VF4 Tournament at OD3 Nov.11

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by UnCauzi, Nov 6, 2001.

  1. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    OD:3 will feature, Marvel vs Capcom 2, CvS2, Tekken 4, and Virtua Fighter 4. Play hard or submit to domination! $10.00 entry fee and 1 token pay per play!

    As is traditional in OD this is a winner take all event. However this may change! (See above poll) OD3 will feature a base prize of some sort, which will be announced at a later time. Also plans are to have the city with the most placing participants recieve a trophy to be displayed at their local arcade.

    O.D.3: Florida Intensity
    November 11, Sunday 2001
    Rockys Replay
    1121 Semoran Blvd.
    Casselberry, FL 32707
    (407) 260-0043
    Start time: MvC2: 2:00 CvS2: 4:00 Tekken 4 6:00 VF4: 6:00
    Entry fee: $10.00

    Expect some special guests to the last OD of this year!
    Come and get some! Shall another Grudge Match throw down? Will Florida finally win MvC2? Will Port St Lucie show off their hidden talents? Who will take home the trophy?
    And who the hell are these mystery guests? Stop by and check out for more goodies to be at OD:3 the parties just getting started.
  2. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    To give everyone an idea of the playes who will be attending.

    1. UnCauzi- Orlando
    2. Face- Orlando
    3. Yop- Orlando
    4. First Attack- Orlando
    5. Eddar- Orlando
    6. Teddy- Orlando
    7. Sho Gokie- Orlando
    8. Albert- Orlando
    9. Trent- Orlando
    10. Enkindu- Orlando
    11. Gook- Orlando
    12. Macgregor- Orlando
    13. Mannyruby- Miami
    14. Marc- Orlando
    15. Dennis- Orlando
    16. Omar- Orlando
    17. Nick- Orlando
    18. Peter- Orlando
    19. Travis- Orlando
    20. Tony- Orlando
    21. Miami Alx- Miami
    22. Sentinels Force- Miami
    23. GeoCide- Miami
    24. ViperBeamAbuser- Jacksonville?
    25. MixUp- Pensacola
    26. AceSmith- Port St Lucie
    27. SilverGear- Port St Luci
    28. GuileMike- Tallahasee
    29. Venkman- Tallahasee
    30. Xist- Jacksonville
    31. Frizzi- Ohio
    32. Shinma Sama- Melbourne
    33. Shinma Bud 1- Melbourne
    34. Shinma Bud 2- Melbourne
    33. Darkumas- New Orleans
    34. Duc Do- California
    35. TerryLonewolf1- Fort Myers
    36. DomMarco8- Fort Myers
    37. Yashiro Nanakase- Fort Myers
    38. LB1st- Orlando
    39. Cross- Fort Myers
    40. DarkHayato- Fort Myers
    41. Cheeselop- Fort Myers
    42. DT- New Orleans
    43. Magneto_x- New Orleans
    44. Orochi Kyosuke- New Orleans
    45. "D"- New Orleans
    46. Patrick- New Orleans
    47. Roy- New Orleans
    48. ServeBotrolltrap- Miami
    49. Priest [MB2k]- Tallahasee
    50. M00- Delaware
    51. Silent Albert- Tampa
    52. The Mexican- Tampa
    53. Jet 3000- Tampa
    54. Frankie- Tampa
    55. X-Factor- Jacksonville
    56. Kazier- Delaware
    57. Kyle- Jacksonville
    58. Craig- Jacksonville
    59. Xander- Jacksonville
    60. CJ- Jacksonville
    61. Aura- Jacksonville

    Khameleon- Queens
    Erik- New York
    Droc- Delaware
    WayTooGood- Delaware
    Xinith- St.Cloud
    Pentium- ?
  3. ghostdog

    ghostdog Well-Known Member

    Count me in! Waitaminnit...How many of those people are playing in the VF tourney?

    By the way, I'm from Jacksonville.
  4. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    There is no official count for the vf4 tournament; however, I'll honestly say it's going to be much smaller than the other tournaments. Then again I could be wrong ;)

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