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    Happy New Year. akemasite omedetou gozaimasu. kotosi mo yorosiku onegaisimasu. <(_ _)>

    Now that 2001 is gone and 2002 is come, I'll no longer update some of the presently incomplete game FAQs, of games that I don't have or don't play, which I began to write in the second half of 2001. These include the VF4 Pai FAQ. But unlike GLC, I'll not withdraw the game FAQs from the Websites to which I sent them. Also unlike GLC, since autumn 2001, no other VF4 fan or player has volunteered to take over the jurisdiction of the VF4 Pai FAQ. (See my VFDC profile for the link to the FAQ.)

    FYI, only three VFDC users directly contributed something constructive to the VF4 Pai FAQ, and GLC's one of them. f(-_-;)

    hona, mata.

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