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VF4 Final Tuned Online [demul 0.57]

Discussion in 'General' started by IcKY99, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. IcKY99

    IcKY99 Well-Known Member

    This guide is for anyone who has the slightest interest in playing VF4 Final Tuned via kaillera, there is a lot of issues with demul version 0.57 but it is also the only version that i have been able to get working with netplay. So I have taken the liberty to upload a pre-configured zip archive with all the necessary files needed to get this up and running

    • ALL WATER STAGES WILL LAG SUB 20FPS NOT PLAYABLE! It's recommended just to have someone give up the round because its so laggy and hope you dont get any of the water stages such as Shuns, Brads, Aois etc.
    • NO TIMER - the round timer texture is glitched invisible in demul 0.57 with the video settings we NEED to have the game playable.,so you cannot see how much time is left in a round, but I always say in VF the rounds end so quickly it doesn't really matter.
    • LAG SPIKES/PSN STYLE DESYNCS/CRASHES - Kaillera is an ancient netcode it is 13 years old and extremely pos. It is possible to get 20-30 minute sessions going with no issues but just remember there WILL BE CRASHES, and you will have to re start the emulator all over again and even have to kill it via the Task Manager sometimes.
    • ALL AROUND UGLY/BAD EMULATION - demul 0.57 is POS but its the only version i could get FT online working correctly for the most part if you want to play FT the RIGHT WAY/OFFLINE use demul 0.7a it is AWESOME!

    Step 1: Download VF4FTO archive and extract it to your C:\ drive (If you don't extract it to your C:\ Drive make sure you change the plugin directories in step #6)

    Step 2: Run demul.exe

    Step 3: in demul go to Config>Video, then make sure "Disable auto-sort" is checked, this is gonna look like shit but sadly you will have to do it. You can also change your video resolution, I use 1280x960! I didn't mess with anything else here.


    Step 4: in demul go to Config>Netplay, then make sure the "Enable Netplay" option is checked. This will give you the kaillera sign in window each time you launch the vf rom.


    Step 5: in demul go to Config>Controls>Arcade-Joy1 and edit your buttons. Final tuned only needs the directional inputs, PUSH1=[P] PUSH2=[K] PUSH3=[G] and set your controllers select button to Coin and your start button to Start, and any key you desire for Service. Service button is used for changing the game settings like round count.


    You can ignore "Alternative settings"
    Tested working Fightsticks: Hori HRAP4, Eightarc Fusion, Qanba 360/PS3

    Step 6: in demul go to Config>Plugins and Paths to your Plug-ins directory in the demul folder. Change nvram path as well . Add your roms path, remember all these folders are gonna be within the main demul folder.


    Step 7: in demul go File>Run Naomi/Naomi2 to launch vf4tuned (GDS-0036F) then kaillera's log in screen will appear. Make sure sure you use "Client" mode, P2P also works but you will have to figure out your IP address.



    Step 8: Create a Nick name then click "Master Servers List" to que all available kaillera servers, find a server with low ping for you and your opponent then join it. I used "The Happy Kingdom" since it's a California based server and I'm in LA.


    Step 9: Once you are in the server you choose, you will either create a game or find your friends game and join like shown in the screenshot.

    Creating a game

    Game lobby (only shows me in this example)

    Once both players are in the lobby click "Start" it will take a few moments before the Naomi splash screen will appear but when it does you are successfully connected (for now.....)! :LOL:
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