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    Article - VF5FS Master Guide Lei Fei Section
    Author - Softbank creative group
    Translation - noodalls

    1. Moves from standing [P]*
    *[P][P] is guaranteed, and *[P][6][P][P] is guaranteed from side. Also, if you stop at *[P][6][P] you will go into dokuritsu stance, or if you continue to *[P][6][P][P] you will go to hai stance, so use them accordingly.

    2. Moves from *[fwd][P]
    Lei's two hit mid move that will beat evades to his back. In addition to haaving no guaranteed punishment on block, if the first hit connects on a crouching opponent it will give +6, so it is a valuable move to throw out. Further, if you press *[P]+[K]+[G] after the first hit, you will go to *kyo stance.

    3. [6][6][P]
    A fast mid move, it fulfils the role of other characters' [6][P]. The damage is high, and if near a wall it can stagger them.

    4. [4][P][P]
    A mid string. It does good damage so you can incorporate it into combos.

    5. [4][6][P]
    A mid move that looks like it's slamming them down. If you hit them in the air with it, it will cause a small bound, so use it as part of combos.

    6. [4][3][P]
    A mid move that goes to Hai stance afterwards. On side hit on a standing opponent, Hai [P] will connect

    7. [​IMG][6][P]
    A mid move with good reach. On counter hit it causes stomach crumpe, and allows for combos. On guard there is no guaranteed punishment, and because it pushes back it makes it easy to control spacing, which is beneficial.

    8. [6][K]
    A full circulat high spinning kick. After the move it goes to koko stance, and on counter hit koko [k] is guaranteed.

    9. [3][P] strings
    A mid high string. After [3][P] you can press [P]+[K]+[G] to go to kyo stance. Because it is a mid move it is easy to use against opponents up against the wall.

    10. [8][K] strings
    A high mid string. The first and second hits are both full circular, so they are strong against an opponent's evade. If you don't input the followup, you will go to koko stance.

    11. [9][K]
    A mid hitting combo starter, which can do just shy of 33% of their life bar. However, if guarded you can be punished with the opponent's [P] so you can't just throw it out wantonly.

    12. [K]
    A special high kick move. It is fast and is good to punish opponents immediately. Normally the move goes to Hai stance, but you can input [2] on hit or guard to go into Bokutaistance.

    13. Strings from [6][P]+[K]
    A mid high mid string. The first hit goes to Hai stance, the second hit goes to Kyo stance. If the first hit connects as a counter hit on the side, Hai [P] is guaranteed, so remember that. Also, the overall damage is high, so its not a bad filler for combos.

    14. [6][6][P]+[K]
    A half circular low. On guard you cannot be punished, and it gives advantage on counter hit, so it is easy to apply. If there is a wall to Lei Fei's stomach side, it can lead to wall stagger on hit.

    15. [4][6][6][P]+[K]
    A mid hitting bodycheck. If it connects on the opponent's side, it will lead to a side crumple.

    16. [4][6][P]+[K]
    At the start of the animation it can go through the opponent's high attacks, and on hit it gives a head crumple, allowing for combos.

    17. [2][P]+[K][P]
    A mid mid string. If you stop at the first hit you will go into Nehan stance, if you do both hits you will go into Koko stance.

    18. [2][3][6][P]+[K]
    A mid move that can parry mid moves such as elbows. If the parry is successful, it will give a head crumple, allowing a chance for a combo.

    19. [3][P]+[K][P]
    A mid mid string. It attacks while shifting the axis of the opponent, so if your opponent has attacked it will evade. If you input the second part, you will go to Koko stance.

    20. [1][P]+[K]
    A mid combo starter. On hit you can get big damage from combos, but on guard it is -15, a big disadvantage. Try to use it for punishment or for hitting whiffs.

    21. [6][K]+[G]
    A half circular double kick, knocking down on normal hit. Mix it up with the [6][P] which tracks the other direction.

    22. [6][6][K]+[G]
    A full circular mid attack. The active hit frames are very long, so it is very effective using it on your opponent's wakeup attack. After the move it goes to Koko stance.

    23. [1][K]+[G]
    A low move that stomps the opponent's feet. Near a wall it will give wall stagger.

    24. [8][K]+[G]
    A half circular mid kick that avoids the opponent's low attacks while attacking. Use it for these purposes - avoiding low attacks and hitting their evade.

    25. [9][K]+[G]
    A mid move that acts as a combo starter. They go into a small bound state on hit, allowing for combos.

    26. Moves from Hai stance.
    Hai stance [P] is 10 frames, which is the equal fastest move in the game. [P][P] is guaranteed, and on counter hit or from the side, [P][P]+[K] is guaranteed. Hai [K] on normal hit will start combos, and goes to Dokuritsu stance. Hai [2][K] on normal hit and above is a full circular low that will knock down. Mix it up with Hai [K] to overcome their defence. Hai [P]+[K] on full charge will give head crumple on hit, and leave you at guard advantage on block.

    27. Moves from Bokutai stance.
    During bokutai stance your stance is very low and it is easy to avoid your opponent's attacks, so you can get guaranteed attacks while your opponent attacks. Bokutai [P] is your fastest attack, and Bokutai [P][P] is a combo on normal hit. If the second [P] hits on counter hit it will give a vital point crumble. Bokutai [6][P] is a mid that knocks down. Bokutai [P]+[K] on normal hit is a special high that launches for a combo. If you don't do anything in bokutai it goes to Hai stance.

    28. Moves from Dokuritsu stance.
    Dokuritsu [P] is a long ranged mid attack, and can cause wall stagger. Use it when you have your opponent pressed up against the wall. From Dokuritsu stance [K] if the followup [K][P] and [K][K] are done immediately they will combo. Or, you can do Dokuritsu [K] to stay in dokuritsu, Dokuritsu [K][P] to go to Hai stance, and Dokuritsu [K][K] to return to normal stance. If you hit a stand guarding opponent with Dokuritsu [2][K] they will stagger, and you can follow up with Hai [P][P] etc. Mix it up with the previously mentioned mid options. Dokuritsu [P]+[K] is a mid hit throw. On hit with good timing of the [P]+[G] input, you can continue on to the hit throw.

    29. Moves from Nehan stance
    Nehan stance [P]+[K] is a mid attack with the property of parrying elbows etc, and returns to normal stance after the move. Nehan [K]+[G] is a special high attack that goes into Koko stance after the attack, and on counter hit guarantees Nehan stance [K].

    30. Moves from Koko stance
    Koko stance [P] parries most mids and highs, and Koko [K] is a mid attack that will parry most lows. The former causes head crumple and allows for combos. If your opponent is aware of the parries and freezes up you can use Koko stance [2][K].

    31. Moves from Sui Ra Kan Stance
    Sui Ra Kan stance [P] is a long range mid move that is safe from punishment on guard, so is a strong option. Mix it up with the low hitting Sui Ra Kan [K] to overcome the opponent's guard.

    32. Moves from Kyo stance.
    This is a stance with a lot of options, and you have the option to go into Hai, Dokuritsu, Nehan or Koko stance. Kyo stance [P] will combo as far as Kyo [P][P][P], or you can go into three different stances after Kyo stance [P][P]. It is also effective to mix up the mid Kyo stance [P][P][K] and low [P][P][2][K]. Also, both of these fit fairly nicely into combos. After the strings, Kyo [P][P][P] only will go into Hai stance, the other options return to normal stance. Kyo [6][P] is a mid mid option. Hitting an airborne opponent will cause a small bound, so use it as part of combos. Kyo stance [K] is a mid attack that is also easy to use in combos, and with no delay Kyo stance [K][K] will combo. Kyo stance [2][K] is a low hitting sweep at the opponent's leg. On hit, with no delay the [K] followup will combo, and afterwards you will be back in normal stane. Kyo stance [P]+[K] is a high move that even on guard will give +5. On normal hit it will give a head crumple, so go for combos in this case.

    In other massive news, they've finally determined the active frames on [6][6][K]+[G]. 8 active frames.
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    Awesome information Noodalls, thank you very much!

    Some of the changes are major! It will change my Lei mixups a lot. Merging ura koko and ura nehan into one Kyo stance seems good, but I will need to check the moves myself to actually rate them xD (Hopefully in this life)

    Anyway, my question is about [3][P] and [6][P]+[K]. Is the first one completely different from the current (vanilla) [3][P]? Is the second one the old [6][P]+[K]?

    I've watched countless movies, but I would need to assign those commands to the moves I've seen in the videos [​IMG]
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    looks like bokutai was strengthened and his kyo stance seems interesting thanks noodalls for the translation
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    Use your stances to confuse the opponent
    Lei has Dokuritsu, Hai, Bokutai, Nehan, Koko, Rankasui and Kyo stance. From the various stances you can get atemi, low stances, and you can use a variety of attacks. By matching your attacks to your opponent's attacks you can keep them guessing.
    It might be confusing initially but with application you can increase your options to attack.

    Basic attacking art
    Mix up the stance changes from [6][P]
    The basis for your mixups will be the options from [6][P]. On crouching hit it will give +6 advantage, and from here a hit confirmed [3][3][P] or throw is a good mixup. Against opponents who try to avoid, the full circular [6][K] will hit on counter hit, giving damage through Koko stance [K]. Also, after you beat an opponent's attack with [2][P] [6][6][P] or [​IMG][6][P] are strong. You cannot be interrupted by moves that are 12F or above, and on counter hit you can get combos.

    In addition to the above, it is important to be able to switch in to stances to keep attacking. The move recommneded for this is the high mid mid [P][6][P][P]. This cannot be avoided by ducking, so you can go into stance attacks from here. After [P][6][P][P] on hit into Hai stance [P] and after [P][6][P] into Dokuritsu stance [K] you cannot be interrupted by an opponent's standing attack. You can keep up the pressure on the opponent this way.

    Section 1 - Remember the special combos from the side to increase your attacking repetoire

    When attacking from the side, certain moves will become combos or unguardable, as the recovery on moves changes. First, [4][1][P] on side hit will mean that Hai stance [P] cannot be guarded. Further, Hai stance [P][P]+[K] on hit will give +15 meaning that mid moves will combo. Go for this after a successful evade or a side turned wall stun.
    Otherwise, [6][K] on counter hit on the side will give guaranteed Koko stance [2][K][P][P]. [6][P]+[K] on counter hit will give Hai stance [P][P]+[K]. Use this not after only successful evades, but also after throw breaks.

    Example 1
    After sideturned [4][3][P] hits, the followup standing [P] cannot be stand guarded. If you predict your opponent's duck, followup with a mid.
    Example 2
    [4][3][P]+[K]cannot be avoided or guarded, so it becomes a true combo.

    Section 2 - Remember the moves at the wall that will link to combos to get a big damage boost
    If you can hit a wall combo you're looking at about 50% of your opponent's life bar, so definitely try to apply this when your opponent is up against the wall. The basic mixup is [6][6][P] and [3][K]+[G], where if either one hits you will get wall stagger and the followup [4][3][P]+[K] will allow for wall combos. When the opponent is in front of you and you have a wall to Lei's stomach side you can use [6][6][P]+[K] to give a wall stagger. On hit Hai [P][P]+[K] will combo, and if close you can go to [4][3][P]+[K] for a wall combo. When the wall is further away and you get a side crumple, you can use [4][6][6][P]+[K].

    By the way, could one of the mods add a Lei Fei to the title please?
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    Combo chart

    [3][3][P][P] is your main option for starting combos.
    As a nitaku mixup, or after avoiding an opponent's attack you can use this move. If the second hit is guarded the recovery is considerable, so you want to be hit confirming it as you use it. At mid range, throwing out the long range [​IMG][6][P] is useful. [9][K] and [1][P]+[K] are moves that can be done quickly with their simple inputs, so are useful to abare with. When you have wall stun, or to abare near a wall [4][1][P]+[K] is useful. [9][K]+[G] is useful against atemi/reversals as it cannot be reversed, so if you think your opponent will try to atemi or sabaki, you can use it. [​IMG][6][P]+[G] is a throw move that starts combos. Use it when your opponent starts to rely on guarding.


    [​IMG][6][P] initiation 16 guard -6
    [3][3][P][P] initiation 17 guard -15
    [9][K] initiation 16 guard -13
    [4][3][P]+[K] initiation 14 guard -15
    [1][P]+[K] initiation 20 guard -15
    [2][3][6][P]+[K] initiation 30 guard -8
    [9][K]+[G] initiation 16 guard -10
    [​IMG][6][P]+[G] initiation 10

    *2 On blaze Hai stance [P][P]+[K][4][3][P]+[K] connect
    *3 [4][6][6][P]+[K] connects

    1. [P] [3][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [6][P] [K]+[G][P]
    dmg 57
    2.[P] [3][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [K][K]
    DMG 41
    3. [6][P]+[K][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [6][P] [3][P][P]
    dmg 59
    4. [6][P]+[K][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [K][K]
    dmg 42
    5. [2][P] [3][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [P][P][2][K]
    dmg 44
    6. Hai stance [P][P]+[K] [4][3][P]+[K]
    dmg 40
    7. [2][P] [3][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [6][P] [K]+[G][P]
    dmg 56
    8. [3][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [K][K]
    dmg 34
    9. [6][P]+[K][P][P]+[K]+[G] kyo stance [K][K]
    dmg 42
    10. [P][6][P] Dokuritsu stance [K][K]
    dmg 42
    11. Dokuritsu stance cancel [6+][P] [4][6][P] [K]+[G][P]
    dmg 43
    12. [1][P]+[K] [6][P]+[K] [3][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [P][P][K] [K]+[G][P]
    dmg 61

    Combo explanation
    1. Connects on superlightweights irrespective of foot stance, and on lightweights in open stance. This is the best damage for combos off [3][3][P][P]
    2. This is Lei's basic combo, and will connect under most circumstances. You can hit it after [9][K] with a small dash
    3. This will connect after moves like [3][P]+[K] which launch the opponent high.
    4. This is a combo you can use after [2][3][6][P]+[K] or [3][3][P][P]. After [2][3][6][P]+[K] it will work on Blaze, Aoi, Shun and Kage in closed stance. After [3][3][P][P] on middleweights it will work in either stance, on heavy weights it will connect in open stance.
    5. This will connect on light to heavy weights
    6. This is a combo for Blaze only after [​IMG][6][P].
    7. This is a combo for after [​IMG][6][P]. On Eileen, Sarah, Aoi it will connect in either foot stance. On Blaze it will only work in open stance.
    8. After [2][3][6][P]+[K], this will connect on Blaze, Kage, Aoi and Shun in open stance.
    9. On light weights in closed stance, this will connect on lightweights after [3][3][P][P] hits. In open stance, use combo 1.
    10. After [3][3][P][P] this will connect on heavy middleweights. Against heavyweights it won't connect, so use [P][6][P][P]
    11. Against some characters use [4][P][P] isntead of [K]+[G]. If too hard, go for combo 2 instead.
    12. This is a special combo for once they are stuck to the wall. Against heavy weights use [3][P][P]+[K]+[G] Kyo stance [6][P]+[K][P]+[G].

    - Kyo stance [6][P] will give a small bound. Remember which characters this will work on.
    - Against lighweights when close to the wall, use can use [​IMG][6][P]+[G] followed by Hai stance [P][P]+[K].
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  7. noodalls

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    Lei Fei's new moves


    Kyo stance [6][P]
    Kyo stance [P]
    Kyo stance [P][P]
    Kyo stance [P][P][P]
    Kyo stance [P][P][K]
    Kyo stance [P][P][2][K]
    Kyo stance [K]
    Kyo stance [K][K]
    Kyo stance [2][K][K]
    Kyo stance [P]+[K]
  8. Shoju

    Shoju Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for all the translation/info.
  9. kil

    kil Well-Known Member

    good info thanx
  10. Kikimaru

    Kikimaru Well-Known Member

    Hey, I'm thinking of possibly switching to Lei from Aoi.

    Any ideas on how hard it will be?
  11. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    So very close, but so very far at the same time. There is a great deal of deception with AOI as their is with Lei Fei. From the standpoint of how you play the game the philsophy of the two characters (IMO) is very similar. But it will take you quite a while to get into Lei Fei's stances. His stances have the same chilling affect as AOIs reversals. But if you learn them one at a time, Lei Fei is approachable.
  12. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    Do it. If your on XBL, look me up and I will help.
  13. b4k4

    b4k4 Well-Known Member

    Is anything guaranteed after 8P+K+G, 2K?

    I'm getting the Hai Shiki K -> Doku KP -> Hai Shiki 2 - Bokutai PP all over the place, but I think the stagger can be broken before the HS K can launch? Scrubs aren't shaking it yet, so I'm getting free damage all day (with a wicked looking combo, if I do say so myself).
  14. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    Try this after 2k:

    On light weights- 4kk,kp,2,pp

    On others- kp,2,pp
  15. b4k4

    b4k4 Well-Known Member

    Um, neither of those will work phanatik. DS 2K puts you into HS, where you have access to neither 4KK, nor KP. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Also, totally confirmed that the stun is shakable, but they have to be fast. Still gives a mix up, and still free combos on free players :p.
  16. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    Sorry. Here is the correct way.
    Get into 8(g+p+k)
    Then, after 2k, which stuns, go, k, kp, which puts you into hai. Then go 2pp.
  17. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    Also, after 2k, stun, k, on lightweights you can throw in a quick 4kk,g,kp,(k+g)p.
  18. Fulan

    Fulan Well-Known Member

    2. Moves from *[6][P]
    Lei's two hit mid move that will beat evades to his back. In addition to haaving no guaranteed punishment on block, if the first hit connects on a crouching opponent it will give +6

    Dojo tells me otherwise. -3 on normal hit on a croucher.
  19. Stone_Drum

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    very good read to newcomers to lei, as well as players who know him well but need written guidance for all of his moves and stances. One thing though, it would help people to include the input to switch into the stances. It'd make learning and solidifying much more convenient to players who've yet to memorize the names of the stances
  20. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    That is one of the moves that Version A changes were made to (post-Masters Guide) in which the actual frame changes were not known (when this thread was made and in the current command lists). I will fix up VFDC's command list later today.

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