VF4 On XBOX.......Is It Happening?

Discussion in 'Console' started by Ura_Bhan, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. Ura_Bhan

    Ura_Bhan Member

    I hear there gonna be a VF4 on the XBOX, Wonder If it will be loads better than arcade or PS2
  2. nxw0016

    nxw0016 Well-Known Member

    where do you hear it from?
  3. Enishi

    Enishi Well-Known Member

    There have been alot of rumors none of which I will fully dispel (knowing sega...), but there hasn't been any confirmation on a VF for Xbox. Personally I don't care if it goes on Xbox. I'd prefer it not to but so long as it doesn't get cancelled from the PS2 at the last moment like Shenmue II, I'm fine.

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