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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Feb 26, 2001.

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    Someone (I think summers) mentioned in another thread about the possibly removing double throw escapes, making the game simpler. One question is how many people on this board actually use double throw escapes? Yu Suzuki might may be on the right track removing these advanced techniques if few people here use them on a regular basis.

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    Add to this, things like RDTE, EDTE, ETEG etc.
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    Never use 'em. They are useful when one's opponent has a guaranteed throw, esp. vs characters with few throws and a nasty P+G throw (Shun ;), but I just can't be bothered. I'd rather spend my energy trying not to give my opponent a guaranteed throw :)

    But... wasn't the thing about escaping throws in VF4 with P+G about escaping all throws with just P+G? ... and something about the throw that comes out depends on the distance to one's opponent? Sounds very strange to me... (and not in a good way).

    - Jan
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    Despite my lack of skills, I actually at least use the DTE quite a bit. Lately been implementing RDTE occasionally, but I'm not a player that uses reversals much anyways.

    I'm definitely not the best at it, but with my risky way of playing the game, I find it kind of a nice distraction that doesn't throw much off (I tend to just use it when it's not going to give me a throw whiff--during a recovery for instance).

    Depending on my opponent, may not be all that often, but I have been using ETE and sometimes EDTE as well too (which, you did teach me Andy hehe). However, most of the time I use dodges is in some sort of zone-offense or something. But there are times when I toss it in if I feel my opponent would throw me, expecting a dodge.

    I don't see how the "advanced techniques" or at least tricks like these types of option selects take away from the game. I feel they add something to it. They reduce the throw guessing game by only a little, the guess is still definitely there. However, when I was fighting against Nelson's Shun way back when (back when I was just learning, and well, you know my skill level back then hehehe), DTE definitely helped a lot (to prolong my inevitable defeat) when I figured he was in the mood to throw (since he pretty much always did P+G or df+P+G and I think I only rarely saw b+P+G).

    Those techniques I figure were accidental (like Crouch Dashing probably was in VF2 and definitely fuzzy guard), but I thought they sort of had a convenience to them for those who cared to use them. Those that didn't, didn't have to worry because, like Jan implied, you shouldn't even let your opponent throw you to begin with (ideally). I definitely didn't think the throw escape option selects were cheating anything, they were balancing a little simplicity and complexity. Trying to simplify a situation with a technique that would tend to do more to complicate your inputs if you used them too freely.

    I'm definitely for keeping them in the game. But if they're out, I'll accept that. I still find the VF2 option selects humorous though/images/icons/smile.gif, in a cool kinda way.


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