VF4 First Tournament Video On Sale!

Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by GaijinPunch, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    In japan, VHS only, 1500 yen, limited to 200 copies (yes, you read that right). I saw the ad in Gigo Shibuya, and expressed my desire to purchase one. I was then directed to Sega Hitech Land down the street, where I was told it's only on sale in the Ikebukuro Gigo, which I can't make it to in the next few weeks.

    If you're in the area, do yourself a favor and pick it up. Chibita, Kyasao -- all the masters. Remember -- this is a Version B Video.
  2. Torneko

    Torneko Well-Known Member

    Who was the winner ?
  3. Triple Lei

    Triple Lei Well-Known Member

    Eh, I think I'll just wait for the DVD... if that's any more accessible... Do you have to live in Japan to get it or what?
  4. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's apparantly on sale only in ONE place in Japan -- Ikebukuro Gigo. Also... the DVD ain't coming out. The Zepp Tokyo one was supposed to be released on 4/25, but was apparantly a promo only. There are copies floating around, which I'm hopefully going to be able to attain. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

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