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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Myke, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    With SummErs being in town until Wednesday, we're planning on meeting up at Playtime tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at around 7pm for some VF4. People expected there are myself, JunesOne, Vansen, Kim and (obviously), SummErs. There'll probably be a few random guys as well.

    Of course, anyone else in the area is welcome to come along.
  2. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

  3. Myke

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    What Vansen meant to say was: "Yes Myke, I'll remember to bring the camcorder"
  4. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

    oh yeah.... that as well
  5. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    A month ago, outta sheer boredom and sheer stupidity, I decided to buy myself a ticket on the WWW ( MUCH CHEAPER DEALS) and booked myself a seat on the 3th of Nov.

    So last Saturday, me n my galfriend went to the airport and there we were, sitting down just chatting and me eating my breakfast at 6.30 pm in the evening. At round 6.45pm, we decided to go to the gates and shock and horror, we were at the wrong side of the airport~! (this was obviously, an omen, a sign of more bad things to come) Us both ran n ran n ran until we found our designated gate number..phew~

    So I arrive at Sydney at 8.30pm and SHOCK N HORROR, my friend forgot all abt it and was in buzy a pub called 888 in the city. So poor me had to drag my luggage around the city, trying to find this pub called 888 on the corner of liverpool and George St. After some 15 mins of deperate searching amid the sea of pubs, I gave up, rang him and was really tempted to flame him...esp when I realised he gave me the wrong address. The pub was essentially, behind Kim's place and I KNOW where kim's place is. It is definitely not on George St~!.

    Anyhoooo..outta sheer desperation, I dragged my Luggage into Playtime and wheeeeeee, jump straight into my beloved Megalo 410 with loud volume, excellent sticks...high res monitor...happy gaming and keeping an eye on my luggage.
    That's when a nice chap challenged me and after gaining a mini win streak...the nice chap and myself struck up a conversation and weeeeeeeeeeee, turns out he(Ken) is one of the regular Sydney VF4 peeps that I still haven't met.

    Ken plays a pretty cool Lion and Lei Fei. I was lucky enuff to witness Ken using Lion and playing against a Japanese Otaku wannabe Wolf and Ken, with maybe 2 health points left( Give n take) took down the wolf who at one stage, had 80% health points~! And Unlike many who would choose to become machi, Ken just started to attack Wolf really furiously, confusing the wolf player and me...simply loving every second of it~
    Plus, it was good make a new friend (aquaintance, whatever)

    So finally, my friend finished boozing and decided that ' Ok, time to go home'. So we arrived home and I found it to be in a complete kaputz! This really surprised me as him and his GF are usually really particular abt cleaniness. Anyhoooo...it wasn't until 4am b4 me n long time no see brother decided that enuff is enuff..sleep must come next.

    Sun (bad day)
    Being the living room attendent, the amt of noise generated by the traffic makes it impossible to sleep at all. I then decided to wake Myke ( who had a big saturday night) and Junes to arrange a time to meet them for some VF action...plus, it's good to be able to catch up again...( that's 4 times this yr..which is really good)

    So I went to playtime and started playing like mad by myself and junes and micheal were the first to show up. We played n mucked around for a while until Junes said " ok , let's stop mucking around n get serious".

    Junes decided to use Vanessa and started showing me how expertly evil she can be played. I think thru dumb luck, I won his Vanessa three times in a row ( really vague abt this)...but anyhoo...Junes whipped out Akira and proceeded to PKG, ST, ST, SPOD me into a wall, then bodycheck me...At this point, I realised that " oh damn, I really do not have enuff experience and did not give alot of time to VF4 yet"

    See, there's a VF4 machine in Melbourne, but the stick SUCKS (the sydney boys knows why I say the stick sucks now...seeing that one of their Megalo 410 went kaput and the game was stuck into the exact same cabinet that I have down here in Melbourne)

    Plus, it was exams time when VF4 arrived and I really had no time to go n play the game as much as I wanted to. So, going to Sydney...I was in fact, NEWBIE ( god, I hate this term)...

    Anyhoo...I was reversing Junes's Akira like mad, getting thrown by his Akira more times than I can remember...down to the last round, I did a SE, opted to wait and reversed Junior's low p, Junes got up, shoulder ram and DLC me into a wall, did a evading bodycheck which I ate AGAIN /versus/images/icons/mad.gif...I then decided to 'ah fuck it', got up, did a ST and then rushed in to Spod his Akira which won me the match~! ( crowd behind going woah woah woah..which feels strange seeing VF4 in melbourne is kinda dead)

    Finally, Myke and Kim appeared and then it all went kinda downhill for me.

    Firstly, Kim proceeded to woo the crowd with his Aoi...lotsa KD, double jump kick..If I do a QR, he would d/f k and I'll eat it..if I do a normal rising attack, the smart ass in him would do a U+K+G and I'll eat it...then, there's the new throws that make Aoi so much stronger, her ability to KD and just combo makes her such a better character in VF4.

    I've always said playing with Kim is great fun. He's always doing something different and willing to take risk, making his style very exciting to watch and fun to play against

    Next, Myke who obviously had too much to drink on the previous night didn't do much but got defeated by kim as well.
    Initially, I was dissapointed by his Vanessa...got defeated by Kim's Aoi way too easily. But Myke finally got his act together and got himself a double digit win streak with Vanessa...lotsa throws, low throws, KD low throws, mixed them up real good..causing all of us lotsa pains and grief and money. In her attacking stance, Vanessa is a monster..Myke would just chase after us and attack us renlentlessly and just hammer us to pieces with her elbows and knees...very nice to watch Vanessa in action. Got to see myke use Vanessa's Back charge kick time n time again with some really nice results.

    So after myke and Kim got their streaks, naturally..it was Junes''s turn to get his own streaks...the man has such a fast PKG, TFT ..it's not funny...it's like 'snap ur fingers' and u're in the air.

    Junes plays very creatively and very agressive ( Actually, us skips play a very agressive style) The best thing abt Junes is, he plays in a ' I do what I feel like, whenever I feel like' style. If u knee him. he'll knee u back almost immediately. If u ST him, he'll do it straight back to u. Very hard to condition him in VF4...

    So after the three of them got their streaks..I realised I was the only streakless person there...bummer, i'm way behind in VF4 than I had originally thought...it got to the extend that I actually used Jacky's elbow heelkick at the first opportunity...giving a rather good indication to the boyz in Sydney that I'm still figuring things out. Things got so outta hand for me, I actually played in the manner that reminded Myke of when He first played with me last September. Making silly mistakes, falling for repeated tricks etc etc etc...
    At one stage, Junes screamed ' JESUS CHRIST' when he saw me mucked up pretty bad and I stood up...repeating ' I know, I know...fucked up play by me tonight'.
    I simply do not have the control of the characters in VF4 yet, in terms of movement and strategies. Aye, times like this, I really miss VF3tb...thank god..I am sure I will soon be able to control and play in the level I am capable of~

    At around eight pm, we all decided to call it quits and SHOCK N HORROR, no one was there to let me into the apartment. My friend n his GF had gone to an internet cafe DIRECTLY opposite to playtime and did not bother to tell me~!
    Another 2 hrs of suffering out in the cold before they finally got home /versus/images/icons/frown.gif


    I ran into Kim and he immediately ask me ' Do u want a decent challenger instead of whipping CPU during ur free time?' hehehe

    Probably my best match till date in terms of VF4, Kim won the first round ten secs later EXCELLENT. Second round started and ten seconds later, I won the round EXCELLENT...obviously, revenge was on my mind...in the very dying moments of the last round, both of us had the same amt of health left, all that was needed from either side was a single P in order the win...the match was up for grabs.
    We stood there for like a sec..and attacked at exactly the same time...alas, Aoi's low k is indeed, many frames faster than Jacky's shin slicer...Phat match~

    We then hooked up again at night and this time, Vansen, his brother and paul were there with the above mentioned..apart from Junes, who sadly did not make it for unknown reasons. ( what went wrong Junes?) This time, we had a camcorder on our hands and managed to get some really good matches on tapes...and the quality of the recording is fucking brilliant...just fucking brilliant...

    Vansen playes a really flashy Sarah..lotsa flamingo kicks, Dragon cannon into Flamingo attacks...I dunno who gave the impression that Sarah has difficulties in floating an opponent. Looking at Vansen Sarah, it sure as hell wasn't the case.
    Smart player at times...making him look like an old timer in VF...For some odd reasons, Vansen just doesn't seem to remember the need to do throw escapes~ Anyhooo...I'm not criticising him here...I'm impressed by his gameplay and enjoyed all my games with him.

    However, on Tuesday night...Me, Kim and Myke all managed to gain streaks...which was a big relief for me as I could see my control of Jacky has improved. However...after dinner, myself and Kim probably were tired as we played rather extensively during afternoon. Us both kinda lost the plot and stood there..mind wondering elsewhere and just became ' Hi, how do u play VF?' players. Everytime myself or Kim lost, we would look at each other and go '"what is happening..why did I just stand there?...Since when am I a fan of PPPK?"

    Hightlights from Tuesday night included Kim gaining Two excellent rounds while playing against Myke's Vanessa..which shows cases some damn fucking brilliant gameplay by Kim. Kim also did what I considered to be the ' best Akira of the yr' clip. Single palm lei fei into wall, connect it with SPOD, BC while lei is still on the ground, then proceeded to kill of lei with a DJK(going over lei's low rising attack), just beautiful. ( aaahhh, u boyz/girl will really like that clip when myke cap n U/L it)

    Other highlights include Myke demolishing us with his Vanessa (oh like it's a bloody surprise) and me doing lotsa lighting kick (mixed results), kickflips and lotsa Shuffle steps and stance switches...in one particular instance, I dileberately did a P+K+G with Jacky to avoid an throw and triphammered Myke hehehehehe....not to mention all those auto inashi as well...
    Vansen also had his moments that showed some excellent yomi games from him.

    Anyhoo..I am sure the clips Myke's capping will showcase many of the excellent gameplay ( barring me of coz, I really did Jack all..too buzy with tinerking around with Jacky, did some nice stuff...but pales in comparision with the rest of the crew)

    Of coz, we played till closing time and we went over to Kim's place to watch the matches we recorded..with them reliving sweet memories and me watching mah horror moments all over again...

    So I wake up and ran all the way to the train station, rain pissing down hard n by the time I got home, it was 8.45 am...and the plane leaves at ten...so I started calling for a taxi but kept being put on hold..so I ran out with my luggage and stood in the rain waiting for a taxi...now this begs a question...WHO THE FUCK IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD HAVE A TAXI STAND SITUATED IN A PLACE WHERE THERE IS NO SHELTER AT ALLLLLL?!!!!!!!!!!!

    With no cab by 9.20am, I rang mah gal and ask her to get on the plane if I dun make it in time...panicking real bad at this moment..Thank heavens a cab did finally arrived!

    I got to the airport at around 9.50am and lord and behold, bad traffic prevented me from entering the airport. I paid, jumped off the cab..with the luggage in one hand and started running the next few hundred kilometres in the heavy rain and CHRISTS...TURNS OUT THE PLANE WAS DELAYED....

    Touched down at Melbourne and was stuck in the plane for another 30 mins or so cause the FUCKING DOOR WAS JAMMED TIGHT AND REFUSED TO OPEN...christ~~~~

    but complaints aside..it was good to finally be able to see mah friends again..good to be able to make a few new friends again. That's what I really like abt VF...met some wonderful people thru VF which I am grateful for.....

    We should do it again some time SOON~!

    I seriously recommend this kind of long distance gaming trips to anyone...good fun..esp when u have cool friends such as myke, Kim, Junes, Micheal, Kim and Johnny ( who declared himself " I am too good, u can forget abt playing CvS 2 against me...leaving us to swallow the bitter truth...HE IS JUST TOO DAMN GOOD IN 2D games)

    As of now, I have only 57 bucks left in mah bank..but I'll be lying if I said I shouldn't have gone to sydney...and I do intend to make another trek there real soon.

    Speaking of which..one of u boyz better fly down here...it's ur turn to have bad luck~! /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif

    anyhow..glad this long rantting post is all over.
  6. TequilaPilot

    TequilaPilot Member

    Haha,u could use a break, Summerz.... :)
    Anyhow, me and Adrian will finish exams around the 20th,
    (I finish on 20th, Adrian finishes on 22nd)
    Lookin' forward to seeing ya at PT, man, I wish I could've seen some of the l33t stuff u mentioned...
    I actually finish around 1pm on the 20th, reckon we could get together and throw some tokens down the slot?? I'm just itching to touch an arcade machine, even if it's DDR... :)
  7. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    """""Haha,u could use a break, Summerz.... :)""""""""

    aye..all I can say now is...my life, is so DIFFICULT~
    I only have 37 bucks left in mah bank~
  8. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    VF4 Sydney Jam Movie Act 1

    Here's the first act of three which is a collection of highlights that took place the night SummErs was in town.

    <font color=red>Grab it while it's hot!</font color=red>
    Download >> <a target="_blank" href=http://rustedtech.com/vfdc/VF4/vf4_sydney_jam_act1.zip>vf4_sydney_jam_act1.zip</a> (320x240, DivX AVI, 18.7 MB)
  9. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Re: VF4 Sydney Jam Movie Act 1

    Nice music, btw /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  10. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Re: VF4 Sydney Jam Movie Act 1

    The clip was excellent. Can't wait to see what else is in store!

    Btw, DJ Syne rules!!!/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    Vansen's Sarah definitely has the flash and seems to be really fun to fight against. Keep the clips coming.

    Your (Myke's) Vanessa was also really fun for me to watch. However, I'm wondering what she was saying to Aoi during a certain part of the clip (actually, I'm also wondering what you guys were saying too).

    Looking forward to seeing Summers' improvement over the weekend. Seems really inspired by his VF3tb play, but as he said, he'll eventually get the time to work on his VF4 game/versus/images/icons/cool.gif

  11. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Re: VF4 Sydney Jam Movie Act 1

    I think I can guess which segment u were referring to
    go back and watch the clip again..
    it's not the lips that were moving

    It was a certain player's body who would not stop shaking whenever Vanessa did that ' CHOKE U TO DEATH' move ~

    U know, this clip reminded me of the first clip Vegemyke did

    A) Footage showed Myke kick us
    B)Footage showed me getting kicked

    Actually, I was trying very hard to break away from my old style. Last weekend was the 1st time I really got to play the game. I chose different option selects and stuff...kept tinkering with moves and stuff, making my game play very 'distorted' not to mention 'retarded'...one thing I found really strange was that in VF3tb, my only habit is doing lotsa KS...but in VF4...maybe because I am still trying to figure out a lot of tactics n stuff....but I swear to god, I developed a lot of new nasty habits~! ( IE, after a knee, I would do only ppp..after beatknuckle-> heelkick, I would back step and do it again time after time etc etc etc) It's like...ayuh..since when did I became so 'boring'?

    Aieeeee...Act 2, more to come. More exciting footage of me getting my head kicked in...
  12. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Re: VF4 Sydney Jam Movie Act 1

    Thanks for the feedback, and I agree, DJ Syne is awesome :)

    The reason why I went with BGM instead of in game music was because my stupid VCR's audio out jack doesn't seem to work! So I had no audio feed into my cap card. The other reason was that you couldn't hear the players speaking to eachother anyway, but you could hear the onlookers remarks, especially SummErs, and his coughing ;) I'll try to use another VCR for the remaining acts, and if it goes well, I'll leave the original audio in and just add some funky BGM behind it. If I'm feeling especially kind, I may even do the first act again, but don't hold your breath.
  13. Moby

    Moby Well-Known Member

    Hahahahahha Summers... you are friggin HILARIOUS dude!!!

    Your report was a blast.. I had a lot of fun reading it. And I totally sympathize with your travelling bad luck... I've had a lot of that myself so I know what it feels like!

    Keep up the awesome reports, especially when I come down to Sydney to play y'all. :)

    P.S. "SHOCK N HORROR" haha
  14. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    VF4 Sydney Jam Movie Act 2 and 3

    Here are the final acts of Sydney Jam. I was a little reluctant to release these actually, because after going through them countless times, I really got bored of seeing them. Even though it was a few weeks ago, the scene here is that much more better, and more worthy of video, IMHO.

    But since this was a special occasion, I've decided to go ahead and release them. The three acts serve as highlights from a 2 hour tape during one night of SummEr's visit to Sydney. Enjoy.

    <font color=red>Act 2</font color=red>
    Download >> <a target="_blank" href=http://rustedtech.com/vfdc/VF4/vf4_sydney_jam_act2.zip>vf4_sydney_jam_act2.zip</a> (320x240, DivX AVI, 21.7 MB)

    <font color=red>Act 3</font color=red>
    Download >> <a target="_blank" href=http://rustedtech.com/vfdc/VF4/vf4_sydney_jam_act3.zip>vf4_sydney_jam_act3.zip</a> (320x240, DivX AVI, 19.6 MB)
  15. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Re: VF4 Sydney Jam Movie Act 2 and 3



    I was playing Avp2 and decided to quit the game to check if u have uploaded the clips...

    nisssssssuuuu timing /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  16. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Re: VF4 Sydney Jam Movie Act 2 and 3

    Just thought I'll let all parties involved know that I 'MIGHT' be coming up in december ( no this time, it is for work...not for fun)

    Still will have time to hit playtime for more serious ass kicking time.

    Of coz, let's not go to KFC this time..not after KFC stole my piece of chicken!

    Someone buy me a decent meal! Myke?, Junior? Ken?
  17. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Another Jam?

    Just thought I'll let all parties involved know that I 'MIGHT' be coming up in december ( no this time, it is for work...not for fun)

    Still will have time to hit playtime for more serious ass kicking time.

    Just to let you know, I'll be out of town on vacation after Dec 20th (back Jan 4th), and Kim is going back to HK early next week and won't be back until Feb.

    Of coz, let's not go to KFC this time..not after KFC stole my piece of chicken!

    Someone buy me a decent meal! Myke?, Junior? Ken?

    What are we, a friggin' charity? :p

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