, it somehow seems to keep Aoi lined up)
    bb+K, P+K --> df+K --> ff+K = 65
    bb+K, P+K --> df+K --> ff+K --> d+K = 74
    bb+K, P+K --> df+K --> ff+K --> df+P = 77
    bb+K, P+K --> df+K --> ff+KK = 77

    Vacuum-Hook Kick-Boot
    (Open stance only it seems, this one does crazy damage)
    bb+K, P+K --> df+K+E --> ff+K --> df+P = 74
    bb+K, P+K --> df+K+E --> ff+K --> D+KK = 86!!!

    More to come later for both VF3dc and VF4/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

  13. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    Re: Lion vs. Aoi Vacuum Punch combos combos

    hey chanchai, do you know where i can get that "competative edge combo video"?? i think i might know what it is, if so, i would like to download it again!! (^_^)
  14. F8R

    F8R Member

    This is not a high skill combo because it's easy to pull off and not suck much life bar , Lion vs all character (I forget to try it with Taka ). Lion Vf3tb Dc :
    SE throw --mid kick---back,forwarddown+P ( OTB )

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