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    posted about this a while ago. seems to moving far quicker now.

    ripped from http://dreamcast.ign.com/news/29867.html
    DC Meets PC this Summer

    New Details on Sega's plans to make Dreamcast games playable on your PC.

    January 10, 2001

    One of Sega's more interesting upcoming business strategies centers around its plans for Dreamcast on a chip - the reduction of all that is Dremacast onto a single chip which can be used cheaply in various electronic devices. Today, thanks to Japan's CCB Game Review and Nikkei netBrain, we have new details on how these plans may come to light as part of PCs and set-top boxes.
    We've known for some time now that Sega would be releasing a Dreamcast card that makes a PC capable of playing Dreamcast games. Nikkei reports that this card will make use of the Dreamcast on a chip design. It will be released to Japan in the Summer and will be followed in the Fall by an external device for notebook computers. While nothing seems to be set in stone as far as pricing is concerned, it's expected that both will cost around $100.

    Nikkei is also reporting that Sega will be working with a company to have the Dreamcast standard built into digital television receiver boxes. We're unsure of how this will work for games - will the boxes be equipped with GD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives, or will games be downloaded?

    We expect clarification on all issues to come soon enough, especially if all these products arrive on schedule.


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