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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by kiat, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. kiat

    kiat Member

    Hello all singapore players!
    Me newbie.
    Heard this forum damn hot...........so come see see!

    juz want to say that the standard of new players in s'pore is improving compared to previous vf series! ( GOOD SIGN ).
    Sadly,the vf community in s'pore isn't what it used to be.

    Hopefully,these new players would bring forth a new era for the vf community in s'pore! : )

    Btw.......i know zengzi posts here! Hope that Ah gong replies to this thread!
  2. scolaire

    scolaire Well-Known Member

    Pardon me for my ignorance. But, r u the venerable Kiat who used to play VF2 and 3?

    As for the standard of VF players in SG, it can only get higher, especially after Jan. ie, the release of PS2 VF4.
  3. Genie47

    Genie47 Well-Known Member

    By then the Jamborees will be: Let's meet at so-and-so's place. He has a PS2 and VF4. His parents/wife doesn't mind and he is supplying popcorn and soft drinks. Let's GO! /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. feii

    feii Well-Known Member

    hi~are u the on who plays lei fei at bugis?the one wif the long side burn?hehe
  5. kiat

    kiat Member


    I thought leifei damn powerful.hiyah......actually i lousy lor!!!
    Btw i cut my hair liao.hehe

    Genie so nice........he's going to buy ps2 then invite everyone who plays VF4 in s'pore to his house to play!!! : ) FOC.heehee!

    Btw,it will be nice if u all self intro.Cuz u all use nickname.......so abit hard to identify! Next time play at bugis got karkee!
  6. Genie47

    Genie47 Well-Known Member

    Uh, you can get time on it once I've finish with it. /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif

    Fact is, I'm never gonna be finshed with it./versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  7. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Yo Kiat, this will crack you up, but I think there was a thread somewhere a few weeks back asking for advice on how to beat your Sarah!!
  8. feii

    feii Well-Known Member

    heyi think i played u b4...i use Aoi...hehe.but my Aoi also not very good... =P
  9. kiat

    kiat Member

    ice-9 = jeff?????
    jeff u got another friend! Quite tan one.(half jap i think) Last time we four always play at emerald. u,your friend,zengzi and mi! He also got play kof.

    Aiyah my sarah only use basic move, no fanciful stuff, very easy to beat one lah!
    feii,i,m sure i played you b4 but can,t really remember cuz got quite a number of aoi players out there!
    e.g Ron.
    i'm sure i will regconize u if i c u in person........... none of the aoi i played with sucks.All got pretty high standards!

    Btw, jeff got alot of new tricks to introduce to the vf community in s'pore! I suggest watching him play.Very entertaining.
  10. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    ya lor. Kiat's sarah very easy to beat one :)

    High P, low P, throw, elbow.... make us singaporeans lose face only. :)

    actually we should hold a competition now when there are soo many players in singapore but I am too lazy to organize... anyone???
  11. Genie47

    Genie47 Well-Known Member

    What? Want me to dress up like Kage again? Just like the last time? /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif
  12. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    LOL hey Kiat, yeah, ice-9 = Jeff, weird huh? The username probably doesn't really match my personality/appearance, heh heh.

    Yo, I'm having so much trouble keeping track of who's who. There's the Versus City username, the English name, the Chinese name, the nickname, gyaaah!
  13. scolaire

    scolaire Well-Known Member

    Speaking of ice-9, anyone knows if the ACP still exist? Last time, I remember seeing him playing VF3 with a few other ACP guys. Seems like I haven't seen them for a long time. r they still playing?
  14. feii

    feii Well-Known Member

    LoL.make singaporeans lose face.
  15. kiat

    kiat Member

    Scolaire, how u know ACP one?
    Any names of their members?
    Genie = VF2 kage

    Wah lau.Alan using the vanessa also three moves only........dodge attack,throw and front p,k.

    Very difficult to beat cuz when they first brought VF4 into s'pore, vanessa's attacks were tweaked to x 5 to encourage more pple to play her but sadly the only pple that knew how to program back the original settings contracted the deadly mad bear disease ( Causes the fingers to rot and severe mental disorder after consumption of meat of a mad bear ).
    NO CURE!

    Thus bringing an era of vanessa abusers.( S'pore only )

    I switching to KOF liao!
  16. feii

    feii Well-Known Member

  17. scolaire

    scolaire Well-Known Member

    I got to know the ... existence of ACP through their now-defunct website. As for the names, ice-9 comes to mind. I can't remember the rest.
    And, ACP used to have an Akira and a Lau player in their league.
  18. kiat

    kiat Member

    ACP,do they play daytona????
    I used to be from this group called RQ.
  19. DeLune

    DeLune Well-Known Member

    They don't play daytona. I think ACP means anti-chicken something, can't remember. It was started by Jeff and Chen aka Neogamer.
  20. kiat

    kiat Member

    how come your icq never on one?????

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