VF4*DOA3*PS2 and Xbox.

Discussion in 'Console' started by Cynn_Samhain, Feb 23, 2002.

  1. Cynn_Samhain

    Cynn_Samhain Member

    I think it says something that VF4 came to the PS2, one of the most lame consoles technically, (Please don't flame, we all know it's true) and yet it looks almost on par with DOA3 on the Xbox. It says, AM2 has some wild ass skills.

    DOA3 uses the hard drive to a huge degree and VF4 tries to chug on PS2 with low textures, less poly power and no AA. Yet look... It's still DAMN respectable on PS2.

    My point here is, could you imagine if AM2 started developing VF5 on the Xbox. I can't even imagine how killer it would look..

    In the end, I'm glad 4 is on PS2. VF needs a boost in the states, and it's best that it came to the most owned console. Damn what I'd give for a better than arcade Xbox port with Broad Band online multiplayer.. Ohh yeah...

    What do you guys think?
  2. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    to me x box is a 3do, an i hope vf5 dont come out for at least 2 years. i think the reason it came out on ps2 is coz the thosands o jap fans could get it there and then, im surprized if it dont come out on game cube or xbox though, id just lov to fo had a dc version:) but i guess it would of had slow down like mega mix did on saturn
  3. LittleWild

    LittleWild Well-Known Member

    PS2 is not a lame console. It just has been around longer then Xbox.
  4. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    damn right PS2 is a great console, X-box fucking sucks! even though it can bring better visuals it's just not worth it, have you ever tried DOA3 on X-box?? there is huge loading time, no joysticks out yet, and the damn pads are way to big to fit in your hand. Fuck X-box!!
  5. Zero-chan

    Zero-chan Well-Known Member

    I myself am planning to get an X-Box this summer. Some people are like... "it's Microsoft, it sucks!" People, if the hardware is good, who gives a crap about who makes it? (And if you say "Microsoft is Evil"... Nintendo and Sony also have track records of screwing over retailers, consumers, and third parties.)
    Even with awesome stuff like JSRF (DAMN I want that game, Gun Valkyrie ("Metroid Killer" more like), Tekki, the newest PSO, and probably most new AM2 stuff coming for it (Outrun 2 and VC3 are strongly rumored to be running on the XB arcade hardware), along with the most killer app ever Panzer Dragoon (#1 on my "Most Wanted" list now that VF4 is out... not counting FV3, hehe), people are still having a hard time coming to grips that the X-Box might actually be worthwhile hardware after all.
    I've read that even though VF4 PS2 is selling like hotcakes in Japan, after seeing DoA3, many fans feel the conversion is rather weak and want to see it on more powerful hardware.
    I say... GO FOR IT!
  6. Cynn_Samhain

    Cynn_Samhain Member

    Look guys, I'm not attacking the PS2. I love mine, but what's lame is the technical design of the console. Lack of Ram results in shitty textures, the list goes on and on. Sony could have easily made it a much better console than it is. It also has tons of great games.

    I'm talking from a power standpoint. Now don't sit there and tell me you'd rather have an imperfect port of VF4 than an above perfect one just because the imperfect one is on a console you think is cool.

    Of course I've played DOA3 on Xbox. If you count load times that are under 3 seconds on the stages... Well, why do you like PS2 so well? If you hate load times that seriously, you're on the wrong system. DOA3 looks wonderful and is pretty much flawless graphically. Problem is.. It's a shallow game that was made just to half heartedly clone VF but with big milky tits.

    There's nothing wrong with Xbox. It will have it's fair share of good titles, and because of the power difference, perhaps Sony will design the PS3 a lot smarter and easier to program for.

    And Zero Chan, don't forget the Shenmue 2 port and the other Shenmues in the series going to Xbox. On that subject, lol I think it would be cool as hell to see an older Ryo Hazuki in a future VF title. OR a younger VF character in Shenmue! Perhaps Ryo could cross paths with a young Akira sometime in the 80's.
  7. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    I happen to agree with you 100%.
    Chucky - what version are you playing? The ONLY loading times there are in the game is when its initially loading up. Other than that, it has the quickest loading times of any fighting game out, period.
    I also agree that VF4 would be better represented on the xbox. Before I get jumped on, lets look at sega..no one has fucked over more fans than Sega themsevles...so, take a minute to evaluate your biases people. Yu even said they have been working on a VFx project for sometime now and I would bet that is going to be a vf game on xbox. Tell you the truth, had I not won a ps2 with vf4, I would of waited for xbox and purchased that system when VF comes to it.
  8. EvilBowlOfCereal

    EvilBowlOfCereal Active Member

    Xbox has huge loading time? I don't think so. I own a xbox and after playing with that you go to your other console and they seem slow. Xbox does not have huge loading times. More like next to none. I don't know where you get that idea. And there are joysticks out for the Xbox now. Just clearing that up.
  9. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    hmm.. the X-box I played at a store had huge loading time, could have been the machine though.
  10. Haklong

    Haklong Member

    I have all 4 consoles (Xbox, PS2, DC, and Gamecube) and the load times seem less on the Xbox but this always depends on the type of game so an argument about load times is pretty lame. DOA3 only loads in the beginning and that's it. If you look at GTA3 or State of Emergency on the PS2 you will see that it takes a long time to load when the game boots and before it gets to the actual game itself. Games with large environments take longer while fighters are faster.

    Of all the 4 consoles I think the DC has the best game for now with the PS2 in second but the XBOX has the most potential and has a lot of great games coming out for it (I know the DC is dead but I include it because I love it).

    And SEGA never screwed people over for the jest of it. I love SEGA and got all the consoles just to play SEGA games. If SEGA makes a version of VF4 for the XBOX I'll get that one too. System bias is weak and is one of the reasons why SEGA had to drop out of the console business and supposedly "SCREW" some of you people.
  11. DMan

    DMan Well-Known Member

    I've read that even though VF4 PS2 is selling like hotcakes in Japan, after seeing DoA3, many fans feel the conversion is rather weak and want to see it on more powerful hardware.
    I say... GO FOR IT!

    Hey would you mind posting some links to the stuff you read? I wouldn't mind taking a look at some impressions from Japan.

  12. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    yeah, to bad no games is coming out for the DC anymore.
  13. Cynn_Samhain

    Cynn_Samhain Member

    IGN insider's "Gaming Life In Japan" is a good place to look. There's a lot of VF stuff going on in there recently. Virtua Fighter Carnival was a cool read, and VF's release day was covered. I think I remember some dissapointed comments in there.

    Cool Vid of the Japanese Finals in the carnival though. Last battle was Jacky vs Wolf.
  14. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    Bah, news nazies....
  15. plan17

    plan17 Active Member

    ign has become really desperate... not good for free info at all anymore...

    and Haklong... Sega's 32X, nuff said.
  16. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    well they gotta charge something.
  17. Haklong

    Haklong Member

    yes plan17, SEGA released the 32X JUST to screw us over...I believe you now.

    I don't think i'll ever get a SEGA product now...

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