vf4 buttons in SHGL ?

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by zerom, Oct 7, 2001.

  1. zerom

    zerom Member

    What buttons placed test ver in SHGL,,?

    Was it P K G ? or G P K ?

    somebody tell me..

    P G
  2. Kiuju

    Kiuju Well-Known Member

    Is it at SHGL now? Yo.....
  3. zerom

    zerom Member


    Not yet in SHGL...

    I mean test ver in SHGL 1month ago..
  4. Kiuju

    Kiuju Well-Known Member

    How far do you live from there. How often do you go. If you find out hit us up man. I know they have got to be getting their shit in soon.
  5. zerom

    zerom Member


    I'm live in la (koreatown.)

    I just went 2 times SHGL to find vf4.

    unfortunatly I didn't find vf4 there.. I saw some tukken(?)

    players players. I really wonder when SHGL get the vf4..

    I think we can play toghter in SHGL if they get the vf4..
  6. Kiuju

    Kiuju Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting for the day. I live in Riverside.Its not too far from there. But, if I see vf4 I'll let you know and we can get some matches going with my bro and myself.
  7. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    All of us in the LA area should get together and play once VF4 re-surfaces.

    I've called SHGL a couple times, and they told me the first time they wouldn't be getting it again, but I could've been talking to some dip-shit who has no idea.

    Anyway, I used to get together with Yamcha once a week to play VF3, maybe we could get something like that going...

  8. Kiuju

    Kiuju Well-Known Member

    Yeah most definately spotlight. I read in a previous post that there will be one shown in LA. If i'm off we'll be down there for sure dude. Yeah I called SHGL too and those dumb fucks have no idea. I swear those fools are hella dumb over there and wouldn't know a good game if it hit them in the ass. So it would be our luck if we were stuck with cvs2 and t4. I swear very annoying.

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