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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by SummAh, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Folks..I stumbled across this <a target="_blank" href=http://ruliweb.com/data/rulinews/read.php?num=6690>http://ruliweb.com/data/rulinews/read.php?num=6690</a>

    1st clip is a 1 meg plus clip...basically telling viewers when the game will be released..nothing worth writing home abt


    The second one is the gem.
    This fat 20 meg plus clip shows all the characters doing really cool stuff with a really great bgm behind it. It's a very well done trailer...DO NOT MISS THIS CLIP!

    However!...the sad part is, the second clip shows footage from the arcade version.

    But do go ahead n DL it.
    It's just an great clip.
    Too good to miss!

    I cannot stress enough how well done this clip is.

    edit: made link clickable
  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I really enjoyed both commercials. I found the first one pretty humorous. As for the big commercial, I really enjoyed the various angles.

    Thanks for pointing this one out, Summers!

  3. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Man, that 20mb commercial was just awesomely done. It needs to be shown all around the world, dubbed into the local language. Sega are notoriously slack in the marketing department (at least outside of Japan) so I only hope this might be a sign of (good) things to come.
  4. akira2001

    akira2001 Well-Known Member

    please help,
    all i am getting is japanese text. where can i find the commercial. i clicked on the gray box to no avail, and tried the button at the bottom of the screen under the vf4 pictures.
    someone help!! please!! i want to see this.
    thanks for any tips!!
  5. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    right above the first pic (building)

    it says vf4 commercial 1.5 meg
    VF4...20.8 meg

    Easiest way to find it is to find the numbers 1.5 or 20.8 next to the Korean writings
  6. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    Now, lets place bets on if anything close to a advertising campaign will make it to the states....
  7. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    Wow. THIS is what they need to show to get people excited about the game. Even if you didn't know anything about VF it would still look good. Knowing SoA they'll probably make same crappy commercial with barely any gameplay footage and instead try to look "cool". but end up looking retarded instead.

    Edit: Hmm looks like this is that was more of a trailer. There are shots of the actual Japanese TV ad on coremagazine.com if anyone is interested.
  8. ghostdog

    ghostdog Well-Known Member

    Yah. That is one nice clip. Thanx for the lead, SummErs.
  9. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    just as a thought
    Wouldn't that trailer make a great intro for Ver C and the PS2 intro?

    Too good to waste it.
    Next time any non-VF asks me for good VF footage..I'll let them see this clip first. It's just a great action clip and well edited!
  10. Zero-chan

    Zero-chan Well-Known Member

    The first commercial is rather humorous if you know what's going on... it's basically people living in high-rise apartments having a conversation by hanging their messages outside their living space as the would linens.
    For those of you who are curious, here's a really rough translation (done from my limited Japanese skill):

    "Virtua Fighter 4's coming to Playstation!"
    "When?" "Jan. 31st." "Ah, Kanako's birthday!"
    "Anyway, that's certainly good." "Hey, what's going on?"
    "Virtua Fighter 4's really coming to PS2!"
  11. Shag

    Shag Well-Known Member

    Jaw On The Floor!

    2nd clip.
  12. akira2001

    akira2001 Well-Known Member

    This commercial frickin' rocks. I wish someone could tell me how to download it so I could save it to disk.
    Any suggestions?
  13. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    This commercial frickin' rocks. I wish someone could tell me how to download it so I could save it to disk.
    Any suggestions?

    a couple of options.. for non-wmv's (i.e. something not too new) you can left click the movie, let it buffer until it's 100% downloaded, then simply go to [file --> save as] in windows media player and save it.
    Newer movies have seriously shitty protection against saving for no good reason at all. File --> save doesn't happen. However, if the site you get the movie from is kind enough to tell you the file name, you can left click, wait until it's 100% downloaded, then do a search with [start ---> find ---> files or folders] ... searching for the filename should dig up the movie where it'll be sitting in a temporary internet directory, one with an ugly name like YVR23QD4. Drag and drop to wherever you want to save it, and there ya go.

    Finally, for people who are serious about pissing you off, like Daioh, you can right click the link, choose properties, and see where the click redirects you. For example a typical daioh URL is:

    ... everything from down= up to & is the real url for the file. I stick this URL in a simple html file that I've made in notepad and then I can right click and save, or use a download accelerator, or whatever.

    To get the PS2 movie... it's on my site.
    <a target="_blank" href=ftp://vf.dyndns.org/RECENT%20VF%20MOVIES/vf4ps201.mpeg>ftp://vf.dyndns.org/RECENT%20VF%20MOVIES/vf4ps201.mpeg</a>
    It may be a little slow, (DSL) but be patient and don't ream me with an accelerator :)

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