VF4 on PS2 needs one important new feature!!

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    VF4 on PS2 should have one important new feature to grace fighting games. A PS2 running VF4 with a memory card should have a tournament tracking option.

    Imagine this noe more manual tracking of tournaments, and you can upload and compare results from the tournament.

    You enter Tournament Tracking Mode, enter each players name, decide the number of rounds, decide on tournament format (single elim, double elim etc.) hit start and your off to go! When you're done with the tournament you can save your results to the memory card and view a chart of it through the PS2.

    This would be a cool new feature although im not sure how often it would be used.

  2. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Yes. That indeed would be very cool. Hmm - it would be used if your could enter 'bots' in the tournament as well. Thoughts. :)


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  3. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    To make this successful they'd have to make sure there was some way of merging information from two or more different memory cards. I mean, which memory card will have all the official "stats"? Unless there's some sort of an online interaction here where such data can be stored centrally...
  4. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    you know it strikes me that VF4 would be an ideal test platform for Sony to try out their broadband network. I don't think any of us are under any illusions that it's gonna be the biggest selling PS2 title, so they could experiment a little to see what works and what doesn't.

    What I'm thinking is vf.net via cable modem for the PS2 version of the game...

    Forget fighting over the internet... 25ms of lag will utterly kill VF.

    But stats... it'd be so nice. It'd also solve the "merging from multiple cards" issue, which I agree would be necessary.

    Just dreaming I guess.

  5. Drunken_Master

    Drunken_Master Well-Known Member

    i want loads of crappy game modes like VF force and VF ball it would be great and you know the fighting engine dont count for jack shit. Its all the extras the why tekken is da bomb its kool!!

    Sigh was talking to my scrub fighting game freind and he thinks soul cailber and Tekken are better becuase they last longer becuase of the extra stuff on the game.

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  6. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Yeah but instead of extra characters and fan art you can earn movies of VF tourney play:) They could have different tourneys like the Java Tea tourney for all the different games VF1, VF2 VF3, VF3tb. The way you earn the movies is by beating the game and meeting certain criteria such as beating the game on ultra hard using only throws etc.

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  7. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    I'm sure those of us here enjoy watching tourney vids, but I don't think Joe Blow is gonna be all that interested.
  8. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I know just some wishful thinking. I guess they could always throw those VFnet extra's in like Jerky's headgear. I think a color edit opton would be real cool for gatherings as well. Is that even possible in 3-D games. Maybe you could use your memory card the same as those VF net cards except it would work for every character.

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  9. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    maybe instead of art/movies you could unlock and read great threads from VFDC...

    *everyone* would be interested in that! =]

  10. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    I agree with the colour edit option. I would also like to see a few extra stages like the Bryant stage in VF2. Or, night/day time options for stages and a watch mode. An arranged sound track would be excellent as well
  11. Akora

    Akora Active Member

    Yeh, I also fully agree to Adio's several wishes.
    In addition to them, I hope Expert mode to resurrect as well. Being beaten by my clone using my own combos used to make me feel so good... yeh, the algorithm of VF2 AI learning was quite sophisticated, I think.
  12. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Yeah. Export mode was the best option. Arcade would soon become redundant at high levels and expert mode really brought the best out of the game. But, I believed that you had to use a lot of characters to ensure that it was harder otherwise, only your character would be hard to fight against. Other AI characters would only copy foot work and still fight the same. What about CG endings? I know this is near impossible though. Apart from the Dural cutscene there has never been an ending. But still, it would be good. Also, a seperate Ranking mode. Not like the one in VF3tb that judged you after Arcade mode but, the one in VF2. Basically, I want all the VF2 modes. They were the best, no eye candy stuff like in Tekken, they each helped the game last longer in a constructive way that benefited the main game.

  13. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    Speaking of VF2 modes versus VF3 modes, I thought the team battle set up in Saturn VF2 was way better than VF3tb.

    In Saturn VF2 team battle mode you'd choose five characters. and losing with the first one meant that one was out henceforth.

    In VF3tb the team roster restarts with every new stage. This means if I pick Akira, Pai, Kage I'll only use Kage when I've lost with Akira and Pai, and I might get to use him for ten seconds before it's back to Akira.

    The VF2 one was better for so many reasons -- since characters were truly out when you lost with them, the stakes were much highter, which made the game more exciting.

    So I'd like to see a return of VF2-style tb mode in VF4.

  14. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Personally, I think the tb option is credible. If you lost a character after each defeat it would be more like "Team Battle Survival Mode" I would like to see both options. Say, Team Battle mode which would be the original VF2 mode and, "Team Battle Tour mode" which would be the tb option. Going back to tb, I would also like a KOF (King Of Fighters) approach. By letting you change your character order before each match would greatly boost the options appeal and, for the more hardcore/confident, a random order option.

    I also want more costumes like Doa, lets say two extra for each character. For all that games tits and arses it had a lot of "character" with regard to the characters wardrobe. That, added with the colour edit which I feel will be a certainty due to VFnet would be excellent. Everyone likes to customize.

  15. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    I think I'd be happy to see an easter egg that lets you swap the motion maps between characters, e.g. give pai wolf's moves or vice versa. I don't expect to be playing live humans much and when I do, we'll just draw a chart...

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  16. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I've always wondered how the Bryants would look like with each others style (Sarah doing Jacky's Shot Knee combos would look amazing). Or, Shun with Akira's technique (then he really would fit the "Old Kung Fu Master" stereotype). Though its never been done before as far as I know. I just don't see it happening unless there is some sort of debug mode like in Bloody Roar 3 which allowed you to mess around with the game. But Sega games are so "clean" and air tight in their presentation that I doubt such a option would be included. This may be really anal but, If the colour edit does make it into the conversion, I would like it to show on the character select screen instead of the default colours. I mentioned before extra costumes, I would like to see the costume of the previous VF's in the game. Jacky's Black jacket costume in VF2 was the best next to his latest one in VF4 IMO. And who can forget Sarah's hotpants in VF3 lol.

  17. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Well there may not be a code for it but I'd settle for someone finding the gameshark code. Someone found it for VF2. But nobody found it for VF3.
    oh well.
    If only someone would get a saturn emulator running we could at least see what the code looks like in VF2. By we I mean me.

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