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VF4FT And VF3TB Netplay Setup and Link!

Discussion in 'Arcade' started by supersonicstep, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. Hey guys,
    I wrote a batch script to launch the games, i cant get vf3 to launch via gdi, so they would have to launch manually
    made sure the settings are good and its plugin play out the box boot with the batch file pls
    everything should be plugin and play, ready to test DO NOT PLAY ON aquarium, the water stage with boats, AOI's water stage! you can play on jeffery's beach stage since the water doesn't really move you will notice 2 player doesn't work locally but it works via online as for input delay make sure VSYNC Is on which it should be by default you dont have to set any paths as it should be good to go! the nvram files are set to ready only so it doesn't write any data for desyncs
    for online please use P2P For kaillera, do not use servers
    you can either do direct IP Or using radmin vpn
    sorry for the long info dump, i have tested this a fair bit and its good
    as for netcode... i think itll be best to play people close to your region
    but if you wanna be adventurous go ahead lol
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  2. ICHIBANin10000

    ICHIBANin10000 Well-Known Member

    Obvious Russian hack virus. He is trying to steal your identity and use your absentee ballot to vote for Trump!!! Do not download files from people who can't use proper punctation. They are foreigners, like Snakeboss. Never trust a cable puller. Real players play offline. Stuff your virus laden net patch.

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