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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Aug 24, 2000.

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    I own a VF3TB Jap version.i have difficult to find partner and i'd like to know how is the training mode in the US version.
    Can it allow to explore Okizeme, major counter and the whole depth of this masterpiece?

  2. Myke

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    Put simply, the US version has a much more flexible training mode. You can easily setup major and minor counter situations. Unfortunately, there are no rising options for you to set in order to practice okizeme, which I think is pretty weak considering how easy it would have been to implement. Same goes for Turn-Toward attacks, that is, the CPU just won't do them.

    m y k e
    how ya gonna win when ya ain't right within?
  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well... two options for you I guess....

    1) The Creed method... use your feet to control another controller.

    2) Get a cheap programmable controller (make sure you have a chance of returning it for a full refund in case it's pure crap... well, even more crap that what it already seems to be) and program some sequences into it. This is what I've been trying lately (I'm a lonely VF gamer in Oregon... *sigh*) and if you want to know, I'll tell you if it's worthwhile with the 15 dollar pad I shelled out... guess it'll also be nice for those 3 or 4 player Virtua Tennis matches... You can email me at vf_chanchai@hotmail.com


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