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    Howdy! I've been wondering about VF4 (heard some rumours, nothing serious, but some of the gaming news sources seem pretty confident. . . segaweb, for example). The speculation is that it'll be a full physics system (as that's the only place left for the game to go). In other words, no more character skipping (look, I'm kneeling, then you kick me, and I suddenly morph to laying down!) or clipping problems (Sarah's uncanny ability to put that stilleto heel *through* someone's forehead and only kick them back a little bit). Personally, I'm looking forward to it. :)

    So the question is, does anybody have any leads on this? rumours? speculation? press releases/whathaveyou/.plan reports? Just wondering if anyone has heard anything more about this. :)

    Thanks! - Jhran
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    segaweb said it would have a realistic physics model? that would be great. but how reliable is segaweb? i guess its segaweb.com?
    that would truly be a MASSIVE first, a big contribution to videogames, let alone fighters.
    but... i am not sure if naomi2 would even be able to do this (and still be able to produce high quality graphics.)
    unfortunately the average person demands great graphics from vf (and games in general) so they are going to have to focus a lot on the graphics part. (the more reasources put on graphics means theres less leftover to do the physics calculations. anything remotely resembling realistic human body physics simulation would need a lot, so much that they would have to sacrifice a huge graphics jump.)
    personally, i would love a VFX with vf2 quality graphics but with very realistic physics but i doubt am2 wants to do that.
    still, i hope they do it.

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