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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Jan 12, 2000.

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    Does anyone remember playing Fighting Vipers on the Saturn or at the arcades? It had the same kind of joystick patterns for fighting and was as responsive as VF3. It had some pretty cool fighters too; remember Picky and his skateboard? Well, I read a review of FV2 in Next Generation and they talked it up quite a bit. I've also been to a site that shows screenshots of it; including the two new fighters (infiniteplanes.net/segaworld/arcades/fightingvipers2.htm).
    I was just wondering if any of you have played this in Japanese arcades, or has anyone heard any news on a DC release.
    ps. the game should have been in arcades back in '98; I never heard about it over here!
  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Ah... Fighting Vipers... how I miss that game. I myself have wondered what ever happened to FV2. I was a big fan of the original Fighting Vipers since I first saw it in the arcades (well, one arcade in all of Oregon as far as I can tell) many many years ago... Lots of competition at the arcade on it. It actually lasted quite a long time at that arcade and I definitely enjoyed it. Still enjoy the Saturn version. Anyways, has anyone played FV2?

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    I was also a big fan of Fighting Vipers. When the original came out here, lots of people were playing it. It was probably the most dramatic looking 3D fighter that was worth playing at that time. I'm pretty disappointed that FV2 never really took off anywhere, but I did get to play it while I was in Japan back in 98. I was at the Sega arcade in Shibuya (I think), playing VF3. A whole row of machines were of the Versus City type, half were VF3tb, the other half were FV2. There were many people playing it too, including this (cute) girl who was on the machine next to me kicking ass in FV2, while I (and 2 other guys) were having our collective asses kicked in TB against this guy who played a team of Jacky's. *sigh* He was too good, had something like 47 wins by the time I had enough ;)

    I for one wouldn't mind seeing FV2 on the DC. Maybe FV3 is in the works? Who knows..

    m y k e
    how ya gonna win when ya ain't right within?
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    Yes, I like this game too. Saw a lot of players played in arcade, a lot of challenge, but never tried it until it was released on Saturn because my "major" at that time was Street Fighter zero/zero 2. Still have it on my Saturn, but the GD has some problem loading.....:(

    Like its character design, and breaking through the walls and armor, cool! The fighting itself is more rough, a lot of big move which takes your life away in no time. Remember that one-hit K.O. by... what's his name who has similar move as Akira's?...While close to wall, throw --> body check....BOOM! In Saturn they reduced its power though.

    Still prefer VF3tb's game play, feels more technical. VF is sure fun to watch, like a under-ground death match.
  5. GodEater

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    The Akira-like character was Bahn. The game had a few problems (absence of rising attacks) but was a very fun versus game. We enjoyed it immensely over here.

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    >(absence of rising attacks)

    and no throw counters, and no throw reversals! blaahh.. including that, ever notice how some in-game fonts, the crouch animation, low punches (and i think low kicks) and the best time sign-in were all identical to VF1? what was up with that? people babbled that FV was a testbed for VF3...if that was the case, why did they take the game engine back almost three years?

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