VF4 tournament?

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by Akira Taniguchi, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. Akira Taniguchi

    Akira Taniguchi Well-Known Member

    Hey SVGL guys what happened in the Saturday tournament? I didn't find any results or picks. Did you guys even have a tournament? Or was there not enough people at the same time? All I can say is this coming weekend I will be at SVGL on both Friday and Saturday with Don. I might pop in Monday just because I missed couple of days in a row. I might me a little bit rusty. Anyways let me guys.

    Always a great feeling to defeat a worthy opponent!
  2. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    Dunno what happened, I went around 3:30 to maybe 5:00 and the only people I saw were myself, jackybrothas, and segaduck (who by the way raped me completely).
  3. segaduck

    segaduck Well-Known Member


    We did have a tournament, but not the tournament you thought. Chris, his friend and I had a tournament of "Mini Golf" on Saturday, because there were only a few VF players in the afternoon.

    Akira, do you want to know the result of "Golf" tournament? I bet you not :)

    BTW, I swear that I didn't rape Yamcha (I am innocent!!!). I just learned some moves from Jason and used them on Yamcha. That's the whole story.

    VF4 rules!!!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by segaduck on 10/15/01 08:28 PM (server time).</FONT></P>
  4. jackybrothas

    jackybrothas Well-Known Member

    hey howard which Jason are you referring to?

    anyway who won the golf game?? and oh yea hope to challenge ya at svgl anytime soon

    "How many people wanna kick some a$$!!?? i Do! i Do!..." Stroke 9
  5. Akira Taniguchi

    Akira Taniguchi Well-Known Member

    Hey Segaduck,

    what were you guys doing playing minature golf? Are you guys chilling out until we get the Version B with better joysticks. Lets try to get the same number of people showing up on Saturday at the right time. Did you really rape Yamcha? What exactly did you do?

    Always a great feeling to defeat a worthy opponent!
  6. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    Heh nothing more than kick my ass repeatedly with Jacky. I was eating ESKs, BKCs, and dodge kicks all over the place.
  7. Akira Taniguchi

    Akira Taniguchi Well-Known Member


    I talked to John and he was saying you burned whole bunch of VF clips onto the CD. Do you think you can make me a copy? I remember you telling me you were going to do that last weekend but I wasn't there so I missed out.

    Always a great feeling to defeat a worthy opponent!
  8. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member


    Yeah, for some reason, there wasn't the critical mass last Saturday to hold a VF4 tournament. I was hanging out with a friend from Stanford, and only Howard (segaduck), Jason (jackybrothas) and Ben (vfbum) were there (and not at the same time, either), so Howard, my friend and I ended up playing 18 holes in mingolf (Happy Gilmore!). I have the scoresheet at home, but I think I shot a 71, my friend a 77, and Howard a 78, or something like that.


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