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Discussion in 'Console' started by GiantSwing, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. GiantSwing

    GiantSwing New Member

    Hello, first post here. New to the board and VF4, just wanted to introduce myself ask a question and pass some info.

    First, I'm a VF veteran who hasn't touched a VF game since VF2. I was great with Wolf in VF 1 and 2, and won a couple local tournaments a few years back. I picked up VF4 and I now find I totally suck. In Kumite mode I'm stuck at 1st Kyu after beating on the game since yesterday using Shun. I love this game but I'm real rusty, so if I say anything assanine or ask any stupid questions while I'm here please forgive me.

    OK, I decided I absolutely must have an Arcade stick to play the game, and I was thinking about the Mas System stick because I like the American style Wico stick. I called my local importer and aked if he had any sticks and he tells me someone just traded in a VF4 stick. I assume it's a good stick, but I was just hoping to get some input from the guys here that use it. Is it worth 35 bucks slightly used (like new in original packaging)? Is the stick stiff? Is the stick area square or circular? Are the buttons responsive? Are the buttons flat, convex, or concave? Is it easy to modify should I want to swap out the spring, or swap out for a Wico stick? Is it heavy and sturdy (I don't want it sliding around the table)?

    Any input is appreciated.

    Finally, a word of advice should you be considering it. The Prima Guide for VF4 is a worthless piece of junk. Do not buy it. I was goaded into buying from an EB employee and it's the worst 15 bucks I ever spent. I didn't expect an in depth Gamest Mook but I was at least hoping it had some info about the items you can win. The thing is a glorified moves list.
  2. karphead

    karphead Member

    Are you talking about the import Hori VF4 stick? I have this stick and it is pretty sweet, especially if you can get it for $35.00 bucks. The stick area is square, the joystick is loose and springy (very well balance imo). The buttons are convex and respond well and look like they will hold up (we'll see after a couple of months of button mashing). There are rubber pads on the bottom so it doesn't move around too much. It doesn't weigh as much as I'd like it to, but it would be very easy to open the stick up and add weight to it internally some way, I would think.

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