VF4 is in Minnesota

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by ItsEd, Jan 10, 2002.

  1. ItsEd

    ItsEd Member

    I didn't believe when I saw it, but Virtua Fighter 4 is in Minnesota.

    Located in the Mall of America on the top floor in the Arcade (not jillians.).

    Just wondering, are there any Minnesotans here?
  2. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas Well-Known Member

    Actually, there's quite a few VF players at the Megamall. There's a good selection of players there, from newbies to kick-your-ass-blindfolded experts. When I've been over there, the regular crowd shows up in the evenings, so if you get there early, you can practice on the computer. Hopefully, I'll see you there sometime; maybe next time I should smuggle in a few beers.
  3. Bedwettah

    Bedwettah Active Member

    >>Just wondering, are there any Minnesotans here?

    Yep, I'm the guy that does 10+ low punches in a row. Make sure and say hi!

    Seriously though, I'm wondering whether abusing low punches is a valid (yet stoppable) technique that should be taken advantage of versus bullshit that should be flat out stopped. I'm leaning towards the former based on the fact that stuff like this usually pops out early in a games life then becomes beatable ala jabs in tekken 4. I mean right now people are beating low punches with more low punches which leads to a vicious cycle, or doing a risky reversal attempt. But on the way back home last time I figured you could prolly backwards crouch dash into sidekick, or do some sabaki shit. So in conclusion I'm gonna keep doing hundreds of low punches unless someone has a serious objection.

  4. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Low punching is a very valid and VERY BEATABLE tactic. I'll just list some character specific ways of punishing low punch off the top of my head, thre are many more. These are generally options from up close, withholding dodging--though I may include dodge attacks.

    Akira: Knee. b+P+K+G sabaki. Low reversal. Dodge attack.
    Aoi: Low reversal. Some sabaki. DF+P. Dodge attack.
    Jacky: Knee.
    Jeffry: Knee.
    Kage: Hop kick. db+K. uf+K early a bit. Kickflip(?). b+K early a bit. Some of his new moves seem to handle low punches as well I think.
    Lau: I don't play Lau enough to really know something that can whore low punches on the spot, I'm guessing one of his new moves. Hop attack has to be entered a bit early.
    Lei Fei: Quite a few things, but simplest is u+P+K+G crane stance. uf+K+G.
    Lion: u+K, must be performed early. db+P+K.
    Pai: swallow kicks. ub+K(?).
    Sarah: flipkick. hop kicks. low punch sabaki. Many, many more I'm sure.
    Shun: u+K (best option imo). Dodge attack. Hop attacks. Some hand stand options. KK (early). f+K+G.
    Wolf: Knee. Low punch reversal. Tons more that I can't remember.
    Vanessa: Dodge punch (good for pissing off a low puncher). Early d+K combo. Many more that I wouldn't know at this point.

    I'll probably copy paste what I wrote in the above to the Virtua Fighter forums. Though I am sure most people on this forum know how to handle low punches by now (if they've been playing the game a lot anyways), I think it's a good basic subject for people learning the game or even for further exploration.

  5. ItsEd

    ItsEd Member

    Yeah I heard their is a good crowd already around the machine. (I was unaware they had TK4 too..)

    Anyways, Ill be the new newbie in the crowd, cant wait to give the game a whirl and get my ass handed to today (friday).
  6. Bedwettah

    Bedwettah Active Member

    >>Akira: Knee. b+P+K+G sabaki. Low reversal. Dodge >>attack.
    >>Jacky: Knee.
    >>Jeffry: Knee.

    I don't know if anyone at the mall remembers when I 'utilized' many low punches to end a long jesse howard winning streak with jeffrey, but anyway I know for a fact that knees do NOT plow through low punches at any distance, I saw my low punches interrupting his knee animation every time. Also you are not realizing how risky throwing out a low reversal here. I've seen people here base their entire game (IMO) on low punch->throw and low punch->mid move. Unless yer being super predictable with the low punches, which admittedly sometimes I am, I don't think low reversal is really reliable.
    The sabaki shit is far from garaunteed too. Don't ask me why but I know for a fact that my Vanessa d/b+p (DS) was being interrupted by low punches. Also I again know for a fact that low punch interrupts pai's u/f+kk, cuz I use this move often and have it interupted by low punch. Yeah its early in the animation but that's the point, low punches are very very fast and right now it seems like a good idea to base your game around them.

    I know you think everyone should know how to 'handle' low punches everytime now, and that we are all at the 'basic' level; but I can assure you that people here are about as fucking far from scrubs as one can get, and they still low punch alot (IMO) and get beaten by low punch tactics.
  7. ItsEd

    ItsEd Member

    who is Jesse Howard.
  8. lei-fei-not-gei

    lei-fei-not-gei New Member

    haha low jabs

    I guess you couldn't tell that Jesse was BORED. I would have thought that it would be blatently obvious. Really now, do you honestly think that somebody that good at the game would try and WIN by doing the same move 10x in a row? I saw the 10 knees in a row and I don't think that he was trying 100% to win, I think he was screwing around for entertainment.

    Plus I know that knees hit low punches, you just have to start a bit farther away. Besides that, if you try and do one move over and over to Jesse and he tries to win, I've seen him do little backwards hops to get away from those low jabs.

    I'm really looking forward to Version C on the PS2. Maybe the domestication of the home version will spark more interest in the arcade. See you guys at the mall!


    PS) BTW Jesse Howard is some guy who's extremely good at arcade fighting games. He took #2 in a national Street Fighter tournament, and he's been to California/New York/Japan to play various games including VF3. Some people still refer to him the same way Game Pro did in 1994 "Minnesota's #1 Son" whatever the fuck that means!
  9. ItsEd

    ItsEd Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    Coolies, where does he play often?
  10. Bedwettah

    Bedwettah Active Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    >>I guess you couldn't tell that Jesse was BORED. I would have thought that it would be blatently obvious.

    What?! I guess I didn't know how he was feeling at the time...umm, what does it matter really? My post, believe it or not, was not about Jessse Howard.
  11. lei-fei-not-gei

    lei-fei-not-gei New Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    Maybe not about him, but about how you think you defeated his style. I was just letting you know that when you jab someone over and over because they keep doing the same move over and over doesn't mean you figured anything out. I was only trying to point out that you didn't need to mention it because it didn't mean anything.

    Btw, it'd be nice if we actually saw people down at the mall more often besides Chris (which is a given since he works there, not that there is anything wrong with him! =). Chris plays a mean Wolf and Jesse plays a mean Shun/Jeffrey/Jacky but I'd like to play more than just those two guys.


  12. Bedwettah

    Bedwettah Active Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    >>I was just letting you know that when you jab someone >>over and over because they keep doing the same move ??>>over and over doesn't mean you figured anything out. I was >>only trying to point out that you didn't need to mention it >>because it didn't mean anything.

    Well I guess it was a revelation to just me then, cuz I think Sega may have fucked up a little bit in regards to how effective low punches are. On the other hand it sounds like it may be a passing fad when people figure out how to deal with them, so who knows.

    >>Chris plays a mean Wolf and Jesse plays a mean >>Shun/Jeffrey/Jacky but I'd like to play more than just those >>two guys.

    I'm the worst offender here no questions asked. Right now I only drop by when I'm doing shopping at the mall, even though I enjoy the game immensely, low punches and all. I've been getting alot of questions about the game by Tekken regulars, so there's probably atleast a ton of potential players, only problem is I'm sure they get frustrated losing and I don't think they like the arcade/mall. Anyway my sorry ass Vanessa needs to get better fast so I think I'll head over there tomorrow.
  13. ETPharaoh

    ETPharaoh Well-Known Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    I remember that place.. The mega mall. Oh and btw, regarding the "low punch abuse" that is being discussed.. Im not sure about Bedwettah using low punches but I am aware that he became frustrated after losing to low punches from Jesse. In Jesse's defense, the only time that I noticed him abusing the low punch with Jeffery was early on. He had not completely adapted to Jeffery yet and as I was using Lion, a fast char, he had little recourse but to use low punches to stop what he referrs to as my "constant attacking". Although I havent been up to the mall to play him lately I do know, based on the last few times that I did play him, that his strategy with Jeffry had moved away from the low jabs and has changed considerably to include the full variety of Jeffs moves. So I basically think that he was using low jabs because he didnt have too many other options against the faster characters (my lion, your Pai, if my memory serves) in his unaccustomed state. I am certain things are different now. Do I think that constant low punches are the way to go? No. You may find them effective for a time Bedwettah but I would reccomend finding other ways to get things done. Anyways, even though I havent been to the mall in quite some time, thats my 2 cents.
  14. ItsEd

    ItsEd Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    I actually go there every now and then, but I dont play VF until Im by myself so I can learn and go play Shun by myself :p

    But I usaully like to watch the people play there often. Im just this little asian guy who watches from afar, or playing on the pump it up machine and stalk when the machine is empty lol.
  15. Bedwettah

    Bedwettah Active Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    I don't know if I would call myself frustrated with losing to low punches to jesse, especially lately; fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. It's more frustration with myself for falling for lp mc --> throw/mid move everytime, which explains why I can be melodramatic at times (boyd gets the worst of this :p ). Obviously there are ways around low punches and I probably don't play the game enough to stop it everytime. About the same time I posted this thing on low punches someone posted on the other form the definition of a scrub: they play by their imaginary rules, taking into account style and other bullshit. So in other words, I'm gonna do what it takes to win and expect the same from everyone else; it was scrubby of me to bring the topic up at all. See you at the mall.

  16. ItsEd

    ItsEd Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    What do you look like brady?

    Been there a bit, I chat it up with Chris a lot when IM there, he is the guy who works at the arcade 5-1am right?
  17. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas Well-Known Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    Hey, maybe we all need nametags or something. Good grief, this is a sports bar. We should know everyone's names better. And what do I have to do to get those hot "beer girls" to send me some alcohol to the VF4 machine?

    It's always cool seeing more people playing; every time I head over there, I always find a new face who's willing to beat my Sarah into the ground (all that VF2 work down the drain). I really do think we should put pool some money together and get some decent joysticks for that coin-op. Hell, hunt down one of the older Virtua Fighters and donate it to the sports bar, too, while we're at it.
  18. ItsEd

    ItsEd Member

    Re: haha low jabs

    I keep doubting this place is a sports bar, im in denial, its not actually part of the bar franchise...

    Anyways, I dunno, you should talk to the manager or something, and make some good complaints on how much the VF machine has made.
  19. Jynx

    Jynx New Member

    Hello to all /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif

    Really dont know any of you.. so thats cool. Though I might have seen you playing before and not known it.. scary huh?

    Still a newbie to the fourth installment, but I've spent too much money on the second heh..

    Anyways, when does everyone usually hit the mall? Weekdays, nights, day or night ? :p

    Just curious. Gotta start to get to know some of these people who beat my behind so badly.
  20. PS2_VFighter

    PS2_VFighter Member


    Hey everyone, this looks like a really old post but.......what the hell. I'm from MN. Is the only machine up at mall of america? damn.
    I just got the ps2 version of course, and i want to find competition at the arcades. I'm horrible, but playing against other ppl is fun and lets you learn. Right now i play as lei, but my favorite move, his reversal, doesnt work for shit against real ppl, and lei isnt very strong otherwise. Hes left open to long and is fairly slow. oh well.

    Anyways, im close to the Ridgedale mall, anyone else? well ill cart my ass up to mall of america if i have to.

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