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VF4: Evo PAL - How does it look through component?

Discussion in 'Console' started by Junsuina Chikara, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Junsuina Chikara

    Junsuina Chikara Well-Known Member

    Hi all. I tried googling for this to see what is the picture quality like for a PS2 outputting component with VF4:Evo but I can't find anything concrete. I know that the US ver. of VF4:Evo supports progressive scan which is meant to improve picture but I have a PAL unmodded PS2 so I have the PAL version of VF4:Evo. Anyway, long story short, my monitor only has VGA+HDMI inputs, no component so I was thinking of getting a component>hdmi converter and connect it to my monitor and play off of that. But before I take the plunge and buy it, I wanted to check with people to tell me what is the picture quality like on an HD-enabled display? I'm not bothered about jaggies since PS2 is an old console but I just care for clarity. Will there be any blurry-ness in using component output? Or will I see characters clearly but just with some jagged edge outlines (which I don't mind as I said before, PS2 is an old console so no AA/AF). Thanks.
  2. Jide

    Jide The Super Shinobi Silver Supporter

    VF4 EVO doesn't support progressive scan. Plus it wouldn't look nice on your monitor through the conversion. It will look like any standard ps2 game on a hd display. Even if the Monitor is really good at scaling.

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