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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by akiralove, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. This morning, found out from Noah at SOA that there aparently only 2 VF4 machines in North America. The first is the machina that WAS at Hayward, that's gone back to the SOA office in SF. The second, much to my suprise, is at Southern Hills Golf Land, here in LA!

    Needless to say, I was in my car 10 minuites later, and waded through about 45 minuites of traffic to get in another Approx. 5 hour session. Guess the VF4 gods like me!

    Guys, I have to say, if things continue as they have been in Hayward and SHGL in terms of people playing this game, it's safe to say that it'll be a failure in the US as an arcade game. At both locations, NO ONE is playing. SHGL was packed all day with people playing anything that said Capcpm, Namco or Bemani on it. I got a grand total of 3 challenges all day, and one of those was my friend Alex who happened to be there, and played for a minute 'cause I was playing (gave me a run for my money with the new GS, jesus christ!). People may have been intimidated by the fact that I was on the machine all day, playing the CPU, but I doubt it, as it was pretty much the same in hayward, a little better though there.

    I played Akira almost all day, with a few tries of Kage, Jeff, Wolf, Sarah and Jacky.

    From what I can tell, the US versions are earlier than versions currently floating around Japan (duh). Many of the things coming off Japanese sites just aren't in this version. I think this is the version Jeff played as well, as I also could not cancel Kage's f,f+K today.

    I'll talk mostly about Akira.

    As a disclaimer, I felt the sticks at SHGL we'ren't quite as nice as those at HW, and tricky stuff seemed a little harder, but maybe it's just me.

    Akira's new 3 hit is a real enigma. In case you didn't check out Rich's move list, the command is: d+K+G, f+K, b,f+P. You can also use d/b+K+G for the first hit. The first hit is low, second mid, and third either mid or high, can't tell. He does a short low kick, then rises with a standing knee, lifting his hands up, then brings down one hand in a crushing type blow. Doesn't matter if the first hit connects ot not, it'll all come out.

    What I can't figure out is when AM2 intended us to use this move. One site said maybe it's for OTB, but it doesn't seem like it. Usually, OTB it will give only the first hit, I got the second hit once if I remember correctly. Perhaps my timing was off, but even if the first 2 hits connected OTB, I doubt the 3rd would, as it's a pretty high punch, animation wise. In straight up air combos, I'm just not sure. To be honest, I think it would work, but being the command-blunderer I am, things got confusing quick for me between d/f+K+G, f+P... and d (d/b)+K+G, f+K..
    It comes out about the same speed as the DLC, with similar push as well. Actually, against the CPU/scrubs I had good luck using this move as a straight up attack! Worked great after the PIT and any time I got the low kick, all 3 hits connected. On the ground, it doesn't knock down, but staggers a little, so I could usually follow with a throw. Damage is similar to the DLC. Wonder if I could do it twice in a row? If you used it OTB near a wall, I think it'd hit with all 3. Basically, a mystery with good potential.

    There has been some confusion on my part as to the command of the Fukko (b,d/f+P+K) regarding the buttons. Originally, I said P+K, then a Jap. site said P, so I said maybe it was P; but I can clarify now that on the version I'm playing, it's absolutely P+K. This is a good move, as hitting with it followed by a double palm, ground punch will give BIG damage. One site said it's good against risers, and I tried all day, but I guess I'm missing something. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it moves forward well or ends in a crouch, so that you could stay out of range, then nail them, or slip under a high riser into a crouch? Not sure yet. One thing I did confirm from a Jap. site was that if you do it just right, this move will actually pick an oppt. up OTB and back to a low-ish float, probably high enough to do the DLC or the new 3 hit! And, there's no problem doing this move from a crouch. Definately one to work with often.

    The Kamehameha (b,f,f+P+K+G), on the other hand is a TOTAL mystery to me. The animation is basically as I described it, he takes a SMALL step forward (probably his shortest range hand attack) and spreads his hands vertically. This move is not an attack, and will not hit the oppt. It's some kind of reversal/inashi/break guard. When done at the right time (during a certain kind of attack), you'll hear that strange loud tearing sound, and the oppt will stagger backwards. I ate many attacks trying to get this to work, seems to respond to punches. Feels like you can chain a move off the stagger.... I have no idea yet.

    Tried many times to reverse a rising attack, but couldn't get the timing right, if Akira can do it at all.

    Played around a little more with the low kick cancel. Works well to go under high attacks. You can recover high or low. Also, seems you can recover from a PKG roll in a crouch or standing, I came up with the Dbl Pm a few times, buffering it a little.

    The SDE hits OTB.

    The b,f+P is now a good move. Like I said, it gives you the feet-up float, which you can then hit with the first 2 hits of the DLC (close to a wall all 3?), or pop them up into a normal low float with the SDE. I'm sure there are many other options. Tried the shoulder, no luck as of yet. Can't tell yet if you can PGK roll from it, seems like you can. On that subject, I'm getting better at rolling from different kinds of falls, thinking now maybe you can roll from any fall. Do it a little early!

    I also made a mistake in saying that hitting crouchers with the Sgl Pm would give you the special animation, that's wrong. That animation happens after ALL SglPm hits now! I can say for sure standing and crouching hits, not sure about counter hit. Hit someone (a human) with the SglPm, dashed forward, then RBC's 'em out of a hole I made in the ring, like I had said I wanted to! Fun.

    We'll be seeing wall combos that start with the Bodycheck for sure.

    Fully charged b,f+P+K gives about 40% damage, maybe a little less.

    Getting more comfortable with the ST, you've gotta be sure to dash with the SJK to connect, still just an average float, though. If you want a big float, no substitute for the Yoho now (in normal situations; counter shoulder gives it's old high float, normal hit is average to good).

    Getting the feeling that the SDE may be guaranteed after the RBC, but still not sure. Also seems that the RBC off the PIT is the only guaranteed hit after the PIT, aside from maybe the DE and DblPm; but feels like to compensate NOTHING is definate after the PIT RBC, they recover quick.

    He has a new throw, I think it's a side throw. Felt like it came out with just P+G on the side; but old side and back throws still there, so... Looks like a Lei-Fei move actually; a little like Hayabusa's high kick reversal in DOA2 Hardcore: scoops them up with his foot and spins them in the air before slamming them down.

    I'll update more a little later.

  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Wow.... as usual, a great report. Can't believe you didn't know about SHGL though... I thought it was posted here, but maybe someone just messaged me about it a week ago (sorry Bryan).

    On the status of the game.... geez.... maybe it's brand loyalty, maybe something else. BTW, SHGL usually has reasonable charge per game as far as I know (40 cents for VOOT on deathmatch RULES).... how much are they charging to play VF4 test? I guess one little bit of hope you can try is to stand away from the machine for awhile and see if anyone else picks it up.... Doubt that would do anything though... VF1 and VF2 still seem to at least attract various people to play it once in awhile as far as I've seen at various places. I'm just surprised VF4 isn't attracting anyone, but times are changing anyways... Most that play fighters have their loyalties, not so many casual gamers jumping onto fighting games these days...

    Excellent report!

    -Chanchai (hoping that VF4 pulls a Tekken 2 with scrubs the world over jumping all over VF4 machines soon after it makes its PS2 debut)
  3. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    They're just charging 2 tokens, five extra tokens for a $5.

    If anyone here goes there, do NOT put tokens in the left slot, it'll eat every other token. When I asked the manager about it, he said there's nothing he can do (right), and gave us a few tokens. The right slot looks fucked up, but it works fine.

    Gotta say, one thing really bothered me about SHGL: Bemani. I never thought I'd complain about those games, but VF4 is literally surrounded by DDR, Guitar Freaks, Drum Mania, and Para whatever; all turned WAY up. When they're all going at once (or better yet, when the guitar and drums are doing "welcome to the jungle" in unison, with someone on the vocal...) you can't hear shit! All Day! I can see why they have different floors in Japan. That shit is just too much.

    The nice thing is stools.

    I think people aren't playing because they're not interested in anything that requires learning, to be honest. If you've been playing Sf for 10 years, doing the same types of things... I consider my friend Alex to be a pretty hardcore fighting game fan, but he said "I would play this, but there's just too many games coming out at once", and I assumed he was refering to T4. But the more I thought about it, and watched him spend the whole day playing MvC2 and TTT, I thought "what the fuck is he talking about, he's only playing games that are over a year old... there is no T4 right now..."

    people in the US (with a few exceptions) don't like VF. I'm tired of trying to analyze it. I feel if you really want to play VF seriously, one should move to japan, where you can enjoy the game as it was meant to be played (VF.net).

    Anyway, couple more things.


    His b,b+P+G throw, low sway tackle, is great. He takes a lunge back, then rushes forward a LONG ways, until hitting and grabbing, then switching to the oppt's back, as if you had done catch- change. From there, the same options are available. Works perfect for swaying back to avoid a rising attack, then tackling.

    Couldn't get his modified SSD or Wrist Lock throws... still can't figure out the Brain Buster (P+G).

    The turn kick (d/f+K+G) isn't in this version, nor is the super drop kick (u/f+K+G) mentioned on the Jap. sites. I did see a new drop kick though, f,f+K. This move is deceptive! Looks like he's doing the Lariat or Shoulder Tackle at first, so I duck, then he jumps up and does a double leg drop kick (think Shun's u/b+K moving forward). Really long range, Alex nailed me with it a few times. Taked fat damage, too.

    The b+K+G is really slow, seems pretty useless.

    The GS works right off the line at ready, go. Should give some indication of it's new range. I tried to Roll from it, but couldn't get the timing, if it's possible.


    His regular Knee is slower.

    The d/f+P+K,P,P's first hit is pretty slow as well.

    Saw CPU jeffry cancel a dodge into a low throw, so low side throws must somehow be possible.


    Seems like the d/f+K+G will be an important move. Recovery is better if blocked, seems a little faster, and gives a big float now. I got d/f+K+G, pppk a couple times. Wanted to try d/f+K+G, ppb+P, DP. Also, a japanese site said after the TFT d/f+G+K, pppk; but I only got the punches to hit. I'm probably not doing it right.

    d+P+K will stagger sometimes if guarded (crouching?).

    I feel the f,f+P+K+G comes out quicker, faster roll.

    You can throw Kage while he's rolling looks like.

    b+k+G hits otb. so does the low kick.

    Saw CPU Shun do f,f+K, P, d/b+P, K+G combo!


    Unless the CPU is delaying everything, a lot of Jacky's moves have been slowed down.

    Couldn't get his upper or throw from crouch to come out.

  4. Curify

    Curify Member

    Were you there last night (Friday night) ? A bunch of people came back from a birthday dinner around 11pm. I haven't been exactly playing VF much and I'm still trying to get my stick skills back such as going right to left (=p), SPoD more than twice a day, and knee more than once every four times.

    I saw a guy playing Akira who actually knew what he was doing and was surprised. (I haven't been paying attention to the VF community for the past 3 years... and certainly hadn't come to VFDC before.) After a while the guy with the short beard lost (to Aoi I believe?) and I tried to practice SPoD and watch Alex (Valle) play MVC2 while still severely buzzed from a couple of ultimate bowl-sized alcoholic drinks from T.G.I. Fridays. The bearded Akira player joined in and showed me the new three-hit Akira has and then Alex (still buzzed) played against him with Jeffry later.

    Sooooo... was that you? I was the Asian girl in the dress. A long time ago Jason Cha taught me Akira in Boston on VF3 =D Isn't that right Jason? hehehe. Oh and I got the pleasure of being beaten down by him, Rich (rsw), Joji, etc. every Friday. But that was a long time ago. My brain has slowed down since then.
  5. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    That's me!

    I thought that might be Alex Valle.

    You have a good sense of the game and should keep playing! I'm disappointed more people aren't playing; you, the guy who played Lion (seemed like your friend as well?) and Alex all gave me a good show. I had fun playing with Alex's Jeffry and Lau, his Lau has a strong sense of rushing, and could be tough.

    You posted here before, right? Or maybe it was at VFZone; I think I private messaged you regarding playing in LA.

    When do people usually play at Golfland? Seemed like a good crowd last night.

    I'm trying to get more people to play VF4, it's pretty easy to play.

  6. Curify

    Curify Member

    Ahhhh... I totally forgot about VFZone. lol. Yeah, Alex is normally a little more on top of things but he was unable to see anything really clearly. =o) The Lion player is Scott. He's normally a MVC2 player. I haven't had a chance to really brush off the dust on my reversing, throw escaping and such; it's been so long since there's been comp in VF (and VF in the arcades)

    People play at Golfland on Friday and Saturday nights. The other days people will play mainly the Capcom games (and not nearly as many people show up). Alex and I won't be at Golfland tonight since a bunch of us are going to the Masterdome for its last day. I may show up at Golfland in a couple of hours until our meeting time, though. ... or I may find some errands to run. =D Sorry I didn't respond in VFZone (like I said, I had forgotten about it). Nice to meet you, hopefully it won't completely die when Tekken 4 comes out. (And yes, I plan on learning it since there's more competition in Tekken... Jason, don't kill me.)
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Is there any way to play on the beta VF4 machine in San Francisco? I know the office is on 650 Townsend (or very near there)... I've been a VF junkie since the original VF1, and have been waiting eagerly for VF4...
  8. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Go to Southern Hills Golfland around the San Jose area (about 45 minutes from SF last I drove). If I remember correctly, it's off of El Camino Real (a road).

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks! I'll try to drop by this weekend (if the machine is still there by then).

    -- Chris
  10. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I made a mistake, I meant Sunnyvale Golfland, not Southern Hills (Southern Hills is around LA).
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah, I figured after reading through a couple more posts in the forum. Thanks for the heads up though.

    Is the machine still going to be there this weekend? If it is, I'll drive over to check it out when SVGL opens.

    If you're going to be there, drop me an ICQ so we can meet up or something... my ICQ#'s 5836001.

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