VF4 on Dreamcast - Who Wants It?

Discussion in 'Console' started by adsega, Jul 9, 2001.

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    Re: Well,

    i actually dont want it on DC, even if its my fav

    system. an xbox version should do it. like soj
    gives a shit about what we think, this is a waste

    of time. guaranteed that nothing will..... agr
    forget it, writing this its a waste too.

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    Re: Well,

    I wan't a DC version. Sega didn't devellop even one proper Dc fighter only model 3 conversion. naomi 2 's is a DC with dope......
    Yu suzuki mentioned a few times that he wanted to do a Dc version. But he can't decide that(because Kayama made contractual obligations to sony, i hope for Ps2 exclusivity only during 2001 till summer 2002). he also said it was possible. DC is a texture power horse even if the mashine comes from the year 98. Many pro's consider shenmue and Sonic 2 the most beautiful texture games on console. i remember the dead and Alive 2 pictures who came out before of the Dc release. DA 2 is still the graphical highlight on the Dc. No doubt that this level can be improved on the DC....a good conversion would be possible even Yu said that. allthough i think the GC is the perfect mashine for the naomi2 port(judging from the VS3 )port....
    he guys F.C sonic in virtuastriker 3 is so coooooool.
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    Re: Well,

    I think VF4 would pretty cool on Dreamcast, but given that the machine is no longer in production, and stores are stocking up on GameBoy Advance, GameCube, and X-Box this year, I don't think it's a real possibility. Doesn't matter, as how VF4 will wind up on every console within the next year or so.
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    OK, I love VF and I like the DC, but I think VF4 on the DC will be a waste of time. I'd rather Sega concentrate resources on the PS2 or the other next-gen machines.

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