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    Remember the glory days of the Saturn when VF2 arrived? (I do because I got mine on my 15th birthday with VF2!) On the other hand, the release of VF3tb on Dreamcast was a complete farce when compared. Though the fundamentals of the game were intact, the best Sega could scrape together was a half arsed (assed, for all you Americans) VS mode! (not even that if you were Japanese!).

    Remember when you first switched on VF2? remember all those modes? Well I do. Besides the obvious Arcade mode and VS mode there was Expert mode (the computer AI would actually observe your best tactics and copy them meaning you would always have a challenge from the computer). Ranking mode (self explanatory). Team battle mode and my favorite, Watch mode (i'd just set a match on "no damage" and "infinite time" and just watch ^_^). On top of what was an already in depth if not almost "anal" choice of options. From an arranged music score, memory stored AI routines (regarding the Expert mode) to even "secret options" that allowed you to change the size of the stages to the length of your replays! In other words ... BLOODY AMAZING!!!.

    I don't know about you but, With the very system of VF4 going back to its VF "roots" in a way I also feel this should be the case with its presentation. To be fair, Suzuki San and Co were hard pressed to do justice to VF3tb's home release. The Dreamcast had just been launched and Shenmue was in it's infancy (and we can only imagine how tough that was to make). So, it was up to a small time group by the name of Genki (the makers of Tokyo extreme) to do the work. Unfortunately, they did a pretty crap job, only getting the basic engine across was the best that they could do, and thus, many hardcore fans, though happy with the fact that they could play VF3tb in the comfort of their own home for free were still disappointed that that was all it was, plain VF3tb but with less visual flair and nothing else.

    In recent Interviews, the VF4 team mentioned that the 5 year gap was partly down to getting all the right people in the same place again. This I hope will herald the return of some serious dedication regarding the home conversion. I feel that such a flag ship game like VF isn't finished when it finally reaches the arcades, in fact, because of it's demand and sheer popularity the home conversion should be seen as an extension of the creative process.

    Yu San got it right in VF2 with that mentality and I hope, pray even (though I was baptized Catholic you'll never see me in a church so my plea may fall on deaf ears ^_^) that some 7 years down the line he and AM2 will be able to do VF4 the justice it demands.

    Enough with the happy memories. With all the above options taken into account what else would you like to see in VF4's home conversion? Is it possible to be as stunned as you were when you got stuck into VF2 or is it just a foolish dream of a die hard fan who has lost touch with reality?

    Of course, all views will be appreciated.

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    Well, I do remember that time of VF2 and its Saturn platform for I got it on my birthday as well. But take into account that when vf 3 was released in ' 98 , at the time, DC was just available as well and that vf 3 was chosen to be the first flagship game for the new console. So I guess they must have rushed it out. There was no time to add any new innovation into the game when it had to be done as quick as possible to support the new DC. In my opinion, I'd say the game wasn't even finished. Notice that some effects were toned down (like splashed water) a little and that i believe DC could do better than that( have to say that less intention was put into the game). Anyway, even the brilliant vf 2 was toned down when it appeared as home conversion ( esp in Shun stage).
    Maybe it's time for Sega to learn a thing or two from Namco's home-conversion Soul Caliber & Tekkens. But don't get me wrong i didn't say Namco's games were greater. They were just properly dressed up( and that's all!!)
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    "at the time, DC was just available as well and that vf 3 was chosen to be the first flag ship game for the new console. So I guess they must have rushed it out"

    This was a point I have already made but, yes I too feel Namco games have a better presentation with regards to home conversion.


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