VF4 in Oklahoma!

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Ronyn, May 5, 2002.

  1. Ronyn

    Ronyn Member

    Anyone out there play in Oklahoma?
  2. Ronyn

    Ronyn Member

    Now, I know there are at least a few players out there, c'mon!!
  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well... there was a REALLY GOOD VF3tb player that USED TO be in Oklahoma... sadly, he isn't there anymore (though I don't know if that's how he feels about it).

    I'm sure there are other players in the area... keep persisting, it eventually pays off/versus/images/icons/wink.gif

  4. J_Chuang

    J_Chuang Well-Known Member

    Well, I will be visiting my friends back there during may 29th-Jun9th. Maybe we can hook up for some vf by then.
  5. Ronyn

    Ronyn Member

    Alright, finally some people!

    Awesome, my friend and I are tired of playing each other. But, there's no machine here, so we'd have to chill at a house.
  6. kil

    kil Well-Known Member

    sup Ronyn i also live in okie so where do u live?Lets also hook up sometime just post tha time u wanna meet up and we'll go from there .laterz
  7. Ronyn

    Ronyn Member

  8. kil

    kil Well-Known Member

    yep i know juan when do u wanna play ps2 vf4 just tell me whats up and we'll meet.
  9. Ronyn

    Ronyn Member


  10. J_Chuang

    J_Chuang Well-Known Member

    hey guys i am at OKC now, let me know when you want to get together.
  11. kil

    kil Well-Known Member

    J_CHAUNG:sup man where r u staying at like Edmund etc.

    well heres my phone number just call or post.

  12. J_Chuang

    J_Chuang Well-Known Member

    I stay near the quail spring mall. I will be out of town until perhaps sunday night though, let me know if you want to play afterwards.
  13. T^5

    T^5 Active Member

    J_Chuang is vf god. don't play with him, he will steal your soul !
  14. J_Chuang

    J_Chuang Well-Known Member

    Hey Kil, have you figured out a time to get together yet? Hopefully it will be some time soon cuz I am leaving on Sunday.

    Ronyn: Where is that arcade machine? I dropped by Crossroads earlier this week and i found no vf4 at the Aladin.

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