VF4 in Austin-TX: Official gatherings on fridays(starting today)...

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Oni-Kage, Apr 5, 2002.

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    Just a reminder to anyone in the area... we are planning on having weekly get-together's at various locations for PS2 VF4, Tekken, and other games. We are having one tonight actually, starting around 6pm till whenever at a friend's place.

    This time, it will be located at:
    Nakofan's(aka JC) place, 419-7467
    1071 Clayton Lane
    Apt 306
    Austin, TX 78723

    I-35 north--Travel to and exit for 290 EAST... on the feeder you will come to Clayton Lane before you reach 290. Turn and simply head on down to the Trestles apartments(on your right).
    I-35 south--Travel to and exit for 290 EAST... turn left (east) under the bridge and drive past the plaza on your right. Turn right on the first available street(forget the name). This will take you to Clayton. Turn right and the apts will be on your left.

    At the gate page #0306. Tell him Jeff told you about the party. Once thru the gate just go straight ahead until you reach the first "intersection", turn right... head to the end then left along the property line. Park long the fence, his apt is on the 3rd floor.

    My # if you need it, 512-297-3803.
    Don't forget to bring your own controller and d-pad or joystick.
    For further info, check the Austin thread under Matchfinder Forum at www.electriccancel.com.

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