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VF5 Final Showdown Gameplay Changes Info Thread

Discussion in 'Arcade' started by Reno, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Reno

    Reno Well-Known Member

    This thread is intended for collecting all of the information from the Final Showdown location test in one thread. Please DO NOT post in this thread. It is only for updates. If you wish to discuss the contents of this thread, please go to the other thread, thank you.

    System Changes
    - Life gauge has been increased to 221 from 201. Updated August 6

    - Throws execute faster (rumor is 10 frames). Added July 4

    - The old bound animation is still in the game, but the new bound animation (see Goh vs. Eileen in the trailer movie) will occur with "big" bound moves. See the end of round 3 of this movie for an example: http://zoome.jp/runnershigh/diary/1/ Added July 4

    - If you are hit during a failed evade, it's a Counter Hit. However, if you are successful with your evade, you move to the opponent's SIDE. Huge risk/return here, as they were proclaiming. However, you apparently can still evade if your attack is evaded. During a failed evade, if you are hit with a move that is not half-circular or full circular (aka a delayed linear attack), it is apparently not a counterhit. Updated July 4

    - Low full circular attacks are now stopped if they are blocked.

    - 0 frame throws, AND throw clash has been eliminated. It is now much closer to the VF4 system, apparently.

    - Backdash has been MUCH improved, however... if you are hit DURING a backdash, you will be knocked on your ass and you will be at a huge disadvantage.

    - When you land from a jump, you are considered crouching.

    - On a stomach crumple stun, you are no longer open to low throws, and standing punch will not float you properly.

    - Goh's stage's wall crumbles after one blast.

    - Low throws have changed to [1][2][3] and [3][3][P]+[G]. Throws that were previously mapped to these commands have now been changed.

    - Regular standing throws are now [4], [6], or neutral. Added August 6

    - Only *one* throw escape input possible. Added August 6

    - Lots of new animations. Characters lean back a little when backstepping. Successful evade animations look a little different too.

    - A number of new hit stun animations.

    - Hopping looks much more natural now. It still looks kinda funny, but the characters don't float like feathers anymore.

    - The joystick icon doesn't come up for stuff like it used to... (Akira's guard breakers).

    - Lifebars have this grayish stone texture-like graphic outlining the actual life. Looks like a solid gray color in the vids.

    - "Dramatic" camera angles. When you get hit by body check or Jacky's [6][6]+[K] kick, the camera changes to show you getting knocked away.
  2. Reno

    Reno Well-Known Member

    Re: VF5 Final Showdown System/Character Info

    Character Changes






    [3][P]+[K] is still a very good move
    [1][K][K] will knock down everyone... except Taka.
    [6][6][P][K], [2]_[8][P]+[K] and OM P have been removed
    [4][P] On guard it seems like you still have an advantage.
    [P]+[K] On guard it seems to give you a different animation
    [9][P] Seems to come out very fast, seems like a general character revision.
    [6][6][P] New attack, it has a long range and hits mid. It seems that on block you and your opponent are at 0 frames, so it seems lik e a good move.
    [6][4][P][P] No longer sabakis?
    [2][P]+[K] Move that was featured in the FS trailer, a mid-hitting move. Hitting [4] will put you in Bokutai stance.
    [2]_[5][P]+[K][P] Also in the new trailer, a two hit combo and both hitting mid.

    [6][6][K] Mid-hit similar to Jacky's [6][6]+[K]+[G]
    [6][6][K]+[G] Mid air hit throw. If your opponent is standing when they are hit by it, it won't shift to a throw animation.
    WL [K] Looks like [3][K]+[G], and is a full low circular.
    WL [P] A short uppercut that knocks down
    [K]+[G] Does not transition to Flamingo
    [6][K][P] Short knee into punch
    [P]+[K]+[G] Looks like Jacky's switch stance. If you press PKG again you'll go into Flamingo
    [6][P]+[K]+[G] New special movement where Sarah shuffles forward. You can continue to hold forward during specific moves to make Sarah move. Those moves are [K][P], [P][P][P], [6][P]:p, [6][P]+[K]:p, (New Stance) [6][K][P]
    (New stance) [P], [P][P], [P][P][K] Punch, short uppercut, somersault string. If you press [6] after the second punch input, you'll go back into the new stance.
    (New stance) [K] Similar looking attack to [6][6][K]
    (New stance) [2][K], [2][K][K] Similar to Vanilla 5's [P][P][2][K]
    (New stance) [P]+[K] When it hits, it turns opponent on their side, it seems like a high half circular move
    (New stance) [K]+[G] The hip attack from the trailer. It's a high attack that gives advantage on block.
    (New stance) [4] Slide Shuffle-ish backstep.
    (Slide Shuffle) [P] A brush-off punch with possible followups
    (Slide Shuffle) [K] Looks like Brad's Sway kick, and can be used as a combo starter
    (Slide Shuffle) [2][K] A low hit that looks like Brad's Sway kick
    (Slide Shuffle) [P]+[K] Elbow attack that looks like Jeans [4][P]+[K].
    (Slide Shuffle) [K]+[G] A mid-hitting full circular.







    El Blaze

    [4][P]+[K][P] is now a new move which floats and can combo (most likely the new move that was in the trailer)
    [4][1][2][3][6][P]+[K] is a new move, a battering-ram type of move. It is apparently a linear, mid-hitting move that can be charged. It can break guards and it seems [P]+[K] can be slipped in for a combo.
    [P]+[K] damage has been reduced.
    [4][3][P][P] has been removed from the game and replaced with a new move.
    Catch throw command has been changed from [6][P]+[G] to [4][6]P:+[G]. From the catch throw, you now only have three options, ([4], Neutral, [6]) instead of the 5+ you had in 5R.


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