VF4 for PS2 Items question. (Kumite Mode)

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Cynn_Samhain, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. Cynn_Samhain

    Cynn_Samhain Member

    This is my first post, so hello to everyone!

    I've been enjoying VF4 lately, but I have a question: Do items to be unlocked (Such as Jackie's sunglasses, Kage's Spiked gloves, etc) appear randomly, or is there a system to it?

    My rival Wes has unlocked several things for Akira that I have not. The armband was won on his first match! On the flip side, I've gotten a lot of Kage Items he's not.

    The language barrier keeps me from finding out on my own. Anyone here know?

  2. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    in kumite, you can get items from the same character by beating them, but every now and then they appear vs. other characters as well, so it can be a little mysterious.

    Items can also be won in versus mode.

    If you reach the teioh rank, you can get "vision spheres" from the "kotei" ranked players in kumite. collect all 7 and you'll get a "rare" item. after doing this a couple times though, you'll start to get any items you missed from the lower ranked characters. since you've taken the spheres from the kotei though, it takes longer and longer to get 7 again (dural has all 7 colors when you fight her).

    As far as I can figure, if you want to get all the items, I'd recommend playing kumite and loosing some of the time, until you meet the same character, then winning. Go slowly, and exit out to the main screen then start again with the same character, the other costume. That way you'll meet most of the variations of that character through the ranks, and get the items from them in both costumes.

    I just played trying to rank up as quick as possible, and I've got about 21 items after about 1000 fights. I'm currently collecting spheres (which now takes about 50-75 matches for a set) just to get shitty items that the lowest ranked Kumite oppts had, since I missed them and they never appear now that I have high rank (you can breeze through the Kyu ranks in about 12 fights if you don't loose, not meeting the same character once; you miss the chance to beat 5 or 6 of the same character, each with an item or two).

    Even when I make a new character now, I try not to loose at all, but I quit out to switch costumes every 4th or 5th rank.

  3. Cynn_Samhain

    Cynn_Samhain Member

    Thanks for the tips. I appriciate it.

    Kumite is by far my fave thing to be added to the VF series. The thing I hated most to go was Ranking Mode from VF2. Would have been cool to include it and drivers for the PS2 printer available in Japan. Of course I'm sure there would not be that many ppl looking to pin a high rank VF certificate on the wall, but hell, I'd be happy! lol
  4. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    PS2 printer? First I've heard of it... I wouldn't mind using it to print out the loads of personal stats that the game keeps track of.

    Ranking mode should have been put back into VF4 IMO, especially since they've gone back to a set order of CPU opponents in arcade mode... oh well.

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