VF4 No1 in the US?

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by CIN, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. CIN

    CIN Well-Known Member

    SAN FRANCISCO--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--April 2, 2002--SEGA(R) of America today announced that its critically acclaimed fighting game, "Virtua Fighter(TM) 4" for the PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system, was the #1 selling title on the platform during its first week of sales according to independent retail data from NPD TRSTS (week ending 3/23). With lightning-fast gameplay action, breathtaking graphics and all new modes and features, "Virtua Fighter 4," was recently named the "Best Fighting Game Ever Made," by gaming enthusiast publication Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine.

    Taken form www.alwaysgame.com

    Finally we won. HEHE.
    In Japan it sold more than 500,000.

    Tekken sold only about 170,000--180,000 copies in Japan. /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif
  2. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    We'll see what happens when T4 comes out in the states...
    Anyway, it is good news... hopefully some enlightened players will emerge out of the masses... we can only hope.
  3. SummAh

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  4. ReCharredSigh

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    but if we have heard that there's been more TK to VF migration during their respective 4th incarnation, then that's good news, and we can take hope in that, can't we?

    anyways, this IS good news. maybe americans are starting to see the light?(yes, we CAN only hope)
  5. GaijinPunch

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    Tekken 4 is garbage... they might do a decent PS2 port, but when Tekken 4 is next to VF4 in the arcades... they look generations apart. Like a PS comapred to PS2. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    A guy that runs a game center in Shibuya I knew of said rumour had it that Sega & Namco were working on a fighting game together. VF4 vs Tekken? Of course, this is all a rumor. Namco & Sega have been buddy buddy on the arcade scene for a while now.
  6. PS2_VFighter

    PS2_VFighter Member

    Its too bad that its been proven so far that the better game doesnt always sell more in the US market, look at those damn harry potter games. Anyway, im glad VF4 has been selling but im not sure it will outsell t4.

    About a namco sega fighter, i just found a genesis rom for an old 2d tekken vs vf game, it was super shitty but kinda cool. I think it might have been some illegal hong kong rippoff game though. unlicensed.

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