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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, May 14, 2001.

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    Guest Guest

    The more information that is leaking out, the more I'm worried about what they are doing to my favourite game series. Nearly every comment on what has changed in VF4 is followed by 'like in Soul Calibur' or 'like in Tekken'. What happened to the VF games leading and the others following? And why do alot of the changes sound like a sell-out?

    I was prepared to live with the regression to a flat arena again (even though I love the subtle way the uneven terrain affects the fights in VF3). I'd even get over the loss of Escape. But hit sparks? Waggling joysticks? Charged moves?! Non-instantaneous throws?! What are they doing!

    Admittedly alot of the reports haven't gone into the gameplay side of things much, and instead tell us about how many fish are swimming around, but surely there must be some innovation in this game? Does it have realistic (animated) blocking? Can it be played like the Pai/Lau fight at the end of the promo video? How are reversals handled if P+K is jump? How well does the 8-way movement work? Our local Sega Park gets the test machines pretty soon after Japan, so we're keeping a look out for it. Need some answers damn it!

    They can't mess up VF ... the universe will implode or something!

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What about the idea of Taka not going to be in VF4.

    What the hell is wrong with Taka ??? What was their reasons for taking him out ? I hope VF3 players complain to AM2 about this.

    Maybe we should do petition for it.
  3. Robin

    Robin Active Member

    Judging by your username I'd say you're in the UK, right? :)

    In which case, which Sega Park is this and do you know abouts when it'll be coming?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sega Park in Bournemouth. Get's the machines first in Europe. We even had a 4 machine networked Spike Out here for a bit. At the moment there's Air Trix (very nice), Monkeyball and Virtua Golf on test.

    Fingers crossed VF4 will turn up soon ...

  5. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    as far as we know, taka is still slated to be in the game. do not put too much stock in these magic box `rumors.` and as far as i remember about the site it isn`t the most reliable place in the world...

    also nash, i remember ppl saying that vf3 was tekken-ized from vf2 and we ended up like vf3 a lot. so....maybe it`s the same with vf4...?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah I heard Sega Park Bournemouth was now the official testing site for their new games in the UK and Europe as a whole. Once upon a time that accolade fell to the Sega Metropolis centre in the basement of Hamleys toyshop here in London. It was one of the first places to showcase VF3 way back in September 1996. Went through some major refurbishments a year ago and floorspace wise is less than half the size it was before. Also fighting games are pretty non existent along with its game testing status.

    Nash keep us informed on the situation as we're planning to come down to Bournemouth for a day when VF4 makes it into the country. I assume all test games are £1 a credit? Also how far is the Sega Park from Bournemouth mainline railway station, is it within walking distance or will we need a taxi? Your help is very much appreciated.

    Thanks, from some people desperate to play VF4!!
  7. Dodee

    Dodee Member

    Don't invest too much in magazine monkeys' ramblings. They are paid to relate information to the masses, and frankly, the masses (as well as most media monkeys) are stupid. As such phrases "like tekken" or "like SC" relate information far more quickly than intelligent writing would to the general populace. As ice says in this thread, so far Magic Box (and people swiping from MB) have said that Taka won't be in the game. Granted he wasn't in the Ikebukuro location test, but that is also only a 2/3rds version of the game. Even assuming he's absent, he may make an appearance in a later revision of the game or a home version.

    To address the "VF4 is DUMB!" stuff, when was the last time you were disappointed with the finished package? Half of the things people are bitching about may be configurable (e.g. counterflash and joystick prompts) or were never used anyway. "Dude, no wall throws, WTF?!" when was the last time you saw a wall throw? VF3 did tons of shit just to do it. Let's face it, if Sarah's wall throw wasn't an extra knee to the groin, we'd all live just as long and just as happy. That's like saying "Man, they took out low side throws!" they dont happen enough to make a damn bit of difference. Look at it as a continuation from VF2 instead of VF3, and you'll be happier campers. And if the VF3 sluts can't get past it, tough noogies.

    On the other hand, it very well could suck. Until people with VF opinons I trust implicitly have given it significant time, I won't even start to formulate a real opinion, and even that won't be solidified until I myself have. In the mean time, I'd be peachy if people didn't post a different "VF4's gona be dumb!" thread with the same exact content every day. Thanks!

  8. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    i agree with dodee on most of his points, but i do disagree about the low side throws. they do not happen infrequently!! good wolf and jeffry players take advantage of guaranteed low side throw situations flawlessly. jacky wants to double low kick? low side throw. pai tries a d/b+k+g? low side throw. etc.

    also, how do we know wall throws have been eliminated in vf4?
  9. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    If whoever wrote the "interpretive" article on the VF4 test (I'm referring to the IGN insider one I think) actually saw the game, which I believe he did, wall throws are in the game as far as I can tell.

    He was referring to "a new feature" regarding interacting with the background. As far as I can tell, he was describing a wall throw (but he figured it was a triangle jump attack, but I'm sure it was a wall throw but who knows).

    Heck, he went so far as to say that everytime an opponent gets hit, the shaking stick pops up/versus/images/icons/tongue.gif Representing the lay-gamer I'm sure he overlooked what a stagger is. I don't really have a gripe with that feature as newbies will finally understand what staggering is (and well... umm.... players on the same level as myself won't keep forgetting to struggle when we get staggered if we should be doing that/versus/images/icons/blush.gif).

    In any case:
    -I agree with Dodee in general, but at least we have something to talk about (just wish it was discussed more constructively at times).
    -I'm pretty sure wall throws are in, but who knows, I haven't played any version of the test or the game.
    -Game journalists are to be taken with a grain of salt--journalists in general are to be taken with a grain of salt. Good writing can be a work of art that distorts what it tries to conveys. Informative writing can be boring and dull on all levels. Writers do have a responsibility, but so do the readers. (but we're still entitled to mock, cringe, and scream in response to the writers/versus/images/icons/smile.gif)

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    actualluy neogamer here

    wall throws do exist. a Jeffrey did a P+G by the wall and it became a wall throw. But i suppose it depends on the stage. Wherever there is no wall, no wall throw.
  11. Nash

    Nash New Member

    All the test games are a quid a go. You could walk to Sega Park from the station, it's about 15 minutes. Just head towards the town centre & Royal Bath hotel. Be a couple of quid by taxi.

    Don't worry, as soon as VF4 surfaces here I'll let everyone know :)

  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Nash. That's cool, we'll probably walk it in from the station then, sounds a reasonable distance by foot. We'll keep checking back here for the latest developments.

    Thanks again.
  13. Robin

    Robin Active Member

    I know that I'll head down with a coupla people - wouldn't be surprised to see Hatim or Ryan either.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Robin, funny you should mention Ryan and Hatim, I know they're Goodge St regulars and excellent VF players in their own rights. Probably just as eager as everybody else to sample the next level.

    Robin and anybody else in London interested in going along as a group to Bournemouth for the day, if and when VF4 shows up on test, post here or alternatively in a new thread. Perhaps we can arrange a London crew for the big event.

    Either way it's best to get some ideas. Planning in advance is a saviour. We will go and find out the details on the return fare by train and let you know.

    Let's hear the rest of you.
  15. Robin

    Robin Active Member

    Sounds good. Let's just hope it comes in *after* my end of year exams ^_~
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, I'd certainly love to come along too!...can't wait to play VF4.....I want this game more than anything....

    ....it would be cool to meet other UK VF players....

    Hello to everyone on the forum by the way, I've been reading for while....

    That day...did you see a black car?

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