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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by SQUIIDUX, Aug 4, 2012.


    SQUIIDUX Active Member

    Not to continue to create sub-sections of this community,
    but are there any members of the Armed Services around? Marines,
    Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard? POST HERE! we can try to hook up and play online.

    Sergeant U.S. Marines Camp Pendleton, California Here.
  2. Alstein

    Alstein Well-Known Member

    I got my start in VF from being in the AF- tech school was the only game I got to play and got hooked. I'm out now, but there are folks who play VF.

    One funny moment- NCOIC asked me about VF once competely at random because his kid played it- I told him it was a sign his kid was going to be smart.
  3. Eubanks

    Eubanks Member

    i was just in the army, i got my honorable discharge just in time for FS,(my one year tour in iraq/kuwait was cut 1 month short cuz my time was up lol

    SQUIIDUX Active Member

    awesome at least 2. hopefully we can all meet up somewhere online
  5. Griever

    Griever Well-Known Member

    There is plenty more I'm sure. Tony Fam is one of our resident soldiers here I believe ^^
  6. tonyfamilia

    tonyfamilia Well-Known Member

    Hey Squidux, 8 year Army vet here. No Army/Marine rivalry here man, just respect.
    I'll be on PSN as soon as I buy a fight stick, maybe this month.
    If you're ever on XBL, look me up.
  7. shadowmaster

    shadowmaster Well-Known Member

    I spent some time in the Navy and got out after my time was up. I have been out with an honorable discharge for some time and I am enjoying my current life as much as possible.

    SQUIIDUX Active Member

    I'm not like most Marines, i understand that we all signed up to do essentially the same thing. Nothing but respect here. Im still in right now, time is winding down though.......
  9. whoa_its_eric

    whoa_its_eric Active Member

    Semper Fi brother. I used to live on Edson range. I seperated a couple years ago. I don't see anything wrong with a little sibling rivalry. If anything, it's funny as hell the shit talking that goes back and forth.

    SQUIIDUX Active Member

    I can hear edson range every morning at 0600. pop pop pop.

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