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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Vicks Biru, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. Vicks Biru

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    First things first.

    VF4 is coming along nicely. Pity about Taka and how some of the stuff in the stages suck (Kage's Autumn Leaves water - I agree it looks like a cheap Soul Calibur water texture) and how textures, though good, come in really low-res sometimes (the water under the glass floor of the aquarium is like Shun's VF3tb water, extra pixellated).

    Now, what about VF4 being a rehash? Truthfully speaking, a surprising amount of the stuff in VF4 comes from the rather unknown AM3 (yes, AM3) production, Last Bronx... and Fighting Vipers as well. And sigh... Soul Calibur as well. And last but not least... the previous versions of VF and its MANGA counterparts


    Jacky's stage is a total remix of Joe's stage. Right down to the helipad symbol in the middle of the ring.

    That's Aoi's stage? Sure it looks good, but it looks like it was taken from another part of Xianghua's Emperor Garden stage. (Said this many times... too bad you can't fall into the water)

    The colosseum (not coliseum or colliseum or any other colicky names) is from Sarah's VF2 stage. (You know this already)

    Mist surrounding the mountain temple... have we seen the same empty nothingness in Sophitia's stage?


    Jacky's new move d/f+K,K is a 100% lift from Nagi Hojyo's (LB) d/f+K,K. Trust me. It's very useful.

    Lei-Fei has some roundhouse kick that looks like Nagi's default roundhouse.

    Jeffry's new move b,f+P+K is another direct lift off Yoko Kono (LB)'s f,f+K. Useful but slow.

    Vanessa's fighting stance is a carbon copy of Tokio's FV2 fighting stance.

    Lau's b+P, K. The b+P is his VF2's d/b+P. As for the high kick after that... in the VF manga (comic), Lau did the EXACT same move and his back faced the reader / viewer in the EXACT same angle. If the manga moves are placed here in VF4 (just like the anime seiyuu in VF3 and 4), then we will be seeing Pai having a better d/f+P+G, a flip-over-opponent-then-drop-kick-from-the-back move and fire from her u/b+K. Ho. Other moves implemented earlier were Sarah's d/f+K+G sweep, Sarah's d/b+K, Sarah's u/f (U)+P and many more.

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    "Lei-Fei has some roundhouse kick that looks like Nagi's default roundhouse." - Most roundhouses are thrown pretty similarly...either with the shin or instep...

    "Vanessa's fighting stance is a carbon copy of Tokio's FV2 fighting stance" - Which is still just a basic fighting stance...I couldn't call it a rehash....its just a basic fighting "stance."

    "Victory can be anticipated, but not assured" Sun-Tzu
  3. Guest

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    and akira's e, P+K+G is TOTAL rip from Akira's VF3 b,f+PKG.
    Jacky's PPEK was taken from guy in final fight, sort of.


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