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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Chanchai, Oct 30, 2001.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I just received news today that Tilt @ Loyd Center received VF4 last Friday, but it wasn't up and running during the weekend.

    When I receive word that it's working I'll post that up as well, but of course you guys know I'm happy about having it in Oregon. Only problem is the 1.5 hour drive back and forth (3 hours total if I don't stay in Portland).

    However, I'm thinking of going up to Portland this Friday or Saturday to play if it's working by then.

  2. Kamata

    Kamata Member

    Yes, indeed!!! VF4 is at the Tilt in Lloyd Center. It has been there actually for 2 weeks as far as I know. It's 20min. drive for me :) so...I'm there more often!!!
  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well, the post was made quite awhile ago, but glad to see another Portlander on VFDC.

    I was there on Friday night playing (I was mostly playing Lion until around 10pm when I started experimenting with other characters). Were you there that night?

    Anyways, I'll *eventually* (hopefully) write a summary of Friday night as well as some other stuff. So far, I'm in that mode where I just respond to what's already written (worried about studies, too distracted by the forums).

    In any case, hope we've met or will meet (next time I plan to go play VF4 will be in two weeks after the school term's over). I was wearing a cap on Friday night btw.

    You wouldn't happen to be the guy who works at Tilt and has a name that starts with P (I think...) and plays Akira all the time, would it? If you are, message me on AIM or ICQ or whatever you use/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

  4. Kamata

    Kamata Member

    Heyaaa...ahhh...school....yes, I almost forgot /versus/images/icons/cool.gif I do have school as well you know and yes it is final's time coming up...and indeed...these forums are distracting.....

    So you were wearing a hat...I was there this friday night, I don't remember if I was wearing my hat, but I do have only one and it's a white Oakley hat. I think I left there around 9:30pm (maybe). I do play Akira and Jeffrey...but really mostly Akira.
    I don't work at the Tilt, god forbid, I wouldn't last a month because I'd be playing tooo much. Well I'm really not a video(arcade) game junky, but there is one game for me and that's the VF. I'm really a master of VF2 (Akira, Jeffry and Wolf), didn't really like VF3 (didn't really get a change to play it a lot) and now that VF4 is out....Akira is coming back to me..SPoD still takes 50pts away /versus/images/icons/cool.gif

    I'd be cool to play vs. I'll be on AIM, ICQ died out for me...I hope your screen name is the same there...


    P.S. Do you by any chance know Ray?! Vietnamese guy, short, long black hair usually tied on pony tail? He's like....insanely good most of the time....??!!
  5. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm up for playing VF2 and VF3 anytime.

    I was at Tilt all evening, 3:45pm-11:15pm on Friday. So you're likely to have played against me or seen me. I was on the machine practically the whole time except for going to the ATM & Bathroom once and dinner at another time. I was wearing a brown cap.

    Yes, I know Ray. In fact, we're pals. Ray is Hawaiian btw. Of course his reputation is well deserved (proving himself in Capcom fighters especially as well as VO, Tekken, VF, and.... BEMANI GAMES!!!) His Vanessa and Jeffry gives me lots of problems. As for Friday night, you most likely saw either Ray or myself eating up the local competition on that machine.

    As for RaybladeX (Ray) vs. Chanchai, I'd say it was mixed and really nice. We both had our fair share of beating each other down and at the same time had a lot of nice experimentation during those oh-so-serious matches. I'll eventually write about that stuff in a report, whenever that happens.

    That night was pretty much Chanchai's Lion vs. Rayblade's Vanessa. As well as having excellent showing from both Instant Karma's Sarah and Chingdude's Jacky. I was happy that there were quite a few people that night.

    Were you the white guy with the friend with him? One of you played Akira (I assume you) and the other guy played Lei Fei? If so, I was the guy that said "good match" and also expressed how happy I was that more people were playing VF.

  6. Kamata

    Kamata Member

    Finally, someone local that appreciates the VF gamers. Finally someone who's not just a button-pusher!!!! I've known Ray for uhh...3 years...I think. Ever since I met him in the Beaverton Wunderaland and he kicked my @$$ with Akira I decided I'm really gonna' learn this game.

    Wanna' play? That'd be awesome....the thing is I don't have a lot of spare time. Usually I play VF 2 at PSU after school (every weekday night) around 6:30. As for VF 3, I don't even know where they have one....that's why this VF 4 is still new to me with all its moves.

    I don't have a lot of time to write now...as of friday night...I was all alone...wasn't me...but I did play Akira.


    P.S. Of course, Ray is Hawaiian, no means to offend him! He's an awesome player.

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