VF4 Tournament + More in Roanoke, VA Sept 27th-29th

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by supergolden, May 25, 2002.

  1. supergolden

    supergolden Well-Known Member

  2. fireballtrap

    fireballtrap Active Member

    Wow!!! I damn near jumped outta my set as I saw the name of my hometown on a message board. hehe Nothing ever happens here. /versus/images/icons/cool.gif Yeah, i know one of the guys that's running it, he's pretty cool. He has VF4 tourneys at his game shop occasionally. You can contact either me on AIM as fireballtrap or Joe Yasmine(the guy) as CaptGamestation. Bug the shit outta him and maybe he'll give us another tourney pretty soon!
  3. Iceman

    Iceman Active Member

    Yay, people may be showing up for this /versus/images/icons/grin.gif Since fbt's replied I feel obligated to drop my im name. SweetIce444
  4. fireballtrap

    fireballtrap Active Member

    Disregard the last guy, he plays Tekken. /versus/images/icons/smirk.gif
  5. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    well guys if NYC isn't having there gathering in that time frame you can count us Fl. guys in for the haul. At least 4 or 5 of us anyway. Good luck setting it up. later. There's been plenty of notice given, thanks.
  6. Gndalf007

    Gndalf007 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this is Magfest, and the VF4 action is gonna rock! I guess I'll also drop my IM name, Gndalf007.
  7. fireballtrap

    fireballtrap Active Member

    Cool, i hadn't even thought about you guys yet. I knew you'd wanted to come to a local tourney we had two months ago, and i suggested you waited. Well, it looks like this should be the one to wait for. Hopefully people from all around will be in for this one.
  8. Rodnutz

    Rodnutz Well-Known Member

    damn I guess I should start practicing seriously then If I want to place or win in this one. Well if I can get the right directions so I don't get lost. I might attend. So any info that anyone thinks is useful so I can find this place come sept. post it here or PM me with it aight. later
  9. supergolden

    supergolden Well-Known Member

    Hey glad to see you all are interested!

    I originally heard about the event because my band (Everyone) is going to be one of the ones playing the concert on Saturday night... but I'm really looking forward to the tournament too...

    My AIM is SuperGolden if anyone cares to talk...

    Hope to see you all there

  10. fireballtrap

    fireballtrap Active Member

    Cool! This is awesome, now with you playing, and some of the Minibosses playing, it's gonna be an interesting VF4 tourney!
  11. Iceman

    Iceman Active Member

    An UPDATE for those who plan to travel. Here is the schedule of games.


    As of right now, the convention chair is leaning towards replacing Soul Calibur 2 with VF4. This would mean VF4 would start at 11:00 pm on Thursday the 26th. There's a chance the time will be changed, if enough of you voice an opinion on it.

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