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  1. Sudden_Death

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    to the moderators: this could go under the codes
    & tricks section of this site, delete the current
    ones and add this list and rich's arcade list
    (found doing a search on "tsukamoto's face) in 2

    VF3 Dreamcast codes/tricks
    VF3/tb arcade codes/tricks

    just an idea..
    oh also, feel free to correct any spelling errors
    you might see as I don't have access to a spell
    checker. any corrections or additions are fine.
    (let me know first tho).


    (jp)=works on japanese version.
    (us)=works on US version.

    DIFFERENT INTRO MUSIC: just hold start on both
    joysticks at the sega logo screen (the one just
    before the intro). (jp)(us)

    PLAY AS THE ALPHABET CHARACTER: at the character
    selection screen, highlight akira, press start,
    highlight lion, press start, highlight pai, press
    start, now choose any character you want to play
    with the A button. to play against the alphabet
    character just follow the same procedure but with
    these characters; akira, lau and pai in that same
    order. (jp)(us)

    KAGE and JACKY's PEACE SIGN: just hold D+p+g+e
    before victory pose. (jp)(us)

    KAGE'S SPECIAL VICTORY POSE: choose his 2p
    costume (silver pants), be on akira's stage, do
    the peace sign after you get an excellent, a
    basin will appear and hit kage in the head.

    PAI'S KISS:get an excellent on akira, she'll blow
    a kiss in her victory pose mocking akira's own
    taunt. (jp)(us)

    SNOWMAN IN THE DESERT: if you manage to get an
    excellent victory with shun di on the desert
    stage, you will see a huge snowman if the camera
    is in the right angle. (jp)(us)

    TRIBUTE TO GALAXY EXPRESS 999 by leiji matsumoto
    (a famous manga/anime) / or in other words the
    FLYING TRAIN TRICK : if you play as jeffrey and
    execute a toe kick into splash mountain (TKOD)
    while on dural's desert stage, you will see a
    flying train passing by if the camera angle is
    right. (jp)(us)

    SLOW MOTION REPLAY: just hold E before replay
    starts. (jp)(us)

    character select screen hold start+X+A for
    silver, hold start Y+A for gold dural. (jp)

    PLAY AS DURAL: at character select screen press
    down, up, right, left+ start. (us)

    CANCEL END CREDITS: hold start. (jp)(us) caution;
    do this on the jp version and it might freeze.

    CHANGE VIEWS: press start during a 1p game.

    FUNNY FACES: choose akira, do his f,b+PG throw on
    anyone, now change the view to a first person
    perspective, now look at their face, that's how
    they look when they get hit on combat. hit them
    and it'll come back to normal. taka can do this
    with his f+PG throw. (jp)(us)

    FORCE TO WATCH THE REPLAY: just hold all 4
    buttons, your human opponent can't skip the
    replay as long as you hold the buttons. (jp)(us)

    HIT THE TRAIN: works only with kage, sarah,
    jacky, lion and aoi. at the subway stage, as the
    match starts turn around quickly (b,b+p) and run
    towards the train till it hits you, this will
    take 199 points of your life bar (1 more point
    and you're dead). (jp)(us)

    CHANGE BACKGROUNDS: in normal or team battle VS
    modes. for NORMAL VS MODE; to get the original
    vf3 backgrounds just press the A button or let
    the timer run out, for vf3TB backgrounds hold
    start then press A. for TEAM BATTLE : vf3
    backgrounds hold start,press A, VF3TB backgrounds
    press A or let timer run out. (jp)(us)

    hold start in both joysticks at stage select
    screen, you'll have a 1/16 chance of getting the
    new backgrounds. (jp)(us)

    original vf3 backgrounds hold start then X and A.
    to get the vf3TB backgrounds just press A. to get
    dural's backgrounds hold start+A. (jp)(us)

    AUTOMATIC DIFFICULTY: highlight training mode, at
    this screen hold X then press A, the computer
    will automatically increase or decrease the
    difficulty (up to level 7) depending how "well'
    you're doing. (jp)

    FLIP SHUN'S BOAT: in shun's stage, make taka jump
    continously at one of the corners of the boat,
    the boat will flip. (jp)(us!)

    CLEAN PAUSE: just hold X then press A. (jp)(us)

    TSUKAMOTO'S FACE: in normal mode or VS mode (US),
    on taka press start, sarah press start, lau press
    start, kage press start, akira press start. now
    look at the new "law". (jp)(us)

    TURN OFF BGM DURING GAME: in a VS game hold both
    start buttons right after you choose a stage,
    hold it till the announcer says "GO". In a one
    player match (1p VS cpu) there are 2 methods of
    doing this, as soon as the sega logo (the one
    just before the intro) screen appears hold start
    on the second stick/controller, now press start
    on the first controller to start a new game,
    right after you choose a stage hold start on the
    first controller till the announcer says "GO" but
    keep kolding start on the second controller. you
    have to keep holding start on the second
    controller for the whole game if you dont want to
    listen to the bgm. (jp)(us)

    DEBUG MODE: at the game's intro sequence hold
    G+P+K+E then press start (do this with the
    stick),then choose normal or team battle mode
    against cpu. command inputs will be shown just
    like training mode. (jp)(us)

    "BURN" YOUR OPPONENT: in jacky's stage hold P+E
    before the round starts. now watch your opponent
    BURRRN!! . you can do this everytime a round
    starts. (jp)(us)

    MAKE YOUR SHADOW DISSAPEAR: in training mode,
    ring out your opponent while in first person
    perspective view, when the round starts again you
    will have no shadow. to get it back just go
    through the views till its back. (jp)(us)

    FUNNY ANIMATIONS: get your opponent very colse to
    the edge of the ring, now do a throw that has a
    lot of movement like for example wolf's giant
    swing, taka's head rocker etc... experiment with
    all characters throws, if done right your
    opponent will fall to the ground but you will
    still be doing for example a giant swing but you
    are throwing thin air!. a very funny one is
    kage's u/f+PG.

    piccolo (sal)

    <font color=red>PICCOLO</font color=red>
  2. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    Hey man........exellent.........I never knew there were so many tricks........when my dreamcast is fixed i will try them out...............thank you..

    brumm,brumm,brumm,where the &%&% is my sister!!!

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  3. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    nice job..
    just a couple of nitpicks that really aren't important..but, well...me.

    -the peace signs/basin trick only works in single character (ob) mode. won't work in team battle mode.
    -the subway takes off all but one point of life no matter how many hit points you've got it set for...set it at 160 points or 400, it'll take it all off except one.

    that's it..


    !!..never knew about this one. mind if i add it to my own list?

    can someone put this list up on the index, too?

    "A chem bla deshembla blurr fuh bli fouzh"
  4. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    yep, i forgot to mention those details.

    feel free to add any tricks you need for your

    btw, does the burn trick work for arcade vf3TB?

    <font color=red>PICCOLO</font color=red>
  5. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    yup, it's there. being able to pick dural, and being able to pick a couple of dural stages (aoi, kage) are i think few things the DC has over the arcade in the way of easter eggs. the boat flip, too.

    "A chem bla deshembla blurr fuh bli fouzh"<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by Mr. Bungle on 11/1/00 02:31 PM.</FONT></P>
  6. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    I have been wondering how I can adjust the snow in Aoi's stage. usually against the CPU there is no snow when I play. There's snow in versus mode, but I'm not sure whwn it appears and when it doesn't.

    anyone know?

  7. clopin

    clopin Well-Known Member

    boat flip can be done with other characters as well.

    // clopin
    join #vfhome on the EFnet IRC network
  8. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    yep, boat flip works with everyone, i just
    thought it might be easier for people to see
    'faster' results with taka since he's so heavy...

    <font color=red>PICCOLO</font color=red>

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